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Yet another reason to never visit that site.

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I haven't visited Kotaku in years. I really don't like their content. 
I don't know what the previous design was like, but the current one is functionally awful. 
Edit: Ok, it's not as terrible as I first thought, but I still kind of like to have pages for reference.

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I used to just check Joystiq and Kotaku every now and then to get updates on random gaming news.  Now I don't have to go to Kotaku at all because it's fucking unusable.  So it's actually worked out pretty well for me. 
ETA:  My only guess as to their reasoning is that they don't mind pissing off occasional visitors that just want to scroll quickly through articles (you know, like every other blog on the Internet), and instead think that will be more than made up for by dedicated users being forced to click more often to view articles.  Now if a user wants to go through the all the articles, it's the equivalent of forcing them to click and load each and every article in order to view them all in the standard view, instead of allowing them to be more selective in what they click on as they scan through.

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I'm a regular Kotaku user, multiple times a day. And, sadly, the new layout just isn't pleasing. I know I'm being a whiner when I say this, but I don't want to click on the right side to side scroll tiny little news articles, whereas before it was one single page, easy browsing with big info boxes. 

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bleh. it feels horrible to navigate.

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Atrocious. I haven't been back to the site since the redesign. They're good at what they do, but they aren't irreplaceable.

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It's a no-go. 

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Yeah, all the Gawker sites are a no-go.
I used to sort of prefer gizmodo to engadget, but engadet has had some nice exclusives lately . . . and their website isn't a total mess. Time to switch.

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Just deleted my bookmark.

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Fucking hate it. Plus because Gizmodo is affiliated I have to deal with 2X the bullshit.

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Also to anyone saying the old layout was generic, it wasnt so much generic but simplistic which is what all blog sites should be.

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There is just a big button at the top beside "TOP STORY" that let's you scroll through all the stories, guys. That seems like it would be helpful information for all of you.

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I like it.  But i'll agree, its kinda hard to use. 
Then again I visit Kotaku practically never. 

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I really don't like it and not because I hate change or anything. I think other websites have shown recently how to do a redesign and do it well. Engadget, Joystiq both did great redesigns. The problem with Gawker Media's overhaul is that it emphasizes form over function. They didn't pay attention to the way users access their news stories. The best part of going to any Gawker-owned site like Kotaku or Gizmodo was that everything was straightforward, scannable, and most importantly the site was light weight. Loading up these sites now turns my computer's fan on, it's slow, it's messy, the scroll of the side frame (ON THE RIGHT FOR SOME REASON- MOVE IT TO THE LEFT!) doesn't work properly. There's a way to turn it back to "classic" mode but it's a half-step towards putting things back. I'd love to know what I guy like Dave Snider thinks about all this.  
I'm sure it looks good on an iPad- I mean they really just aped the design of Twitter for iPad and did it on a browser. But on an ordinary computer it feels like unnecessary restrictions so I admire their handiwork. 

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I personally like the new Kotaku! It's really well designed, puts more emphasis on the content. I use an RSS reader, so I generally don't see the website, but from a layout standpoint, it looks much nicer than the old layout.

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I hate it. I unbookmarked the site, but whatever, I'll just use Joystiq for the same sort of stuff. What really bums me out is that it's all Gawker sites. I like reading Deadspin but it's a pain in the ass now. 
Oh well, at least (like   supermike6 says above) there's the "Top Story" view, which is sort of like the old site. I'm not looking forward to trying to browse the site at work, where I'm stuck on cheap ass 10 year old PC.

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RSS feeds make going to the actually site pointless.  Also they don't have snide perfecting the layout for use so whats the point of going to any other site.

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I personally hate the new Kotaku/Gawker site layout. Along with everything else that I dislike about Kotaku, this new layout pushed me over the edge to finally delete my bookmarks. The only thing that bums me out is missing out on io9 stories. Oh well.

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@Ariolander said:
" As a web developer "upgrades for the sake of upgrades" always ubset me. 
http://isolani.co.uk/blog/javascript/BreakingTheWebWithHashBangs      Wrote an article how excessive Javascript is breaking the internet and uses Gawker and the new Kotaku/Gizmondo as his prime example. "
I caught this article a few hours ago and I'll recommend it as well.  A bit on the technical side though.
JavaScript is a core web technology, and as browser-based "web applications" become more prevalent, I would question the people who disable JavaScript.  I kinda get disabling Flash, but not JS.  At the same time, this whole suite of websites feels like an abuse of AJAX. (AJAX is a way for JavaScript to fetch data without having to refresh the page)  In my mind AJAX is built for making web pages dynamic, not as this weird way to build an entire website. 
If you view any of the Gawker sites with JS disabled, you see a blank slate with no content, which means your browser loads the page, and then JS goes and gets all the content.  That's unnecessary.  When you click an article, instead of loading a new page, you stay in the current page and JS goes and finds the article.  That's also unnecessary. 
I forget if I already commented on the design itself.  I think I had a post and decided not to publish it, but yeah, it's kinda awful.  I use a laptop, so I have a smaller resolution.  The anchored bars at the top and bottom make the pages feel cramped, and the sidebar with the list of stories sucks because half of its vertical space is taken up by an advertisement. 
Oh, and when you go to the front of some of the sites, like Kotaku, they show just one article.  But instead of displaying the entire article, you still have to click "read more" to get the entire story.  What?
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I like long pages, new kotaku does not have long pages

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  @gakon5 said:

I caught this article a few hours ago and I'll recommend it as well.  A bit on the technical side though. JavaScript is a core web technology, and as browser-based "web applications" become more prevalent, I would question the people who disable JavaScript.  I kinda get disabling Flash, but not JS.  

