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I think they were playing Nintendo Land and looking at the user uploads and one of them said "hey kids, wanna die?" and another was "burn with me". I'm not sure if they were seperate things, one of them could have even been on Quick Looks, possibly Game & Wario, also Ryans last QL :'(

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@kedi2: Are you sure? I never really watched TNT... at all. I'll watch it but I'm not sure it has the parts I'm looking for...

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Hey kids wanna die was definitely on a tnt, not upf.

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Ok well I guess it was that was the feature I was thinking of so, one of the rare TNT's I actually watched(I never really Liked TNT because there was usually only 2 or 3 people on it). I've been enjoying the sketch part of the Game & Wario Quick Look while I waited for you guys to reply, gonna go watch that TNT now, thanks duders!