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I think it looks okay but a couple of my friends are saying that they fantastic and trying to convince me to wear them, so tell me what do you think ?

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The 50s are back! They aren't bad.

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Auditioning for the role of Clark Kent? =P Well there retro but yeah nothing especially bad about them.
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People like old style nerd glasses these days.  Weird how glasses do make people look smarter.

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They look a little old school, but I don't know if you like that look or not. You could always get contacts if you don't like them.

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I like 'em was actually looking for some similar recently, the whole geek chic thing is kinda in.

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Needs more tape.

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Those are in style right now so keep them

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Do it!  Having different glasses then the crowd feels neat.

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you look like woody allen in the first pic.

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Do they significantly improve your vision? If the answer is yes, I approve of them.

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Those are some sweet glasses 

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@gingertastic_10 said:
" The 50s are back! They aren't bad. "
What the hell are you talking about, they were horrible! McCarthyism ruled the country, individuality was at an all-time low, some really bad civil rights things happened (hoses, dogs, etc.), and Jack Thompson was born and raised in the 50s. The horror of it all.
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put some orange duct tape on there and those will be awesome

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Give us a picture without any glasses, so we can see whether they suit you, and if not, what does.

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Great more modeling pics

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You look like every other dude ever.

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@TimAllen624 said:

" Great more modeling pics "

We're all gonna get laid! 
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They look fine to me. Have you tried out those square-rimmed glasses as well for comparison?

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Those are cool! Rock those glasses with the right outfit and you're set.

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they look good on u. u should try some tape on them see if they look good. 

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No. Just... no.

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They're sick.
The haters have no style, clearly.

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@PenguinDust said:
" @TimAllen624 said:

" Great more modeling pics "

We're all gonna get laid!  "
YES! My mother is going to be proud of me!
Ahem. Pretty random thread this is but anyway, they look kinda old fashioned it a way. Maybe if you're older you'll look wiser, otherwise it's pretty meh.
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They dont look terrible on you. Personally I dont like to wear large ones but if they are comfortable on you go for it.

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@GrilledCheez01 said:
" Those are in style right now so keep them "
Cause, you know, gamers have got to be en vogue and at the cutting edge of fashion. Make sure to throw them away as soon as they go out of style or else you won't be cool.
In my opinion, they look kinda bulky and/or clunky, but if they work for you, keep em (as long as you've tried other kinds to at least compare). Just go with whatever glasses are the most comfortable. Or there's the option of contacts if you're worried about how glasses look on you.
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they are so retro, retro is so cool, keep 'em.

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Holy shit it's Buddy Holly .

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I think they look pretty neat on you! =] I say go for it!! ^.^