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I recently got a Android phone and was looking at the games. I downloaded favorites I have heard so much about Game Dev Story, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Impossible Game. I was wondering what others should I take a look?

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they need to be fed
rocket bunnies
robot unicorn attack
air attack HD
bubble blast 2
homerun battle 3d
pew pew and pew pew 2 (2 is better but both are fun)
rope cut
slice it
Super K.O. boxing 2
zenonia1 and 2
unblock me
ninjump or city jump
Kongregate Arcade
majesty kingdoms is free on the amazon appstore today.
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angry birds cause it's free

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@Yanngc33: Got that one already. It's awesome.
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@PainGod89: Paper Toss!
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Tap Tap Revenge : ) 

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I like Air Hockey, its free simple and quick.
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@Yanngc33 said:
" angry birds cause it's free "
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Game Dev Story!