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Personally I think it will be Uncharted 2.

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Im betting on Uncharted 2.

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Although my GOTY is Batman, I'm going to bet on Uncharted.

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I don't know, but that 4 hour podcast can't come soon enough.

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@InfiniteGeass: Personally I think it will start with Jeff fighting hard for MW2 but eventually he will give into Uncharted 2.
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If we're going by the whole common points on staff picks, my guess is Batman. Honestly, can't say I give a damn who wins though, but GB is the only site I care about left to give theirs, so if nothing else I'm looking forward to that podcast, so that I at least hear their reasoning for whatever it is.

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batman cause its been near number 1 on all their lists.

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After seeing the individual lists, Im betting its Batman

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Whatever they pick, it's wrong. Isn't that what everybody's thinking :P?

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It's either Borderlands or Uncharted 2.  I'm guessing Borderlands though, as they still talk about that game on the Bombcast every once in a while.  Uncharted 2 was only brought up during the game's release or when they talk about graphics/cinematics in games.

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From the looks of their lists, Batman'll beat out uncharted 2.

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Probably gonna be a fight between Uncharted 2 and Batman AA. Or maby Street Fighter... if only.

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Either Uncharted or Batman.

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@CL60 said:
" Either Uncharted or Batman. "
This.  I gotta go with Batman, though, 'cause it is getting a lot of major love all around.
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I honestly have no idea.  I just hope that I can keep myself away from this site long enough so I can listen to the podcast before seeing the winner.

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@scarace360: it only topped vinny's list (dave and drew don't count)
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batman or mw2...seems pretty much given.  But I'll throw something out there for fun.  Street Fighter 4.  They all seemed to love it.

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I'm thinking Uncharted will get the nod, but Batman will be a close second.

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@Video_Game_King said:
" Whatever they pick, it's wrong. Isn't that what everybody's thinking :P? "
I can 100% guarantee that it will be wrong. :P
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After these recent videos, I believe the running looks like:
1) Batman Arkham Asylum
2) Uncharted 2
3) Modern Warfare 2
Brad is the X factor that can change my betting odds hours before the final verdict is displayed

(first GB post of 2010!)

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Street Fighter IV, and it's not even close.

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Probably Uncharted 2. Uncharted 2 and Batman have been on all of their lists, I think Modern Warfare 2 also. It's going to be a close one that's for sure.

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Why do people love Arkham Asylum so much? It's a good game, but it wasn't up there with Uncharted and MW2.

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I have a feeling it's going to be Modern Warfare 2.

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I have a feeling it's going to be Batman.  Though to be quite honest MW2 and Uncharted wouldn't surprise me if it is their GOTY. 

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My first inclination is Batman, though I think Uncharted 2 is another strong contender.  I don't think Modern Warfare 2 is going to have enough support to win.

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uncharted 2 is the undisputed goty, but giant bomb will probably pick batman.

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no but seriously, GB does seem to be ridiculously unfair toward Demon Souls. That game is great and they are just writing it off as too hard, or too weird, or unfair. I honestly don't think that they gave that game a fair shake, considering they didn't even take the time to review it.

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Going with Batman for the reasons others above have stated.  Uncharted 2 could come out as the winner in the 4 Hour Negotiations however.  I assume it's only the 4 man team and i assume it has to be a unanimous vote?  Which then i think kills SF IV, and demon Souls.  I also think that hurts AC II.  Jeff will push strongly for MW II and Borderlands, whereas Ryan, and Brad will push more for Uncharted i think.  Batman i just see as a middleground.

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When is the podcast?

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they'll pick Killzone 2 out of the blue even though it didn't make anyone's individual list on this site.

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Noby Noby boy.

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@armaan8014: tommorow
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Batman. I will be happy as long as anything other than Modern Warfare 2 wins!

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@hidys: Da... Fuck? 
Street Fighter IV man
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@demontium: doubt it none of them have put it as number 1 on their list although yeah I forgot to put it in the poll sorry.
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@hidys: Wait. Drew did. 
There is one game in ur list no one had at their top.
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@scarace360 said:
" batman cause its been near number 1 on all their lists. "
somefin like dat, yea
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Most of the guys had Batman: AA at or near the top of their personal Top 10 lists so I'm thinking that they're going to pick that. Still haven't seen Brad's list yet and I think he might pick Uncharted 2.

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@demontium: assassins creed 2 and demon's souls (O RLY) didn't top anyones list they are just other games I thought of at the time of making the poll Street fighter IV slipped my mind though you are right in saying it probably should be on the poll however, i don't believe it has a real chance unless it tops Brad's list. That and Ryan doesn't really like Street fighter IV.
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I don't understand why MW2 is on the cards for ANY GOTY discussions. 
It's loud, raucous, fun and awesome. But it completely lacks any kind of soul. It's the definition of the summer blockbuster (even though in the northern hemisphere it was released in winter - right?). 
Other than fist-pumping and thinking  "man, thats pretty damn cool", what does that game do for you? Do you care about the characters? Nope. Do you care about the story? It was the means to an end. Was the animation noteworthy? Not really, it was very competent. Is the music memorable? Nope. The graphics? Clear and functional, with an occasional glimmer of flair, nothing more.  
And the gameplay? Fantastic, engaging and well designed. 
Great, so that's one Yay and five... not nays, just resounding "yeah that's pretty good". 
Does that, a Game of the Year make?  
 I think not. Bitches. 
They're gonna pick Uncharted, im sure of it. With no Demon's Souls to sully (ahaha) the decision making process, has to be that, or Batman. Or SFIV.

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  @ToadRunner said: 
" uncharted 2 is the undisputed goty, but giant bomb will probably pick batman. "
I dispute that 
@Tebbit said:
" I don't understand why MW2 is on the cards for ANY GOTY discussions. It's loud, raucous, fun and awesome. .... Other than fist-pumping and thinking  "man, thats pretty damn cool", what does that game do for you? Do you care about the characters?  Do you care about the story?"
Personally, I think the characters, after the Batman and Uncharted Characters, are some of the best this year.      
And I care about the Story.  I don't think that its great, but I care about it. 

I'm not saying I think Modern Warfare 2 should be their game of the year (I actually think it should be Batman) but I am saying that I can see their point and would not be outraged if it was picked.  
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When I made my Best of 2009 List I was a little surprised that Batman: AA was my GOTY. I had convinced myself it would be Uncharted but when I really thought about it I realized I had more fun with Batman: AA. I won't be surprised if the same thing happens at Giant Bomb.

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 In the same spirit of Rare making people care about Banjo-Kazooie last year with Nuts & Bolts, the folks at Rocksteady delivered in breathing new enthusiasm into a franchise that never has seen the spotlight in video games.
That's why Batman will take home the glory this year!!!