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I now have a gold ribbon next to my avatar, and have noticed that some others have silver ones, and possibly even others bronze. Is this some kind of new level thing or what?

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I believe gold ribbons are for yearly premium members, silver are for monthly premium members. Bronze are for people who prefer brown liquor.

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They indicate subscription types, gold is a yearly and silver is a monthly. It looks like you don't have one despite what you're saying.

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That's what I thought, although I'm not seeing it now. I'm not a premium member, as I've never paid to be one and don't plan on ever doing so. It was showing up as I was using the mobile interface on my phone, but now that I've switched over to the standard site on a laptop it's not there. Could just be a bug w/ the new site.

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He's talking about the ones in the actual profile page. It appears on the top right corner of the avatar pic. It's probably something that indicates how long you've been a member.

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Yea, it's for subscription type. Gold=yearly, silver=monthly. There's a bug that shows some members as a subscriber on their profile page. Like yourself.

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It is a shame then that I have a gold ribbon on my profile page.

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Yeah, it's got to be a bug. I'm still on my laptop and I just looked at my profile page and there is a gold ribbon in the top right corner. On the forums here the ribbons are on the lower right, but there is no ribbon for me in the forums. Weird.