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The title is fairly descriptive!

What game do you think you have played the most (in terms of hours)?

My answer would be cut between Skyrim and Minecraft...

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Something on the Super NES, probably.

Let's just go with Super Mario World.

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Modern Warfare 2

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Dare I say...

You gots to love that Katana. Personally I like to call it zangetsu!

Hell my GB Avatar is ichigo.

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It's got to be World of Warcraft, over the 5 years I played I had a couple of months of in game time racked up.

More recently on Steam, I have about 300 hours played on Civilization V!

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Probably Binding of Isaac.

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I spent an insane amount of time in Rune Factory 4, I've spent over 300 hours in Pokemon X, over 100 hours in Skyrim and Oblivion each, and I've played through Tales of Symphonia over 10 times.

So probably Tales of Symphonia, that's a 40-80 hour game each time.

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i have 700+ hours in skyrim, probably the same in oblivion

also got a wow char to 85 and another to 60 during bc and cata, that probably stacks quite high as time-wise i'm not an efficient gamer at all, if i'm into a game i will automatically favor precision over speed

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World of Warcraft.

But, a lot of time was spent using the game as a chat room. Non-MMO wise?

It's a toss up between Skyrim, New Vegas, or Marvel Vs. Capcom 2.

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Final Fantasy XI.

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Counter-Strike followed by WoW followed by Skyrim. I played Skyrim for 80 hours... Don't even wanna know how long I played the others. Games are bad for you, that's all I know.

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Probably Oblivion when it came out on 360. I think I have over 250+ hours on that game. Followed by Skyrim which I have 164 hours on according to steam.Yeah... open world medieval games are not a healthy addiction for me.

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Obviously World of Warcraft. I've got over a year /played in the like 4 years I was actively playing it. What a life that was. Great times. I wonder if I'll ever feel that way about a game again. I'll likely end up sinking another month or so into it with the upcoming expansion. Sexy new troll models for my hunter? Fighting demonic forces on Draenor? Sign me up!

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Besides Final Fantasy games, Street Fighter, and Chrono Trigger, I've probably spent the most time playing... Animal Crossing.

I don't know what happened, but hundreds of hours later, well, there it is.

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pokemon if you count all the games as a single allotted time

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I guess I might have played more Ragnarok Online and Gunbound back in the day, but I don't know whether MMO's really count in the same way.

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If we're talking single player then it's MGS2 by a decent margin. I played through that game countless times.

Multiplayer would be Halo 2, I've yet to get addicted to an online multiplayer in same way I did with Halo 2.

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Modern Warfare 2

Me too, like 50+ Days

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If its not Rock Band 2, than its Final Fantasy XI. I'm pretty sure its Rock band 2, though.

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I had around 15 days played on Call of Duty 4, I think that is my highest.

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World of Warcraft crushes any competition. Outside of that, Garry's Mod and Operation Flashpoint, I'd say.

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Recently(ish)? Binding of Isaac.

All time? Not sure. Maybe Duke 3D or Blood. Almost definitely a 90s PC shooter of some kind.

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Mass Effect 3 multiplayer / Halo 3 multiplayer

I think I'm a Field Marshall in Reach.

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FTL--Steam counts my time at just under 800 hours.

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According to my Raptr profile it is Enemy Within at 304 hours.

However, I only have Raptr for about 4 years. I bet I played Yuri's Revenge most out of any game. I consistently made maps for it. I was even fairly well known at some point for my maps.

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DotA/WarcraftIII:FT/DOTA 2

probably a thousand hours+ over several years.

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Single game, WoW.

Franchise, Civilization.

It's really weird to think about the fact that one of the first games I ever played at the age of 8-9 was the first civilization, and just a few minutes ago I was neck-deep in yet another game of world domination. Over 20 years of a franchise where the base gameplay is still pretty much the same.

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Either Skyrim or Pokemon Heartgold.

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Let's say roughly 5000+ hours of World of Warcraft, since I don't know for sure. The next game isn't even close (maybe a few at 120-ish hours?).

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League of Legends, probably at this point.

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Diablo II > World of Warcraft > Dota/Dota2/HoN (they're all the same game) > Team Fortress 2

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I've put around 600 or so hours into both Oblivion and Skyrim. My most played game in recent memory however is Dota 2, which I'm at a little over 800 hours into.

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I've probably spent well over 200 hours playing Gothic 2 over the years.

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Outside of WoW, it's Battlefield. I'm almost 700 hours into BF4, and there's still two expansions coming. I've put about 1000 hours into each major Battlefield game since BF:BC 1. Only 6 more iterations until I break the 10k hours *True Mastery* barrier.

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Single game is easily Rock Band 2, played several hours a day every day and on the weekends play 6 to 8 hours straight. Did that for about 3 years so yeah, I went crazy with that game. In the past two years I've put in 600 hours into Persona 4 and P4G so it is quickly catching up.

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League of Legends some odd thousand into that, then prob Starcraft 2at a distant second

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Fallout New Vegas, definitely. Glad to play some more, too.

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Probably one of the Total War games for like 100 hours. I rarely play lengthy RPG's more than once and I don't play MMO's so Total War is likely it. I spent a lot of time playing Halo 2 and 3 with my brothers in high school and college as well so those are likely up there.

My brother probably has played a good 7000+ hours of LOL, though. He played it daily for a good 5-10 hours a day since it was in beta until pretty recently.

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Gears of War 1 and 3. Elder Scrolls Oblivion. Dark Souls 1.

I have a friend who has 1000 hours on DOTA 2 but there's probably alot worse DOTA players.

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Easily AOE II The Age of Kings. I played that at least four hours daily for about two years, my fingers still know all the hotkeys, my ears all the sound cues, my eyes every pattern in the UI

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I put in 300 hours on the PS3 version of Skyrim and another 150 in the PC version. Incidentally, because of how fast the game loads on PC I did more in less time.

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Probably Fallout 2 or Fallout New Vegas. Between me and my friend we played through Resident Evil 4 8 times in a row back when it came out, so I can't give you an exact hour count but it should be somewhere along the lines of the entire game + mercenaries mode x8.

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Currently approaching 1600 hours in Dota 2. Absolutely the most I've ever spent playing a single game. I also put around 900 hours into Guild Wars 1 when that was in full swing years ago.

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I played a lot of Star Wars: Battlefront 2 split-screen years ago. But if I refer to the "time played" figures on the games I have now, it's probably the 400+ hours I've put into the original Dark Souls.

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World of Warcraft. Been playing that since Burning Crusade. Really adds up.

Halo 3. The only multiplayer shooter I ever got super into for a lengthy period of time.

Fallout 3. I must have played through all the content and dlc for that game at least 6 times. It's probably the reason I still don't really want more fallout.

Persona 3. Played it twice. That alone puts it above most games.

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It's either the older Counter-Strike mod before/during Steam, but it's kind of hard to track that without the steam hours played thing. Or Counter-Strike Global Offensive with 640 hours or so.

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According to Steam it's Warframe with 225 hours. If multiple variations of a game count then its Persona 3 since I went through the main game in FES twice, the Answer once, and I played the FeMC Story in P3P which puts the total somewhere in the neighbourhood of 250-300 hours. I've also played a shit ton of Kirby Super Star over the years but no way to quantify that.

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Either Link to the Past or Morrowind. Played insane amount of LTTP between the ages of 2 and 6. I actually remember my reading skills improving as a child because of how I had previously misread and mispronounced terms from Zelda. But then when I was 13 - 15 I played a TON of Morrowind. Such an amazing game... so many memories.