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If you are on the east coast then chances are that going out is gonna be limited slim to none. In keeping with the holiday spirit, what game/games are you going to indulge in on Halloween?

I have never played the original Silent Hill for PS1. I was thinking that or Resident Evil 3, its been over 10 years for me.

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...You just linked the exact same thread that I did.

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@cannonballBAM: I'd suggest Silent Hill. After all these years it still has a really creepy vibe to it.

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Well then there you have it. Two recently made Halloween gaming threads out there (though the one from 4 days ago should have been locked), which only makes this one all the more unnecessary.

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@aaverager: Thanks. I have only played Shattered Memories and Downpour to completion.

I wasn't sure if there was a specific one that was better to start off with besides the original. I know the chronology is out of whack, right?

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@cannonballBAM: Probably. I wouldn't know since I've only played through the first and part of the second.

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I suppose I could finish Costume Quest, but I don't have any goddamn time to play games right now. It's too bad.