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it works better than the previous versions especially when my connection is having trouble. much more reliable.

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Hm looks like I'll be using Youtube from now on.

I'm curious if there are people out there who don't have a relatively bad video quality with the new player?

The way the video quality looks like for me (old and new player comparison):

Old/VLC media player.

New Close-up.

Old/VLC Close-up.

New video player.

The problem is that in fullscreen, there is no filtering on the video. So you see raw pixels, which looks like shit the further from native res you get. At low, fullscreen, on a 1920x1200 screen, it looks RIDICULOUSLY BAD. So bad that I am SHOCKED that they switched to this player. Though the Top Men have a tendency to put things up without testing them properly (ie, trying them at all, scrubbing through a video before posting to the site, etc) so it can't be THAT surprising. It's just so weird to me that this was acceptable. If it wasn't for the fact that I download all of my videos this would be awful for me, because I don't have the bandwidth to watch in HD and this would make things unwatchable.

The weirder part still is that when you aren't fullscreen, there is totally interpolation happening. It's JUST fullscreen where no filtering occurs. Although, yikes, even your Old/VLC shots looks awful. Much too blurry and compressed.

Yep, I downloaded the 720p source (I think it had already been heavily compressed at that point... I probably should have picked a different video) and it's weird how bad a screenshot of it looks. It still does look better in motion, though. 
I wonder if people watch videos in window mode or own really old or small monitors. If the videos stay unfiltered in fullscreen mode (Dave didn't mention that it'll change in his post) I will have to download them as well or just use Youtube instead. It's quite sad tbh, but what can you do... I really hope they can do something about it.
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It's bad. Lower-res video streams are pixely, there's no scrubbing (can't skip ahead if it isn't loaded) and switching quality settings resets the video. :T Weakweakweak.

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I can't believe they switched to this thing, the last player had so many options, decent quality, and i never had any issues. Now this thing makes me want to download all videos and never watch them on the site anymore.

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I would like higher-res HD quality and an expand-to-fill-screen button please!

Streaming that allows you to skip ahead damnit!

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HTML5 is the only real player.

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It's fine but I don't like the idea of changing something that wasn't broken without adding improvements.

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Since it came from gamespot, it is terrible. It is broken in a number of ways... no HD, streaming option is borked, youtube option is kind of borked, ect...

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I'll pick whichever makes more people upset.

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better than god damn youtube player. it just felt lazy when it was youtube videos embedded.

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I don't like it. You can't skip ahead in videos, you can't pause or play with the space bar, a lot of the time when I click another video it will go to the page for it but the player will just restart the video I was watching, and finally often times it won't play a video once I select HD but will play it on a lower quality setting.

Edit: welp it appears as though they changed the player again and fixed some of the problems I had before except when I select another video after watching one it goes to the page of the video I selected but restarts the video I just watched (which is a major problem I have with this thing) and I still can't pause/play with the space bar.

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It's fine, though I would like the option to skip ahead.

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Apart from it not displaying full screen on my monitor, it leaves fat black bars all around the video... it's fine

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I think it's fine, feels slightly faster and more responsive. But for some reason i can't see any videos in HD anymore :P

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I said B. I haven't had any problems with it. Other then how the UI looks it is no different from the other player for me.

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Don't really care. It's an video player. As long it has a play button, I'm fine with it.

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@Clonedzero said:

better than god damn youtube player. it just felt lazy when it was youtube videos embedded.

Better than not being able to skip ahead...

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This one is working for me now, and it has even corrected some issues I simply accepted from the one before. I apologize for my reaction at first, but I have in the past gone through times with something like the video player or posting on chat being non or glitched-functional for me. It got to the point that if something was working I didn't want to see it go.. The video player is now funtioning for me and seems robust in other aspects.

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The new Video player is okay.

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Why is it so hard for video players to have the mouse icon fade out when the video starts? Really annoys me.

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player doesnt seem any different to me at all.

[edit] oh wait, i changed an option and now it's different.

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I like the new one.

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Comparing it with YouTube's version, the 720p version is really blocky. Will it be fixed?

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I hate that I cannot fast forward to any section of the video without waiting for it to buffer up to that section...

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Bring back YouTube. The auto feature on the video player doesn't work a lot of the time.

The one that came with the recent re-design is better than the old one, but still not better than YouTube which is now premium only. (baffling)

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The HTML5 player is fine when it isn't buffering and it bookmarks when I stopped watching so I can pick it up later.