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#1 Posted by Minos (156 posts) -

Personally I'm pretty excited that there are ads, this means giantbomb is on the right track and also pretty excited because I'm here since arrow pointing down and i've seen the site grow. The ads aren't annoying, and have a lot to do with the sites content...(not interested in penis enlargers on the site) 

What do you think?

#2 Posted by gingertastic_10 (4141 posts) -

Giant Bomb making money = OK with me.

#3 Posted by TheSmie (41 posts) -

i agree. They are mostly out of the way, and of course Giant Bomb making some more money is a good thing

#4 Posted by Red12b (9084 posts) -

Can someone post them here, People outside the us don't see them so we don't know what the fuss is about, although there is a big best buy quest thing.

#5 Posted by alternate (2702 posts) -

Being non-US the Best Buy ones are the first I have seen.  I have been eager to click them.  I even tried connecting via a US proxy but it was too slow.

#6 Posted by Smokay (525 posts) -

Isnt there another thread about this?

#7 Posted by VisariLoyalist (2992 posts) -

does it matter, it is what it is I tend to ignore them personally and I wish there weren't threads everytime there was a new ad

#8 Posted by Timmy_Wackford (43 posts) -

i clicked on the best buy thingy and did the quest. Thought i'd do my bit.

#9 Posted by sodiumCyclops (2644 posts) -

It's a step forward for the crew, but we can just look at the larger gaming sites who are already in good money, to see that money can ruin everything.

#10 Edited by xaLieNxGrEyx (2605 posts) -
Plus I like BestBuy. 
Plus it keeps it free for us, or at least no subscibtion based extra content that we would recieve free otherwise.
#11 Posted by buzz_killington (3532 posts) -

Not another one of these threads. JESUS.

#12 Posted by BraveToaster (12590 posts) -
@Smokay said:
" Isnt there another thread about this? "
#13 Posted by RTSlord (1201 posts) -

im fine with the ads, although i honestly dont know why they had that "eat.pray.love" ad on the site, i dont think that alot of people, if any, on this site will want to go see that movie. I mean, CMON! its a chick flick on a gamer site, where most of the users/viewers are guys who would never ever want to go see a chick flick

#14 Posted by Interfect (980 posts) -

I opened alot of best buy quest tabs. I hope this quest set does them good. And I am totally  all for ads on giantbomb. Just not those halo clips before the video... But I don't see many adds since I'm in Canada.

#15 Posted by armaan8014 (5404 posts) -

Can't see em

#16 Posted by TehJames (199 posts) -

LOL@Best Buy ad, because we don't got Best Buy in Sweden and i haven't seen them in any Europen country i visited ( Denmark, Norway, Finland, Spain, Germany)

#17 Posted by JerseyDriver (57 posts) -


#18 Posted by Spoonman671 (4633 posts) -

Hey, another thread about ads!  Awesome!  I'm going to go shoot myself now!

#19 Posted by Yummylee (21616 posts) -

They don't show up for being in the UK. Though they're still pretty annoying with how many of these bleedin' threads they inadvertently spawning.

#20 Posted by Mcfart (1624 posts) -

they're fine

#21 Posted by Minos (156 posts) -

LOL since I don`t spend much time in the forums I didn't know there were so many ads threads sorry!!! 

#22 Posted by Ashenn (47 posts) -

Giantbomb deserve more money so that they can bring us better content and hopefully give them a bit more too :)

#23 Posted by Sinkwater (514 posts) -

This unoriginal post gives me a chance to use an 8 letter word.

#24 Posted by DaManGB (377 posts) -

I hardly see any ads (except Best Buy), but when I do it doesn't bother me.

#25 Posted by msaeger (8 posts) -

This best buy thing is the first one I have noticed.

#26 Posted by Kombat (2205 posts) -

There just needs to be a stickied topic on ads. Seriously, every time there's a new one on the site there are at least three threads about it.

#27 Posted by Itadakimas (15 posts) -

I would like some toast with my poast. Extra butter.

#28 Posted by zombie2011 (4973 posts) -

I hate them only because of all the stupid ass threads they spawn, like this one.

#29 Posted by NikoAlexander57 (359 posts) -

The ads are fine with me, just as long as they don't get to the point where I have to watch it before a video. I hate it when sites do that, just a waste of time.

#30 Posted by s7evn (1072 posts) -

I feel like I've seen this thread before.

#31 Posted by leftzero101 (86 posts) -

as long as they dont show up b4 vidsthen im good
#32 Posted by bigx14 (97 posts) -

Im indifferent towards the ads.

#33 Posted by DerekDanahy (875 posts) -

I love the fact Giantbomb has ads. I want Giantbomb to very profitable and every time I see an ad I click it.

#34 Posted by rentfn (1279 posts) -

I don't mind the ads. I thought it was weird that there was a Eat Sleep Love, of whatever it is called, Julia Roberts movie. I didn't think this was the target market for that.

#35 Posted by Mjolnir (456 posts) -

I think the "Eat Pray Love" ads may have missed their target demographic, but I don't mind seeing things that let me know GB is making money.

#36 Posted by meismike (45 posts) -

I think they are fantastic. More money for everyone.

#37 Posted by Atomasist (2818 posts) -

Hey guys, how does Giant Bomb make money?

#38 Posted by CL60 (16906 posts) -

Nothing, because I don't see them.

#39 Posted by InfamousBIG (3201 posts) -


#40 Posted by najibu (54 posts) -

they need money to keep the gig going, and as long as the gig keeps going, i'll be more than happy to welcome any advertisement on the site. of course, i also know that the crew wouldn't just put any junk ads on the site 

#41 Posted by CastroCasper (1301 posts) -

They are better then ads on any other site.

#42 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1556 posts) -

I don't think I've noticed ads until the best buy thing this week.  Maybe they should sell aardvarks.

#43 Posted by SmasheControllers (2550 posts) -

There's Ads?

#44 Posted by mau64 (539 posts) -

I see a lot of people complain about ads. I personally have no problem with ads and if sites need to use them to make money then fine by me.

#45 Posted by Milpool (506 posts) -

If you have to have ads then I suppose it`s ok, who are we to say how they make their money as long as they still provide awesome content.  I think if anyone was polled they would vote for less ads over more ads, but at least these ads are very unintrusive.

#46 Posted by denj3325 (51 posts) -

applewood or personified

#47 Posted by Jasta (2217 posts) -

I dont enjoy them but they arint in your face like most websites.

#48 Posted by Andorski (5309 posts) -

There are ads on Giantbomb?

#49 Edited by Dany (7887 posts) -

It is a website with 5 employees not including the engineers and creators.

#50 Posted by mylifeforAiur (3483 posts) -

Living in Australia naturally means that I don't see them :I