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For me, I'm actually surprised to be saying this is Batman. I really enjoyed the first one but for some crazy unknown reason, not a single trailer or article has gotten me excited. I know in my head this game will be excellent in all ways but I have no desire to buy it day one. Anyone else have anything similar like this? 
Guess I could add MW3 on here as well. I do enjoy the crazy over the top single player stuff but I'm just not that hot on the multiplayer. This is where Redbox comes in, take an entire Saturday off and beat the single player. Mission Accomplished

Assassins Creed as well

EDIT: meant to put plural games as well, sorry!

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Rage. I don't know much about it, nor do I really want to right now.

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Im going to be honest and say Uncharted 3. I dont know why. I want to be excited about this game but I just cant

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MW3. No original MW team, no sale.

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BF3 and MW3.

Rage and Red Orchestra 2 will keep me busy for a while.

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@the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG said:

Im going to be honest and say Uncharted 3. I dont know why. I want to be excited about this game but I just cant

This is how I feel about Batman. I played through the first one again to try and get pumped for it but nothing, not a thing.
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Rage, Dark Souls and Battlefield 3.

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Rage, i mean i'll play it eventually, but right now i have other games that i am infinatly more interested in to play.

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MW3. I usually buy into the CoD hype, only to get angry that I don't have enough time to get really good at it and sell it. This year with Skyrim and Saints Row The Third, MW3 hasn't even entered my mind.

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Uncharted 3.

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I wish I could say MW3, but I can't. I need to know how that series pans out and if it is any good or not. Otherwise I guess it would be Assassin's Creed. I will play it but I'm just not that excited for it, hope it will be good though.

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I don't really care for any of the big games coming out. They're all played out sequels. I don't find Rage that interesting either. I have a huge back catalog of games to keep me busy anyway.

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Batman.....dont see how it got goty, game was super easy and more of just a movie walkthrough imo.

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All the games you like!
I didn't care that much about the new Batman game, until I saw this video yesterday:

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Pretty much all of them, actually. That could just be grim resignation talking though, since I'm a broke motherfucker.

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@gamb1t:  Oh god I was scared I was the only person not excited for batman. Thank you sir, we shall stick together for the rage that is sure to come our way
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MW3,Batman,Skyrim,Rage although Rage might turn out better then it looks wishful thinking but honestly the gameplay is lacking from the looks of it game seems more like a tech demo for ID tech 5.

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Saints Row: The Third. Originally I was gonna say MW3, but I care even less about Saints Row.

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I don't think there's a game that I couldn't care less about, so much. Even games that I know I won't purchase like Modern Warfare 3 and Saint's Row 3 I think could provide me some fun at some point, there's not really a big release from here on out that I've completely dismissed.

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@the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG said:

Im going to be honest and say Uncharted 3. I dont know why. I want to be excited about this game but I just cant

I'm not excited about it either, i don't have a PS3 but i borrowed my friends to play Uncharted 2 when it came out. He asked if i wanted to use it this time too (he doesn't play games only watches Blu-Rays), but i can't be bothered.

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I'm at least partially excited for all of them. If I had to choose though, it would be the big-ticket FPSs. Battlefield looks amazing and MW3 looks competent, but they are just not my type of game.

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All of them except Batman. And I mean all of them.

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@cstrang said:

MW3. No original MW team, no sale.

This. It's sad that we can't see the REAL end to the series cause i was really interested in where it was going.

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MW3, BF3, Gears (already out), Rage...hey, I just realized I don't like shooters!

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For me it is BF3, MW3, and Dark Souls. Can't agree with you on Batman though. It is the game I am most hyped for this season right along with Skyrim.

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Really not interested in playing MW3 that much. Not necessarily because of the recent staff changes, but because I just don't care to play it compared to other games coming out this year.

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Rage- I might try it out later on, really haven't seen enough for me to drool over. I almost get this feeling that if I play it I am going to want to play Fallout instead. The gun play will probably be light years a head, but something about it seems like a very stripped down fallout or borderlands for that matter.

MW3- Again, I may look at it much later on if I get hungry for a FPS.

BF3- Have no interest in this game at all. I never got a whole lot out of any of the battlefield games. They have amazing sound design, but that is all I really got from them, though I can understand why some like these games.

