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Since this year has a phenomenal record-breaking amount of games being released, which includes a record-breaking amount of AAA titles, i thought it's a good idea to make 4 threads throughout the year (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4), where people can post what 2011 games they have so far, and maybe tell us what you think of your games.  

I'll start :  (I game mainly on the PC, but i also grab a PS3 game once every now and then) 

 ive got => 
soon getting => 

wanted to buy, but changed my mind because they suck =>

What about you guys ?
#2 Posted by DonChipotle (2882 posts) -

Pokemon White
Fight Night Champion
Dragon Age 2
Knights Contract
Yakuza 4
Marvel vs Capcom 3
MLB 11: The Show
Radiant Historia
Ghost Trick
Dynasty Warriors 7

#3 Posted by weegieanawrench (1943 posts) -

The only game from Q1 2011 I've managed to pick up thus far is Dead Space 2. Everyone who has played it knows how good it is.  
I still want to get Crysis 2 at some point, maybe once I'm on summer break.

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radiant historia 
ghost trick 
Dragon age 2

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#6 Posted by zombie2011 (5105 posts) -

Nothing interests me, but i did buy Alpha Protocol and FF13 this year but haven't played them yet.

#7 Posted by jorbear (2517 posts) -
  • Dragon Age II (Liked it quite a bit, but was still disappointed)
  • Shogun II (Loving it right now)
And that's it, unfortunately. I am currently going through a pretty large backlog, however. 
#8 Posted by nintendoeats (5975 posts) -
@zombie2011: PLAY ALPHA PROTOCOL!!!!!!
Its awesome. Sort of.
I haven't bought anything this year. Nothing has really seemed to be worth more than 20 bucks to me yet. I do want Stacking, but I don't have enough points ATM.
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Dead Space 2 
Dragon Age 2  
Beyond Good and Evil
Crysis 2 soon
#10 Posted by Napalm (9020 posts) -

I have Bulletstorm and Dead Space 2. I might get Crysis 2, but I'm tight on cash at the moment.

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None. If I'm with good cashflow at the time, I'll get maybe Witcher 2 and Catherine. 

#13 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5826 posts) -

Ghost Trick
Tactics Ogre
Radiant Historia

#14 Posted by AjayRaz (12490 posts) -

the DS version of Plants vs Zombies 
Killzone 3 
Dead or Alive Dimensions (pre-ordered) 
3DS + Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition 

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Dead Space 2 
Crysis 2 
Killzone 3  
Downloadables: PixelJunk Shooter 2, Stacking, Beyond Good and Evil HD.

#17 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -
@VelvetLore04 said:
" Yakuza 4 "
how are you liking it ?
#18 Posted by pantzing_nome (590 posts) -

I just bought Yakuza 4.

#19 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4713 posts) -

Only Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Pokemon White. I played Dead Space 2 though. Compareing this point in the year to last year, 2010 was much better. The later half of the year seems to have all the quality games.
#20 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8061 posts) -

I have none and probably won't be getting any till the end of the year.

#21 Posted by The_Hiro_Abides (1271 posts) -
#22 Posted by Yummylee (22684 posts) -

Dead Space 2 - Great game with a traditionally astounding atmosphere, though not as memorable as the first. REVIEW! 

DLC - Severed. Far too short, and pretty average, though DS2's typically high quality shooting has it still garner some fun. REVIEW!

Dragon Age 2 - So much went wrong with this, but it still came through on its characters and brilliant combat. REVIEW! 

DLC - Exiled Prince, though I gots me the signature edition so it came free. Sebastians a fun a character and just as well implemented as Shale for Origins. Only problem is how he's cut off until Act 2. REVIEW!

Yakuza 4 - Haven't completed it yet. Overall, it's pretty much more Yakuza, warts and all, as they say. It's ageing pretty fast at this point, and I'm still finding a lot of the 'extra-curricular' activities to either be annoyingly confusing (Mahjong, that weird pinball game with virtua fighter) overly difficult and unpredictable (darts, table tennis) or just not very fun through their execution (pool, bowling). Fighting's really brutal and distinctive enough that each character feels markedly unique over another in some aspects.

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Dead Space 2
Pixeljunk Shooter 2

#24 Posted by Dad_Is_A_Zombie (1212 posts) -

Dead Space 2 and Killzone 3 so far. I'll pick up Dragon Age 2 if the price is right.

#25 Posted by Example1013 (4807 posts) -

I've got White and Ghost Trick.

#26 Posted by DonChipotle (2882 posts) -
@Ahmad_Metallic said:
" @VelvetLore04 said:
" Yakuza 4 "
how are you liking it ? "
It is pretty great so far. I've always loved the series, and this is probably up top for me.
#27 Posted by Butano (1805 posts) -

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is the only one that comes to mind.... 
Oh, and Magicka.
Waiting for DA2 and Crysis 2 to drop. Dunno why I haven't picked up DoW Retribution yet. Forgot it was only 30 dollars.

#28 Posted by abdo (1044 posts) -

I don't have money to spend on games right now, so the only Q1 games I got so far is one I've really wanted: LittleBigPlanet 2, and Magicka, which I got on sale. Once I can afford it, my next game will be Yakuza 4. I'd also like to mention that I never liked Dead Space enough to finish it, so I was surprised when I found myself playing Dead Space 2 out of curiosity and actually enjoying it. A huge improvement on the first one.
Overall it seems like this quarter hasn't really been so great. While there have been a lot of great games, there were a number of "flops" and disappointments; Homefront (4 hours, are you kidding me?), Crysis 2, Killzone 3, Dragon Age II. The next three months look more promising though. Games I'm really looking forward to are L.A. Noire, Child of Eden, Driver San Francisco, Serious Sam 3, Portal 2, Brink and Monaco, whenever that comes out. Oh, and 1...2...3... Kick It! (Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby).

