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As many of you know, Timesplitters 4 has been announced. So what are you guys most excited about this game?

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Is this added to the games list? If not, add it and post in there too. Umm, I have always loved timesplitters games (and laughed at for that reason) and can't wait for the next one. I hope they keep the monkey out of this one too. He pissed me off!

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I'm hoping it beats the shit out of Timeshift.

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yes!! cant wait for this now

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I'm really looking forward to seeing the next map creator mode if it's included in the game. I think that could be a big hit and help separate the game from other console fps games if it's as deep as the previous editions. I'm really hoping the game has a good way to allow users share the maps they've created as well as download others LBP style.

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Im hoping for awesome online multiplayer.

And a longer single player campaign, of course...

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Free Radical really disappointed with Haze. Hopefully they kick ass with Timesplitters 4 then that whole Haze deal will be forgiven.

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I'm thinking I hope it doesn't flop like Haze. I don't know what Free Radical was thinking while putting together that game, I just hope they are not thinking the samething while making TS4. I can't believe I'm actually worried about FR making a bad TS, what has happen to this world.

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nezze00 said:
" I hope they keep the monkey out of this one too. He pissed me off!
You didn't see the Teaser, haven't you?

About the topic, I can't wait.  I only tried (and own) Future Perfect but it's awesome and I'm trying to get the other two.  Obviously, I'm buying that one too.  I also want to see the Multiplayer.  Me and my friends were addicted to it.
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Personally I totally love the map creator tool. I really hopes they put together a nice editor to create awesome maps and missions! :D

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I'm thinking....Timesplitters 4 was announced? 

Seriously though, I can't believe I didn't hear about this.  I hope it's great though.  Free Radical could use a little redemption after Haze