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EDIT: Thanks to the awesome people in the forums, this has been cleared up. Looks like it was from going to the beta site. Thanks for the help everyone!

Hello fellow duders!

I did a quick forum search for this but didnt come up with anything. If its a repeat or erroneous please let me know.

I received a weird e-mail from GB saying thanks for registering and telling me to click a long, random looking URL to fully activate my account (No I didn't click it). I have been a GB member since the site first went live, so I'm not sure if this is an error on the GB server side or if its some scam e-mail. Just wondering if anyone else has gotten this. It seems phishy to me.

Here is the text of the message with the really weird link removed.


Jan 5 (2 days ago)
to me

Thanks for signing up for Giant Bomb.

Click this link to activate your account:


Just a friendly message from the duders at Giant Bomb.


In any case, just beware.

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@sociald1077: might know something about it.

Actually... have you been to the new beta site at all? It might have something to do with that.

EDIT: But yeah I totally wouldn't click it until we're 100% certain.

EDIT2: So I looked at my e-mail and for the beta I totally had a long link too. It's something like : http://beta.giantbomb.com/email-confirmation/*REALLY LONG STRING OF NUMBERS AND LETTERS* right? Then that's definitely for the beta site.

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Did you recently log in the beta site? You get this email the first time you do that. Dave said to ignore the email.

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Now that you mention it, I did check out the new beta site. I guess it possible that its from there. Thanks.

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@sociald1077 You were finally just roped into the beta. No worries duder.
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What is the domain of the link url.

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IDont post the part after the ?

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@Dagbiker: seaserpent.giantbomb.com

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Yeah, it's probably the beta site: seaserpent.giantbomb.com

EDIT: @sociald1077: Oh yeah that's the one

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OP edited to indicate the issue is cleared up. Thanks for the quick help all!