Well I run Firefox with NoScript enabled and it is set to auto-block any JavaScript not whitelisted. One of the reasons I run with it disabled is because ads are getting increasingly more intrusive and simple Adblock no longer seems to work. It annoys me to no end and in many ways the abuse of JavaScript to basically hijack my browser to serve me advertisment sort of drove me to running NoScript. 
Plus I like knowing what my broser is doing and I just don't understand why some sites seem so intent on running scripts from 10+ different sources. It boggles the mind when you pay attention to it.
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arrrrghhh.... I went to Kotaku like ten minutes ago and saw the old site up. I thought that Gawker caved to internet pressure, but I was wrong. A quick refresh and the page is crappy again.

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@zicdab said:
" It's awful.  Just terrible. "
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From a usability standpoint, it's horrid. Luckily, I've found that going to ca.kotaku.com acts as a temporary fix, so I can at least open each story I want to read in a new tab.

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It's atrocious and unwieldy! But hey, as of this writing, if you type into the address bar (or URL, whatevs) "ca.kotaku.com", you will get the old design back! When clicking an article, remember to just enter in ".ca" before "kotaku" and remove the "#" and "!" symbol from the address; I say this because the design reverts to the new design.  I hope this works for anyone that reads this! It does for me.
It's amazing how refreshing the old design is.
(I'm only reiterating what Driadon said and adding in an additional tip; hopefully this doesn't come off as me not having read any posts.)

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Don't like it at all. The best thing about Kotaku was it was 80% drivel but it was like convenient bathroom reading. You could just scroll through and maybe spot something interesting. Now I have to work for it. And to be honest, the content there usually isn't worth the extra 2 seconds. 

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Have they taken the new design down or something? Or did it break? I'm getting redirected to Gizmodo when I try to load Kotaku now.

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It's horrendous to look at, navigation isn't intuitive, and above all else the design looks as though it was lifted from the 1990s. If their intention was to make a shit site even shittier then, well, job done!

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I hated it for about 10 seconds, then I actually used it and thought, "This is kind of efficient actually," then it felt just as familiar as the old format.  So I got over it in about a minute. 
How much you like the new layout is pretty much directly tied to how well you deal with change.  It works just as well as it did before, and now there's even a lot less scrolling involved.

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I'll stick to classic mode for now. I miss the old look.

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Its not so bad, but it was fine the way it was. 

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I thought it would grow on me but I really hate it.

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I just saw this, and this may be because of my mood of the moment, but... I FUCKING HATE IT

Really intensely, didn't think I would care this much, but it really pisses me off.

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Seeing the main article on a page scroll while the headline bar remains static is disorienting. I prefer the blank, white background though.

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Greatly dislike it so far.  It's too simplified and wastes A LOT of space now.  That layout would make sense on a Wii Browser or similar, not a typical PC.

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I think it's terrible and unusable.  Both on my computer and iPad.  I've pretty much stopped checking it out because of it.

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Nearly stopped using that site because of how bad it is. Classic is passable but is still very slow on my computer. I hope they aren't gonna be stubborn bastards about it and not change it because I haven't heard from any commenter on that site who likes the new look.

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Yuk, looks like a 'my fist API' set to default.

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It's weird... I don't like how it scrolls half of the screen. And it looks kinda empty.

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No sir, I didn't like it.

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I much preferred the old site. I'm not one who hates change when it happens just because I was used to the old but it really doesn't improve the site.

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I usually don't care when a site changes, I can roll with the punches pretty well but I really hate these new updates to Kotaku, Giz, and everyone else on Gawker. What I will say is, I been wanting to go to their sites less and less and this helps a lot. So Thank you Gawker for helping me kick the addiction. Shacknews and Joystiq for me.

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Btw, I found out today that if I use http://ca.kotaku.com I still get the old layout! Dunno if it works for people outside of Canada tho.

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I think: 

  1. It lags like a muthafucker.
  2. It looks like shit.
  3. There are other gaming sites besides Giant Bomb?
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@Megasoum said:
" Btw, I found out today that if I use http://ca.kotaku.com I still get the old layout! Dunno if it works for people outside of Canada tho. "
It works in the U.S thanks.
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Unbookmarked from browser for me.

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Its so bad i've unbookmarked it as a star commenter, But luckily i discovered Giantbomb because of it :D!

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