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#1 Posted by PrincessMattakiStar (15 posts) -

I am wondering what kinds of drinks and snacks you munch on while you play games? Is there something in particular that you almost always have around you?

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I don't really eat during games, and when it comes to drinks while playing games, it's either water or mocha/coffee, and sometimes, like today, a smoothy. It used to be soda, but I don't really get any soda anymore, and I don't really like it anymore either.

#3 Posted by Akeldama (4250 posts) -

Coke and anything.

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#5 Posted by OllyOxenFree (4974 posts) -

Water. Lots and lots of water. Water in my Zojirushi cool bottle.

#6 Posted by DjCmeP (1148 posts) -

Just some random energy drinks nothing specific.

#7 Posted by udabenshen (178 posts) -

A giant pot of a coffee and carrots.

#8 Posted by RecSpec (3826 posts) -

Bottled Water and Trail Mix

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Apples, pears, grapes (my favourite)

#11 Posted by Willin (1280 posts) -

Loneliness, depression and tears.

#12 Posted by MB (12479 posts) -

I tend to prefer snacks that don't leave my fingers caked flavor dust, so no Doritos or Cheetos while playing games for me.

#13 Posted by Dimsey (955 posts) -

I'll have a pepsi or whatever while I'm playing.

Won't eat though. That's just asking for trouble I think. Messing up controllers and junk.

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A packet of Ritz and a jug of lemon cordial. I'll take some cheese with my Ritz, but only if I'm not feeling lazy, which is not often the case.

Also some red liquorice if I'm lucky. No flavour distinction, just red.

#15 Posted by TobbRobb (4663 posts) -

I guess the closest constatn would be coke, but I tend to switch it up. And really, most of the time I don't have anything at all.

I'm more of a snack man than a candy man, but I can eat almost anything while gaming, including actual food.

#16 Posted by shootermcclay (219 posts) -

The Rum Job = 1 part Captain Morgan Spiced Rum + 3 parts Orange Soda

#17 Posted by McGhee (6094 posts) -

Beer with cheese and crackers.

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Water and cashews.

Arizona tea if I'm feeling adventurous.

#19 Posted by Veiasma (194 posts) -

Mountain Dew and Saltines.

Unless it's a co-op party, then its just beer.

#20 Posted by ApeGantz (217 posts) -

Any game I play (Except Strategy games) I drink Coke with Hennessy or Vodka. I eat chips or pizza.

Other than that, juice or water.

#21 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

Usually just massive quantities of Diet Coke.

Though after this week's $100+ trip to the local Asian Market, it looks like it's going to be various-flavored bottled and canned teas and Pocky.

#22 Posted by reflekshun (219 posts) -

Burger Rings

#23 Posted by phish09 (1109 posts) -

Rum & Coke
Rice Chips
Chocolate covered almonds
That's what I've been snacking on lately anyway.  Stupid gluten-free diet. 

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Fridge raiders

And water or pepsi.

#25 Posted by Tireyo (6420 posts) -

Chips, Pepsi, pretzels, peanuts, candy bars, and bananas.

#26 Posted by MikeFightNight (1110 posts) -

Scotch and breaded hot wings.

#27 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1556 posts) -

Generally pop or juice. If I been working outside then I drink cool water. I'll snack on anything thats in the house thou I usually just eat lunch or dinner.

#28 Posted by xXxLYNCHxXx (162 posts) -

Usually a beer. My media room is a food free zone.

#29 Posted by duggshammer (158 posts) -

Lots of diet soda, and sometimes cookies. Anything I need to eat with utensils or with get my hands dirty I'll stop and throw netflix on, then go back.

#30 Posted by Addfwyn (1930 posts) -

Playing in my room: Pretz and some variety of tea, typically green tea. If I'm playing in the morning (on a weekend) then probably coffee.

Playing in public, like an arcade: Cigarettes and maybe more tea.

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#32 Posted by Video_Game_King (36272 posts) -

I'll just post this and hope it's relevant to something:

#33 Posted by RetroVirus (1475 posts) -

@RecSpec said:

Bottled Water and Trail Mix


#34 Posted by GunnBjorn (2911 posts) -

Tea usually. Green or Chamomile. Accompanied with either a hearty or sugar laiden snack. Sometimes I cut up a smoked sausage with some mustard. And eat it with a fork so I don't have to touch it and make my controller all greasy.

#35 Posted by mandude (2669 posts) -

I nice cup of Lyon's tea.
Which reminds me. I need to import another box soon. :(

#36 Posted by FancySoapsMan (5833 posts) -

Cranberry juice

#37 Posted by ninjakiller (3405 posts) -

Iced water, those who said water without mentioning ice are savages.

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Water, Beer, or Tea. Hot or iced.

#39 Posted by DemBones (69 posts) -

I don't know what gamer drinks and snacks are.

#40 Posted by lockwoodx (2479 posts) -

My favorite gamer drinks are anything that will help me tolerate other gamers.

#41 Posted by dirtyharry (60 posts) -

@MB: tip the bag, bro

#42 Posted by KoolAid (942 posts) -

@nrh79 said:


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@Akeldama said:

Coke and anything.

Nailed it

#45 Posted by matthias2437 (985 posts) -

Drinks normally are coffee, sometimes hot tea, or diet all natural soda. Sometimes if I am pulling an all nighter (like I will be tonight with ME3) I will drink some huge red bulls.

#46 Posted by UncleClassy (405 posts) -

Malt liquor (40oz)

#47 Posted by louiedog (2335 posts) -

I always have a glass of water handy whether I'm at my desk or sitting on the couch. One of my favorite hobbies besides playing games is cooking so I eat good meals every day. While I'm not adverse to snacking I don't think sitting for hours on end playing games and consuming snacks is going to lead anywhere good.

#48 Posted by Grillbar (1849 posts) -

@digitalsea87 said:


that and what ever is around to drink when im thirsty

#49 Posted by ThePhantomnaut (6197 posts) -

Water/coke and a meal.

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