#29 Posted by Skytylz (4042 posts) -

Dragon Age 2, I haven't opened that and might return it because the first one is burning me out a little.  
I also got Beyond Good and Evil HD, loving it so far.

#30 Posted by Lunar_Aura (2778 posts) -

mvc3 and okamiden
#31 Posted by Surkov (990 posts) -

I've Bought:  
PixelJUnk Shooter 2 
Little Big Planet 2 
I will buy: 
LA Noire  
Everything else, I'll wait til they're cheaper, even though I really want Portal 2 as well. 

#32 Posted by Animasta (14746 posts) -

Ghost Trick (Best game so far)
Radiant Historia
Pokemon Black

#33 Posted by Spoonman671 (4839 posts) -

Dead Space 2
LittleBigPlanet 2
Killzone 3
Pokemon Black
Crysis 2
It's felt like more than that, but I think that's because I picked up Mini Ninjas and 3D Dot Game Heroes this year as well.

#34 Posted by Vinny_Says (5729 posts) -

All friggin' EA titles. Other publishers are asleep at the wheel:
Dead Space2 (EA)
Bulletstorm (EA)
Dragon Age 2  (EA)
Crysis 2 (EA)
Shift 2: Unleashed (EA)
 LA Noire (Rockstar Games) <- Will be the first non EA title for me....I think....

#35 Posted by DystopiaX (5365 posts) -

Shogun Total War II, that's it. I've rented and played Killzone 3 though. Other than that, I've either passed due to lack of interest or plan to pick up later when cheaper.

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I'm waiting for Portal 2, Catherine, Batman:AC and Uncharted 3. I've got Persona 3 and 4 to keep me busy in the meantime. 

#37 Posted by tourgen (4542 posts) -

Nothing yet 
A little silly but I've been blowing all my time with Battlefield 1943, The Witcher, and Alpha Protocol so far this year. .. and work, LOTS of long work days.

#38 Edited by Rudeboy217 (1777 posts) -

Pokemon White 
Dragon Age 2 
MvC 3 
Beyond Good and Evil HD 
Dead Space 2

#39 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19399 posts) -


  • Marvel vs Capcom 3
  • Pokémon Black (just got it today)
Will own: 
  • Catherine
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution
  • Saints Row: The Third
  • Modern Warfare 3
  • Dark Souls
  • Mass Effect 3
Will maybe own eventually: 
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
#40 Posted by jozzy (2035 posts) -

None yet, I still have a lot of 2010 games i want to buy and play. I probably will not be able to resist MK though, and Dark Souls.

#41 Edited by crusader8463 (14433 posts) -

Off the top of my head: 

  • Dragon Age 2 - :( 
  • Warhammer 40K Dawn of War 2: Retribution - I still haven't played it yet, because the person I usually play the game with doesn't want to any more because the stupid game came about a month late for me and he was already done with it by the time I got it.
Not sure if it came out this year or last, but I got the PC version of Monday Night Combat after playing it during the free weekend Steam did a few weeks back. I'm really enjoying the game, but it's one of those game you play for an hour or two at a time before you put it down. 
Played Sims Medieval as well, but I'm rather disappointed with what it turned out to be. The videos made it look a lot different then reality. 
Played some Bulletstorm too. That game was weird for me. I really disliked it at first, then I liked it some during the middle, but by the end of it I was back to how I first felt. I was rather surprised at how much I came to like some of the charaters, but I just didn't find the gameplay very fun after a while. I was not a fan of most of the guns, and you can only do the same whip-kick-shoot combo so mny times before it gets old. 


As of late I have been mostly working through my back log of games that I bought during my month of gluttony last November. I feel into some money and bought a PS3 and about 15-20 games I always wanted to play but never could because they only came out on consoles. Topped off the last 3/4 of Red Dead Redemption, and started in on the Disgaea series.  
Doubt I will be getting anything new any time soon. I'm flat broke and my computer has been ready to die any day now for the better part of a year. If it's on THIS list then I will hopefully get my hands on it at some point.
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I'm planning on picking up very soon: 
Shogun 2: Total War 
Crysis 2 
Deadspace 2
I bought Marvel v Capcom 3 and returned it. It just wasn't grabbing me. 
#43 Posted by BUCK3TM4N (549 posts) -
#44 Edited by Afroman269 (7387 posts) -

Dead Space 2  
Killzone 3  
Pokemon: Black 
Dragon Age 2  
I'm done with getting games till the end of this year when the blockbusters roll out.

#45 Posted by Red12b (9086 posts) -

Rented Dead Space and AC:B  
My flate mate brought DAII Yakuza 4 MvC3 
I'm still playing Gran Turismo 5.....
#46 Edited by Zippedbinders (1042 posts) -

Dead Space 2 (holding off on the SP)
Stacking (just finished)
Ghost Trick (need to finish)
Pokemon White (moving onto end game)

#47 Posted by TragicallyErock (101 posts) -

Dragon Age 2

 ... and, uh...
Tiny Wings? 

#48 Posted by Shadow (4988 posts) -

Littlebigplanet 2
Dead Space 2
You Don't Know Jack
Marvel vs Capcom 3
I think I'm doing pretty well in restraining myself so far.

#49 Edited by Redbullet685 (6107 posts) -

Crysis 2
MLB 11: The Show
Moon Diver (PSN)
Stacking (PSN)

#50 Posted by gingertastic_10 (4141 posts) -

I've bought Killzone 3 and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012: The Masters. <---- only game you need.