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You've made it. Yay!

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I miss the forum thingy on the bottom of the front page :(

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It's alive!

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what is

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Is this finally working?

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X-Men, Welcome to die.

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X-Men, Welcome to die.

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Yay, finally it's working; hello!!

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...This is all going to take some getting used to.

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I've been trying to get on the site for hours. It's almost like today is a launch day ... with real problems.

But yeah, this is all certainly very different and it will definitely take some time to become acclimated, but we will all be on that journey together duders. Just think, a few months from now this will all feel completely normal. Crazy, right?

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I'm getting used to the all-white. Looks like IGN' forums.. I like this one better, its just funny. ~ I like have the side bar on the right.

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Ive finally made it to the otherside..... Kinda

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So when's this shit gonna stabilize?

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So when are things gonna stabilize? It just told me that I posted something, but come refresh-the-page-time, my post went into nothingness. (It was pretty much the same as this post, only without the lengthy explanation, obviously.)

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It took a few crashes, but I'm here now.

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I made it to the forums without the site crashing? HUZZAH

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Oh my... the forums look soooo different.

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