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I want to try beating games on their hardest difficulty and i'm hoping I could get some good suggestions. New and old games are both accepted.

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God of War
Ninja Gaiden
those games are tough to beat

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Ninja Gaiden

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The original ninja gaiden games. The new ones are tricky, but not super hard. The original ones were as hard as nails.

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Are the old NG games rare? I'm not trying to go on a super search to get these games.

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God Hand is probably the hardest 3D game I've played.

Maximo is also up there.

DMC series not so much...

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God Hand.  The hardest damn game I have ever played.

But the awesome credits and wacky sense of humor made up for the crazy challenege.:P

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WhySoGodly said:
"Are the old NG games rare? I'm not trying to go on a super search to get these games."

Are you serious? Just play the PC version!
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Also, Halo 2 on legendary is damn near impossible.

Even more damn near impossible is Halo 3 on legendary with all the skulls turned on.

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Ha, yeah, God Hand. I stopped playing after getting my butt kicked on the second level about 30 times in a row and having to restart.

I need to use my Action Replay and just blaze through that game one day.

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I always remember Battletoads as being crazy hard... Ikaruga is tough on expert as well.