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Poll: What 3DS game should I get? (76 votes)

Etrian Odyssey IV 9%
Fire Emblem: Awakening 91%

Played the demo for both, really enjoyed them. I've never played any Strategy RPGs, and the closest thing I've played to EO is Persona.

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Fire Emblem is Supadope.

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Fire Emblem is Supadope.

Is there a bump in difficulty after the first couple Chapters? I want to play Classic Mode on the easiest difficulty, would that be do-able for somebody who's never played the genre before?

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@funkasaurasrex said:

Fire Emblem is Supadope.

Is there a bump in difficulty after the first couple Chapters? I want to play Classic Mode on the easiest difficulty, would that be do-able for somebody who's never played the genre before?

There is a bump in difficulty once you start having to handle more enemies (particularly the promoted enemies). I'm fairly new to the genre myself (I half remember playing one of the GBA games years ago) and I've found the easiest difficulty reasonably challenging, especially if you don't spend a lot of time grinding with reeking boxes. The game's gotten quite a bit easier as I've come to better understand its mechanics though. I may very well give Hard a go once I finish my current playthrough.

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I had never played a tactical RPG (or really any tactical/strategy games) before picking up Fire Emblem: Awakening, and I got through it just fine. If you find you're having trouble with deaths, you can grind a bit with reeking boxes. Grinding a little bit is actually quite fun if you exploit it to build your relationships between your characters, so it's not much of a chore.

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Resident Evil Mercenaries you must.

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Fire Emblem Awakening is really awesome. You should get it!

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Play Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars, it is Fire Emblem with guns and is the perfect intro to SRPGs, as it has a reduced troop count and other measures to ease people in. It is also pretty cool on its own as you don't get many SRPGs that aren't fantasy.

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Definitely Fire Emblem: Awakening! The game got a lot of amazing reviews from the customers and the journalists, the franchise is solid and has been doing fantastic for a long time. I can't say more because I'm totally biased! I've been a fan of the franchise for years and honestly I can't wait for Awakening to hit the European shelf in April.

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Etrian Odyssey is really good but Fire Emblem is an easier recommendation (and it's a better game imo).

Also, the difficulty in Fire Emblem on normal is nearly non-existent (first entry in the series I had played and had no problems). You might have a bit of trouble getting the hang of it in a few missions near the start and you may reset a few times if you are playing on Classic but on Normal it's pretty easy to level up if you are having a bit of a tough time and after awhile you will be unstoppable.

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Fire Emblem

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Etrian Odyssey is good, but Fire Emblem is spectacular, the strongest entry in the series in my opinion, and the best game on the 3DS right now.

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If you're looking into which of the two is more friendly towards first time players, definitely Fire Emblem. EO4 makes a lot of interface improvements and it's overall more user friendly than the other three games in the series, but it's way harder than Fire Emblem.

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Fire Emblem Awakening is amazing. I've played 2 entries in the series before Awakening and it is by far my favorite.

Just don't rely too much on Frederick and make sure you let your weaker guys get the killing blow. Really on Casual and normal you should have no problems getting though the game. At that point it may be impossible to fail.

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I think it depends on what kind of difficulty you want. And how much you care about characters.

I think FEAs difficulty levels range from too easy to too hard, but that there isn't really a good middle ground. So if too easy or unfair hard is okay with you, that's not a problem. While EO4 is at a tough, but solid/fair, difficulty.

If you care about characters in games then it's FE by a big margin. There is a huge cast with a ton of content.

Do you want:

Something to go really easy on you? FEA on normal or hard

Something to challenge you? EO4 on normal

Something to kick your ass? FEA on lunatic or +

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@funkasaurasrex said:

Fire Emblem is Supadope.

Is there a bump in difficulty after the first couple Chapters? I want to play Classic Mode on the easiest difficulty, would that be do-able for somebody who's never played the genre before?

I found the first 4 or 5 chapters to be the most difficult in the whole game. For the first few hours you won't have many party members who can survive more than two hits, so it might take a while to get used to classic mode. Once you start to build up your party though, battles become substantially easier to handle.

I finished it on Hard/Classic, and didn't lose a single party member.

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Fire Emblem, heard its good

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Those are the only two games I bought on my 3DS and of the two I vote for Etrian. I went in being really excited for fire emblem but I ended up disliking the game after playing it for 4-5 hours. I had never played one before, but I despised the flow of combat and the lack of strategy. It felt like nothing I did mattered because the guys on your team are so dam fragile that they die in two hits. The combat just became nothing but making sure your guys couldn't be attacked twice on the same turn and if a guy could he was always dead. Team composition and tactics didn't seem to matter at all and it always came down to the above mentioned.

I'm also about 5+ hours into Etrian and I had a ton of fun up to this point. I kind of hit a wall where there's literally nothing for me to do but grind as all the missions take me to zones where I just get raped in a couple turns and have zero chance. I knew going in the series was notorious for the grind so I'm not going to knock it against it, but my level of patience gives me about another hour or two and if it doesn't start to move on I think I may just be done fore a while. Which is a shame because I was really enjoying everything around the game and I was really surprised at how much fun the mapping thing was. I thought it would be tedious as fuck, but mapping out a new level and then looking it over when you are done to see all the hidden stuff you found and knowing that map only exists because you explored and made it is super rewarding. Wish more games did something like that.

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I haven't played either yet (as I don't have a 3DS, yet), but I have played some of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the original Etrian Odyssey. Both games sucked me in, but with Fire Emblem, I noticed that I needed to take a break from the game after a while. I am about halfway through and come back every few weeks and play a chapter or 2.

I started Etrian Odyssey 2 weeks ago, and would have been playing every day, except I had surgery and wasn't feeling up to playing any games for a week. But, the first game I went to play was Etrian Odyssey and have played probably 10 hours between the last 2 days. It's making me want to buy a 3DS for EOIV! Plus, it is a great game to play with Quick Looks, TNT, Unprofessional Fridays, etc., in the background, as once you get into the groove of the game, you just need to glance at it here and there while you level up. It's very fun. That being said, I doubt you could go wrong with either of the games. Those 2 have been irking me to pick up a 3DS and I just bought a Vita a few months ago.

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I feel like it's not much of a decision; FE:A is the clear choice.

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I'm going to buy this :P

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Fire Emblem X100,000,000,000. I mean, it's a game that got me hooked on a franchise.

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Not even close. EO is fun, Fire Emblem is something special.