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So I heard about a really creepy easter egg yesterday about Nintendo. So basically they had a gameboy camera. You could connect to your gameboy and take pictures. Well one of the menu buttons said run. By clicking it, this would show up.

Creepy. This was for kids too. If I had that as a kid, I would have freaked out.

The weirdest Easter egg I encountered was the monkey family in Halo 3. They just sit there. If you shoot at them they bleed.

What are the weirdest Easter eggs you duders have found or heard of?

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That the company that made Tear Ring Saga is named after an obscure castle in Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu?

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Not sure if sound test codes count as easter eggs. Also, Sonic CD's US soundtrack is really dumb.
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@Video_Game_King said:

That the company that made Tear Ring Saga is named after an obscure castle in Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu?

Wouldn't quite call that an easter egg since the Tirnanog guys were Fire Emblem guys. (That and it's a mythological place.)

My favorite is probably the SMT game where if you reset the system too many times, the start screen would be replaced with TURN IT OFF TURN IT OFF TURN IT OFF repeated in red letters. I think Persona 4 Golden has a homage to that particular easter egg as well.

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I have the gameboy camera and that was pretty freakin scary as a kid. That screen popped up when you wanted to run I believe the slideshow option of your gallery but you didn't have any pics in it.

- Probably the weirdest easter eggs I've seen was the Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty tanker easter eggs. You know what I'm talking about, first person view on the bikini idol picture and then talking to Otacon while in that view. To be expected from someone who at the time picked Otacon over Meryl...

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Finding The Dishwasher and Yuki in Dust. Those two murderous, black-and-white characters don't really fit into a colorful game like Dust.

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The one in Call of Duty: Finest Hour. If you go along a secret path in your tank, you come across a HUGE red apple. If you drive through it (no collision), you see a UFO sitting, doing nothing.

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It's not really an easteregg, but if anyone here has played Jet Force Gemini: I once just accidentally stumbled into the Ant Disco. For those who don't know, there is a disco in the game were a bunch of the enemies (giant ants) hang out to party. They don't even attack you. And it was hard as hell to get there, especially if you're twelve. And I had no idea this existed, so it was awesome as hell.

Also the Square Enix Office in Terranigma was pretty damn cool

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When I was little, finding a crashed Kilrathi spaceship in the cornfields of Ultima 7 was scary. But I was like 7 then, and that game was terrifying on multiple levels. Also finding a haunted house in the opening town was also very scary.

There's a scary ghost scene in one of the Hitman games that's pretty creepy.

I can't think of anything else too startling at this point in time...

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There's an awesome minecraft one in Borderlands 2.

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There's a record you can spin that played Ashley's Theme in Wario Ware: Touched that you can spin to speed up the music. If you spun it backwards really fast, you can clearly hear a voice that says, "I have granted kids to hell." No joke.

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Banjo-Kazooie, Rated E?

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Fighting the guys from Soulcaster in Cthulu Saves The World.

The Dog ending of Silent Hill 2.

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The god of war one where you hit a column for 500 times and then you can call dave jaffe's phone number is odd.

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Putting a room with the basic plot of its sequel into Batman: Arkham Asylum. That's pretty nuts.