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I don't understand

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@AhmadMetallic: If your playing an rpg and have to spec out your character what role do you like your character to fulfill, basically what role is the most fun to you.

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Depends hugely on the game. One of the reasons I love Dragon Age: Origins is because you can be all rolls all the time. I also love the crowd control (mages) in that game, because freezing motherfuckers and making giant flaming grease pits and stuff is cool. I also loved playing a rogue because of the amount of DPS. I generally don't enjoy tanking because I feel like games make generating threat a fucking pain.

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Usually whatever will let me dual wield most effectively. If that's not an option, sneaky archer guy.

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Ranged, I guess, since that's how I've been playing DAO (as a mage).

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SHIT I meant to hit D but clicked C.

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Which one lets me play the lute?

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Melee DPS. Always roll a rogue or assassin unless they are lame in that particular game in which case I roll a 2H warrior.

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Depends on the game and what I feel like doing at the moment.

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In MMOs and other class-based multiplayer RPGs I typically like playing ranged DPS, specifically magic-oriented characters . I enjoy healing as well.

In single-player RPGs I just go with some sort of melee because in most single-player RPGs anything else is oftentimes a pain in the ass in the early stages. Though I will say that I started playing Skyrim as a magic user recently and that's easily the most fun way to play that game.

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DPS, usually mele

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I would play Tank 100% of the time. But I all ways end up Healing. I'm SO DONE with traditional MMOs.

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In Battlefield 3, I generally prefer to be a tank whenever it's possible.

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Games like WOW and Diablo, loot based games, I like ranged DPS. For story RPGs like Skyrim my first play through is normally up close and personal.

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I tend to fulfill my role as the analrapist whenever I have the opportunity to engage in a holy trinity.

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I picked B (Ranged DPS) but it really depends on the situation. If I'm playing an RPG or an MMO and I don't plan on interacting or playing with anyone else then I'll either play a Tank or a DPS class. If I have party members or I'm in an MMO where I want to interact and play with a lot of people then I'll play a healer type of character. A Mage like character basically.

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Where's the magic thing?

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The Holy Spirit.

Not a religious fervor thing, the joke was necessary.

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@Video_Game_King said:

Where's the magic thing?

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I like healer, although "serious raiding" in the MMO sense is not my idea of fun. Dragon Age 2 seemed like a paticularly good implementation of a healer archtype - to my taste anyway.

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Tank, bro. Pound some potions and fuck dudes up with swords and/or hammers.

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Tank or crowd control machine. I like to live longer than the people around me.

I like healing also, but only in PvP. It's fun to make an iron curtain of your teammates and not so fun to faceroll through a dungeon staring at health bars.

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Tank or ranged dps

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Yo, Cleric.

Dude has a wicked mace.

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I had no idea there was a holy trinity. But anyways I voted for DPS up close because I like being characters that can dual wield and rogues and such.

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melee dps or tank.

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Healer if you piss me off you will die.

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@Otzlowe: I miss having to seriously crowd control in MMOS for some reason it felt fulfilling to me. The last time I saw a game with excellent crowd control was actually back when I was playing ToR as a Smuggler.

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  • I'm a masochist so Tank.
  • But I'm also lazy and don't like running around so Tank.
  • I like cool metal armor and shield designs of all sorts so Tank.

In more action focused games I prefer the fragile speedster archetype though.

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Depends on game but tend to just stick with mage or thief/rogue as they tend to need a bit more thought to running them without killing yourself too soon but more importantly they tend to have the most variety to their skills in most games.

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@Irvandus: I usually would like to play an up-close DPS type of character, especially a fast hitting one; but in the case of MMO's, I probably end up playing a healer more - sometimes it's hard to find a player that plays one properly.

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I hate what the holy trinity has done to RPGs and character building, but it really depends on the occasion. I mean, if we're talking League of Legends I'm a big fan of either pure nuke casters or tanky-DPS melee fighters, but if we're talking in a generic sense I guess rogue-types with their backstabbing ways.

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Hmm... tough question. I picked healer, but the more I think about it the more I can enjoy all sorts of roles. I think my favorites are split between healer and archer type classes, however I'm generally not a fan of archers with pets (ie hunters in WoW). I also enjoy tanking quite a bit as well, as there's a great sense of control and leadership that tends to inherently come with that position (eg. "I'm the one that's rushing in there first, so I'm leading this group"). Offensive magic classes are the ones I tend to avoid the most, but even then there have been some exceptions to the rule.

So in conclusion I am completely indecisive!

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I don't play MMOs, but in single-player RPGs, I generally play up-close DPS characters. I don't mind playing mage-types either, but I generally like to avoid anything that's ranged -- I like close-quarters combat and don't like to worry about aiming or being stealthy.

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Healer, got my druid in wow and tried to roll a healer in SW:TOR but couldnt quite get the feel for the game.

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If it's a group based game (not an MMO, cause fuck that) then I go Healer. If I'm by myself then I play tank. I almost never go melee DPS but will on rare occasions play a mage class.

I picked D by the way.

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Healer, mostly because a bad healer will do more to hurt a group than a bad tank will and fuck DPS.

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The only thing I play with any semblance of these classes is Battlefield 3, and I use all of them as needed during a round.

So... all of the above?

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i guess healer since green was my favorite color and i love to be an observer

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Melee DPS cause hammering dudes right in their faces is the shit.

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I usually like to play a tank. I like to be able to get in the middle of shit and slug it out. Sometimes I'll switch it up and play a nuker mage though.

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Ranged DPS (but not always, I can play a Melee DPS in Diablo 3)

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I've been maining a Demon Huntress in Diablo 3, and I have a stealth archer in Skyrim, so I guess I'll go with ranged DPS.


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Melee DPS, any rogue-ish class I can get my hands on. Too bad RPG's all but abandoned the Thief archetype (or assimilating it into rogues, archers, etc) .

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The under-rated roles A and D.

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@Blackout62 said:

The Holy Spirit.

Not a religious fervor thing, the joke was necessary.

I entered the thread expecting it to be the second or third reply. Of course, someone had to make it.

Oh, and I like being the Healer. My holy paladin back when I played WoW was pretty righteous. I had a Druid, too that I wanted to become a Tank, but he wound up being a healer in group instances more often than not. I didn't mind too much but I wasn't as confident as a Resto-Druid. Holy Pallys are all about burst healing while Resto-Druids are more about HOTs.