Uncharted 3- Never have been an Uncharted fan. They are certainly well made games with nice looking graphics, but the characters are as card broad as they come and the straight path, for that kind of game, is way to restricted for me. This is one of the very few series that I just don't understand the insane hype and love for. To each its own, I guess.

Assassins Creed- I will probably end up checking this out at some point as I still enjoy assassins creed, I just am not hyped up for it. They really have to move on from Enzio and start working on 3 if they haven't already.

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Skyrim and Batman (flame shield up)

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Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3 and Rage.

Maybe Batman Arkham City? I'm still not sure how an open world Batman Arkham game would work in terms of pacing.

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There's a ton of games I'm interested in, but I've decided Dark Souls and Zelda are the only ones worth buying right now. I'll get to the bigger, blockbuster games later, when GOTY or cheaper editions come along.

However, Battlefield 3 and MW3, I have zero desire to ever play.

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@supermonkey122:  I shall stand with you for the Batman side of things.
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Battlefield 3. I'm so fucking tired of everyone drooling over another modern military shooter. MW3 is "an expansion pack for MW2", but BF3 is not Bad Company 3? OK. Urgh. I want it be out, so everyone can be busy playing and shut the fuck about it already.

PS: Yeah, technically, I care about this game, but in a negative way.

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@Sackmanjones said:
@supermonkey122:  I shall stand with you for the Batman side of things.
You have my word.
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I think there's an Assassin's Creed game coming out soon.  Meh.  Call me when they actually let you control your character.

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Modern Warfare 3 and Rage.

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quite a few actually. Not very interested in Batman, MW3, Dark Soul's or whatever it's called lol, Saints Row 3, BF3, and I'm on the fence about Uncharted 3.. I loved the second one and I'm still playing through the first one.. Not sure if I'm gonna buy it on release or not sense skyrim is coming out close to that.

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I could not care less about MW3, Batman AA, Battlefield 3, and Rage.

Just going to be playing Dark Souls, Skyrim, and (maybe) Skyward Sword this year.

EDIT:Okay, maybe I'll play batman this year.

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MW3 and Saints Row. Really looking forward to Rage.

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@GreggD: same here. I have an urge to shoot the hell outta things
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Skyrim. Looks really bland and boring to me.

#42 Posted by HandsomeDead (11863 posts) -

Rage. Thought it was a new Fallout when I saw the trailer in the cinema, then the guys behind me said it was the new Resistance, so when it was revealed as an original IP, a few of us were stunned. Looks so terrible.

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BF3, MW3 and all the console exclusives that I dont get to play.

#44 Posted by atomic_dumpling (2469 posts) -

All of them. I am patiently waiting for Mass Effect 3.

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MW 3

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@ExplodeMode: Damn it, I still haven't beaten Arkham Asylum because I really suck at the stealth, so I probably shouldn't get Arkham City for that reason, but I fucking love gliding.

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Skyrim. I watched someone play a bunch of Oblivion and I just thought it looked boring. First person melee combat really does nothing for me and i'm not the biggest fantasy fan. 
Not really that fussed about Battlefield, but my PC should be able to run it well so I  am a little curious to see  how it looks.
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Battlefield 3, the newest CoD, Assassin's Creed and Batman.

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Only really interested in Skyrim, Halo HD, Gears and maybe Uncharted 3. Most everything else is a meh. Rage would be a big one I really don't care about, initially I thought it looked quite good but as more information comes out the less I care. It just looks dull and boring, like a slightly more interesting Borderlands.

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Skyrim - Not a fan of dark fantasy settings.

MW3 - Don't feel like I'm alone on this on in the slightest.

Uncharted 3 - Multiplayer got all CoD'd up and the story hasn't really captured my attention through it's trailers.

Assassin's Creed: Revelation - The trilogy within the trilogy has me tired of the entire series.

Battlefield 3 - Console version is borked and I always found the Battlefield series frustrating unless you are willing to stick to a particular server with a group of people who will collectively play it constantly with you (in other words, I can't just PUG it and play every now and then).

Batman: AC, Saint's Row 3, possibly RAGE are my holiday games. I'll still probably get Uncharted 3, but as of right now I don't have any need to play that game.