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Hey, my premium subscription ended recently (I plan on re-subscribing eventually), and I realized that when I was a premium member, I would only look through the archived premium content when I was looking for a good time.

Now that I have realized my foolish ways, what are your favorite pieces of GB content that are open to all?

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Besides the obvious persona 4 and deadly premonition endurance runs, I would say that the Flight Club Quicklooks are consistently the best regular semi-feature. They are usually pretty lengthy and the Dave-Vinny-Drew combo is always great.

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The Flight Club series transcended into Quick Looks for everyone, so you should thumb through the archived flight sim QL's.

Edit: Oops, failed to read the first response...sorry!

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Many, many moons and 2 offices ago there was a quick look. One I still watch to this day when I need cheering up. (Note, there have been many awesome QLs but this is one I remember and thus can actually find the damn thing)

Okay fine ... for whatever fucking reason i can't embed or link the damn thing so you're going to have to do more work than just hitting play... Sorry, duder.


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Quick looks and podcasts, you can just watch the TNTs on twitch if you want

@posh: Fuck you for not having fucking Rogue Warrior on your list motherfucker.

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thanks, fantastic stuff guys