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Posted by D_Bones (365 posts) 1 year, 5 months ago

Poll: What current Sony franchise would be acceptable not making it to the PS4? (216 votes)

Sly Cooper 0%
Ratchet & Clank 1%
Jak & Daxter 2%
Killzone 9%
Resistance 12%
Uncharted 4%
inFamous 1%
Twisted Metal 11%
God of War 15%
LittleBigPlanet 5%
The Hawk Series (Warhawk & Starhawk) 11%
Grand Turismo 5%
MotorStorm 7%

Alright so I'm sure someone will try to roast me for not including certain franchises but I was keeping it exclusive and somewhat recent franchises from this generation (with the sole exception being J&D but it would just feel wrong leaving them out with Sly and Ratchet being featured, plus they had an HD collection on current gen so whatever attack me if you dare!!).

But my real thought process in making this poll is mostly the negativity surrounding PSAS and the announcement of PS4. Where a lot of people were saying they didn't care about the characters in All-Stars or the sequels during the PS4 announcement. I love a lot of the sony exclusive franchises but yes I was also hoping to see more new IP at their PS4 announcement but what are you going to do? Also I realize some franchises on this list have already been announced but I'm asking for a suspension of reality for a minute and asking you guys which series would you be ok with never seeing hit PS4 and most of all why?

This does not have to be an I hate that series so don't come to PS4!! It could also be a series you think is done and fine the way it is without continuing it (this is how I hear some people refer to Uncharted even though Naughty Dog's second studio is prob working on the fourth one as I type lol).

So bombers what do you think?? In my own opinion i'm going to put LittleBigPlanet because I never got into it and enjoyed other platformers way more. I think a lot of the creativity in the game could be better used elsewhere.

#51 Posted by sonicrift (296 posts) -

I will buy a new PlayStation to play the new InFamous.

I'm okay not seeing God of War for a while. Throw it in the vault, you know? Give it an epic PS5 comeback.

I'm genuinely surprised they made a second Killzone game, let alone a third, and here comes number 4. I think Killzone's combat is great, and wish they'd let Guerilla make some new IP for them. Maybe something with a story. With the new Killzone being a prequel, they might be able to fix this. I'll still buy the damn thing.

SOCOM is basically dead, right? The last game in the franchise sullied that name. Leave it dead. I don't really care about this franchise or Motorstorm.

I voted for the Hawk series. I tried the WarHawk demo (or was it a beta?) and hated the thing. I thought it was going to be something like a hardcore version of what StarFox 64 3D's multiplayer was, and it wasn't.

I have yet to play a Resistance game. Should I start with the first one? I'm hesitant as that was a launch game...

#52 Posted by Hemmelight (163 posts) -

I'll be pretty sad if we never see another Uncharted game. Not right away, but a few years down the line?

Hell yeah!

That said, I have zero love for God Of War and Resistance. Nor Twisted Metal.

#53 Posted by laserbolts (5317 posts) -

All of these but ill randomly pick gran turismo because polls.

#54 Posted by Sterling (2156 posts) -

All of them!

#55 Posted by hermes (1414 posts) -

God of War...

Please... Just let it die with some dignity left.

#56 Edited by Bucketdeth (8007 posts) -

Fuck, I thought it said unacceptable, I chose Killzone which is my favorite franchise this generation. To answer the question though, probably Resistance.

#57 Posted by FLYmeatwad (154 posts) -

Uncharted is terrible, so that one. Poor controls, terrible story, reminiscent of Spielbergian trash. It's set videogames back this generation and severely limited what they can be.

#58 Posted by NiKva (128 posts) -

Socom since it hasn't been relevant since the PS2.

"I'm excited for a new Socom game!" - Said nobody ever.

#59 Edited by DarthOrange (3858 posts) -

SOCOM is already dead.

The only ones I absolutely want to see continue on both the PS4 and Vita are Gran Turismo and Twisted Metal. They are the only franchises to be on every Sony console and I would hate for them to break tradition now.

#60 Posted by Yummylee (21501 posts) -

If they could mix up any one of these franchises, then I'd be on board. The only reason I'm so sick of God of War is because it's been the same damn game for all of them. If they could take it to a completely different setting or whatever, even if they were to still largely keep to the gameplay that GoW is known for, then I'd be interested. Same with Uncharted. If Uncharted 4 will be yet another Nathan Drake led-adventure, then I dunno... Oh what the Hell, I'll probably still be game for another by-the-numbers Uncharted if only to see what they can do with the hardware, and because I still really like a lot of the main cast. Whereas I was completely bored with Kratos before I even completed GoW3.

The new inFAMOUS game, though, is another bullet-point on the list of reasons as to why I'm specifically looking forward to the PS4. I'd have been OK if it was another MacGrath story, but a new protagonist has me intrigued all the more.

#61 Posted by Tobiass (150 posts) -

All of them are very generic and forgetable

#62 Posted by crusader8463 (14419 posts) -

None of them interest me so all of the above. I loved my PS3 for the third party exclusives, but unless I'm forgetting a series I have not cared for anything Sony first party in a long time. They just don't make the kind of games I like.

#63 Posted by Hunter5024 (5614 posts) -

Infamous, Uncharted, and those first three are all fine. The rest need to die, or be completely reinvented.

#64 Posted by mooncheese114 (15 posts) -

if you voted sly cooper, you are a terrible person

#65 Posted by lazyhoboguy (62 posts) -

Little Big Planet is just awful to me. The gameplay is just boring and terrible. The game would be fun for little kids I guess. They basically just sold you a crappy game creation software with really awful platforming mechanics.

#66 Edited by D_Bones (365 posts) -

And after nearly 200 votes SOCOM has been voted off the playstation 4 island.

@mooncheese114: yeah 1% of the people voting are complete dicks SLY 4 LIFE

I actually have ended up enjoyed watching this poll more than my xbox poll mostly because a)I have a closer attachment to sony and b) despite what many of you guys have said the multiple options poll just makes me realize we are all very cynical people.

So to Sony: The Residents of Giantbombia have spoken!!!!!! NEW IP PLEASE!!!!!!

#68 Edited by jebara (64 posts) -


The whole point of it is to be a cheesy B grade action movie, which was cool the first time but it gets old fast and the formula has gotten stale.

Its one franchise that shouldn't be brought from the grave.

Edit: now that I think of it, I take it back.

Killzone is the series that needs to go, it was always an overly generic FPS right sown to the name.

At least Uncharted had a single good game to its name, Killzone was always poor franchise.

#69 Posted by Addfwyn (1921 posts) -

Honestly I am a big fan of all of these franchises actually.

I could go without SOCOM, the recent entires haven't interested me that much. Most of the rest though I'd want to see.

#70 Posted by Rafaelfc (1332 posts) -

I can't vote in just one of those... basically I only care for Uncharted and Infamous, all the rest can be laid to rest.

#71 Posted by Village_Guy (2546 posts) -

God of War I guess, I don't know, I think Killzone is interesting enough to keep for some reason.