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Not long ago I read a Halo book or two and enjoyed my time getting back-story and a more in-depth time with a story behind faceless man inside cybernetic war suit.

I enjoy deep stories like the Elder Scrolls and even started dabbling into the Witcher. So what books/novels, within any game fiction, would you recommend as good reads?

This doesn't necessarily have to be limited to games I've played/mentioned, I'm open to new stories.

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The first three Mass Effect books are fantastic.

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@zombiesatemycereal said:

The first three Mass Effect books are fantastic.

This. So very much this. (Though I would advise against Deception which is the fourth book)

If'n ye are a fan of the Dragon Age games I highly recommend Stolen Throne and the Calling before playing Origins, and reading Asunder after playing DA2. Theres also two Dragon Age comics (set after DA2) called The Silent Grove and Those Who Speak, which are also pretty damn awesome imo.

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Not fiction but...

The Ultimate History of Video Games is a great retrospective of everything up until the Dreamcast. One of the best books I've read. The author, Steven Kent, is prominent in most video game documentaries as well - he's a trustworthy source.

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The rest of the Halo books you didn't read. Haven't really read any other video game books, myself.

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Mass Effect books. Ascension and Revelation are legit good reads.

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I quite like the Halo books, so you might want to look at digging into the others. If nothing else I say make sure you've read Fall of Reach. I have heard pretty good things about at least one of the Gears books as well.

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The first two Doom books were really good. Helped fill in some of the non-story from the games. I also enjoyed all of the Halo books, but the second one that just retold the events of Halo: Combat Evolved wasn't as good. Eric Nylund does a better job of creating characters and with description.

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Karen Traviss did amazing work with Gears of War. Those are some really good books.

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I really enjoyed The Dragon Age novel The Stolen Throne by David Gaider.

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I thought the past few warcraft books have been good. But I've been really into wow for awhile. That might play a factor.

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@zombiesatemycereal said:

The first three Mass Effect books are fantastic.

I also agree with this. They're also pretty quick, it's entirely possible to polish one off front to back in one sitting, which is how I read them.

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Even though it's not based on a specific video game universe, Ready Player One is an awesome book that revolves around video games and virtual reality.

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@zombiesatemycereal: I don't know why but this surprised me, I even remember hearing about how good they were. I'll definitely check them out.

@Gamer_152: I got through Fall of Reach (which was fantastic) and the next novel which was basically the original Halo and wasn't as interesting so I stopped there.

Thanks for all these suggestions, I will be at least looking into all these options :D

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This may be a little old school, but the Myst novels were pretty good.

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I quite enjoyed the Myst Reader. It contains three separate novels about the Myst universe. Its a pretty easy read, but gives a ton of interesting information about the D'ni and their civilization.

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Metro 2033 the book is really good, and whilst it technically doesn't fit your criteria, WHATEVER READ IT ANYWAY.