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My GameFly account is awesome because it's better than Blockbuster and got so many RPG's and it rocks. What do you think about GameFly? Does it rock or suck? If you choose "suck" please tell me why.

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Its ok. I ended up getting a lot of games that I wasn't terribly interested in and the games take too long to arrive.

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@lazyturtle: I see it as way less than ok for those same reasons.

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I am not actually a subscriber, but Gamefly is by far the best used game retailer out there because the have far and away the cheapest prices and the even have unused download codes for games with online passes. I got duke nukem for 10 bucks

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Mailing takes way too long

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@beef209 said:

I am not actually a subscriber, but Gamefly is by far the best used game retailer out there because the have far and away the cheapest prices and the even have unused download codes for games with online passes. I got duke nukem for 10 bucks

This is the reason I've been having a hard time quitting the service. They have amazing deals sometimes, and, as a subscriber for so long, I get a $5 gift card every three months and 10% off all games. A large portion of the games I own I got for under $15 from Gamefly over the years.

Really, if you can keep up with the service and aren't too adamant about getting that brand new release, it's a great service. I generally keep a couple older games on my queue just so that there is something to be sent if I can't get what I really want. It's allowed me to play through some more average games that I'd never play if I didn't have the service. Also, comparatively, it's one of the cheapest ways to rent games.

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For every other game ever, it takes three days for a game to get here.

The Splinter Cell HD collection has taken 10 days and is still not here.

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If you leave your gameQ open before the day of release of a new game you will always get it shipped on release day. At least, that works for me everytime.

I also live pretty close to a shipping center so it only takes about 1-2 days for me to recieve a game.

Excellent service.

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I've never used it. It's never really interested me. Seems like it costs too much and availability is a problem for many.

I just use Redbox for game rentals. . . and really, that's not very good either. They don't seem to get Microsoft's first party titles (No Gears, No Forza). I've had a few defective discs. They have their own availability issues. But, what can you do?

Video stores are disappearing by the minute, and even if they were around, their game rentals always cost way too much.

It seems Gamefly and Redbox are the only options these days.

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They're pretty fly.

I'm sorry. Seriously though, I don't care for 'em. I'm in Maryland and apparently the closest shipping center is in PA. Well, it takes almost a week for a game to go back and forth and the games I do want, they never have.

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They're trying to charge me $14.95 for one game at a time? It hardly seems worth it. I could have sworn I've been offered cheaper prices for a returning member, what happened?

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I dislike it. Outside of the holidays, I rarely want to buy more than one game a month, and GameFly never seems to have that game in stock.

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Just canceled my subscription because I want my money to go towards things I own. Also, because of my busy schedule, I only play through about one game a month anyway.

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I like it because I know how to get new games on time.

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I like it, for a few reasons.

Last year 4 outta the 5 Blockbusters 15 miles from my house shut down. The only one left is about 15 minutes each way.

I have a bunch of older games that I want to catch up on, so Gamefly is great on that part. I always have at least 3 available games ready to be sent out. However, if you want to get the newest game first, it really seems like luck, plus then people keep them for weeks. If you want a new game, then Blockbuster is a better bet.

Lastly, there are only like 2 options left, unless you count local video stores (which there are none here) or those redboxes, but comon.

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It's ok. At this point I'm just giving them money. I've had Darksiders for months and just started playing it. I hate too cancel but I don't always play the rental.

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The only problem I had with them is they would send the games at the bottom of my list when there were games higher on my list that they said were highly available.

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I've had it since December 
Pros: getting games the week they're released, wide selection
Cons: waiting, sometimes, weeks at a time for them to ship your next game

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Eh, I'm too picky to use something like gamefly. I don't want a random game off some queue sent to me, I'm usually a lot more specific with what I want to play.

I also stopped renting games after Blockbuster went out of business, I just buy the ones I want, or borrow from a friend if it's not that enticing.

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Gamefly has worked great for me. I've been a subscriber for several years now and am pretty satisfied with the service. Their rates are relatively cheap and they have an enormous selection of games. I'm a person who doesn't put too much stock into owning something and I like to play a lot of games so the service is just about perfect for me. Besides, if I end up really liking a game I will buy it from their store if it's available. If I really must play a game on the day of its release I will buy it new from a retailer, though that is rare for me anymore.

One bad thing about the service is the turnaround times on getting games shipped. Sometimes it seems to take way too long for them to receive a game I mailed out. Also if you want a new game, you have to leave your queue pretty much empty and there's no way of saving your list, so you have to manually add all the other games again.

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The whole process was really slow with sending games back and getting a new one. Usually in the 5-7 day range. I ended up canceling my account and just going to the local video store.

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Considering I can't buy all the games I would want to play, Gamefly is great. I don't have trouble getting new releases and it usually takes 2 days for me to get/return games to them. I should have Batman next Wednesday, Battlefield 3 the Wednesday after that, etc.