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After playing some older games I've become pretty fascinated with a certain kind of Japanese music. They seem to use really particular percussion in strange keys, or have weird sounding voice/synth effects. To me it sounds super atmospheric and unlike anything else I've heard. Here are some examples of what I mean:

Hope you know what I mean from those examples. If anyone knows of some musicians who make this kind of music in Japan or other parts of Asia would really appreciate the recommendations. Cheers

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I don't know if it's what you're talking about exactly, but Shoji Meguro. At the very least check out the Velvet Room music(and electronica in Velvet Room).

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Anything from Sega these days sounds weird to me now because it still sounds like it was made in 1992 and was rejected from the Power Rangers TV show soundtrack.

Also I hate busy J-pop sound tracks. I have a hard time listening to sound tracks like Viewtiful Joe especially when the game gets hard. (I like to blame the music.)