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The team of artists who made Persona 3/4 has excellent art talent they even made me like yellow.

So what color motif would you like to see them do next? Also let's assume that they will not use blue or yellow this time.

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Yellow is still awesome
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I'm also guessing that it won't be pink/red, which was used in P3P and Catherine (though not to the same extent).

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[insert Gears of Persona picture I don't have the skill to make]

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I'd love a purple theme

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@korkesh said:

I'd love a purple theme

Purple is the only right answer. I was indifferent to Yellow but P4 made that shit sexy. Imagine what they'd do with a color I love.

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They kind of retroactively used purple for the Persona 1 remake but they could easily use it again

I just really like purple you guys

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Purple would be fantastic, although I'd like to see either orange or green as well.

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I vote Orange

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Orange is my favorite color but it might be a bit too close to Persona 4.

Otherwise another vote for Purple.

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I'd say purple but I feel like they kind of reserve that for the Velvet Room. So... I dunno. Orange, I guess.

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Set the game in a costal town in southern Japan, make the UI turquoise, sell billions. (that will be me, I will buy billions of copies if they do that)

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Orange and blue.

ಠ ͜ʖಠ

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Chie colors.

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Yellow with lots of purple, Lakers style.

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Black, Red, or Purple.

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Green and/or White

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@mikkaq said:

Yellow with lots of purple, Lakers style.

I like where this is going.

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magenta and lime green

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I'm on Team Purple.

But other ones that would be cool could be cyan, green, or burnt orange.

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Black, Red, or Purple.

Indeed- I'm hoping for something a little darker this time around, more like Persona 3 than Persona 4.

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red and purple

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red or purple

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@flappy: Minato summoned Orpheus Telos. Souji summoned Izanagi-no-Okami. The next protagonist shall summon Shaq.

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Purple is my favorite color . So make it purple please .

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Green or purple would make a lot of sense. Just anything but yellow.

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Purple. Purple everything forever.

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P5P: Persona 5 Purple.

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Purple is what i thought of.......what was P3's color of choice?

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@humanity said:

@immortalsaiyan said:


With a Saints Row cross-over.

You just made the crossover game I wish existed more than any other.

And since Johnny Gat's dead, you could make him a high level summon. And you as the Boss have one attack, "Punch in the Dick" which acts exactly like Chie's tank kick. Jack Frost is hanging out with a dildo bat.

Sorry, guys, I need to go buy some IPs and make my millions.

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Hot pink.

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No idea, maybe red but they already sorta did that for Persona 2.

But no ones gonna remember or care about that so yeah, red I guess.

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If this Persona teaser is P5 related, it's probably going to be red & black.

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Can we first eliminate colors based on previous games? I mean, Persona 3 hyped up blue and green a lot (and pink/red in the Portable version), and Persona 4 was heavy on the yellow.

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I'd like purple or green.

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Probably red, considering that Atlus banner that's floating around the internet is red. And a lot of people are thinking that it's going to be Persona. Maybe it will just be another Devil Children game!

Can we first eliminate colors based on previous games? I mean, Persona 3 hyped up blue and green a lot (and pink/red in the Portable version), and Persona 4 was heavy on the yellow.

Well, the female protagonist in P3P isn't really canon, so I can see them using that as an excuse to use red again. Besides, I think red seems like a good color to use. I'm secretly hoping for a redhead female protagonist, anyway.

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I want them to take something hideous and make it work, like they did with that stark-ass yellow.

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Neon pink obviously.

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Dark Green, Red or Purple please.

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I actually really liked the black-and-white theme the fan OST had going on. So my first choice'd be that.

Red or purple would be great too, though.

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Dat purp!

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Red and Purple are my favorite colors, and I would happily take either one of those. Green would be okay too. Like Ghost-Green though.

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@coafi said:


Yes. Green is my favorite color so it will always be my answer.

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@hemmelight said:

@coafi said:


Yes. Green is my favorite color so it will always be my answer.

Yeah. We've had blue and black in P3, yellow and black in P4. They may just complete the primary color cycle and go with Red but i'd rather see Green.


What if they save Green for when P3 and P4 cast meet up and form a supergroup!? Blue and Yellow makes Green, FUCKERS! (Side note: That's why my art teacher would say to us in kindergarten...)