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I've been finishing up Fallout: New Vegas over the last week, while "watching" all of the Xbox One news on my laptop. I don't own a gaming PC, and while the prospect of a new console generation allowing better graphics and new gameplay ideas is interesting, it's not enough for me to purchase an X-ONE or PS4 in the first year or so.

But then I thought of Fallout 4.

That title is the only one I can think of that would prompt me to buy something capable of playing it on the day of the game's release.

For people who are on the fence or against buying a new console, which franchise game release would make you bite the bullet?

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Hmmm let's see there are a few that if they were all like ONLY ON NEXT GEN CONSOLES I would hop into them. Namely Fallout 4, Dragon Age 3 (don't think I have to worry there hopefully), and a well reviewed new Mass Effect game (personally worried about spin off story a bit). Those 3 for sure but other ones that would seriously push my own thriftiness to the limit would be a new Dark Cloud, new Beyond Good & Evil, new Kingdom Hearts and MAYBE FF versus XIII. Wow quite a few......get on it soon next gen if you wanna maximize profits.

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Fallout 4 would and will be awesome.

But I always go back to Dark Cloud 3.

Now just make it!!!!!!!!!!!

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A new Mass Effect game, which will probably happen in a year or two.

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The new inFAMOUS game alone has got me ready (well, in spirit at least...) to buy myself a PS4.

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The Playstation Franchise

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Fallout would be really cool, also Mass Effect or really something similar to it would show off the power of next gen. Gears Of War would probably push the 1 to its potential similar to how it really showed off the 360.

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The only thing that would push me at this point in time would be a new Final Fantasy that went back to it's roots and wasn't a piece of shit. So in other words, none.

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Elder Scrolls or Fallout would get me on the bandwagon sooner rather than later.

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I thought it would be Dark Souls 2, but its coming out on current gen.

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A good Silent Hill game.

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the only way im going to buy a next gen console is if the video/microphone crap doesnt have to be plugged into the console. i want to throw that part of it into the garbage. if thats not possible, then the console has no value to me. the xbox one controller looks really great though. im going to get one of those. i hope its features work with PC gaming.

also, im already in the next gen . i have a computer more powerful than the xbox one or ps4.

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inFAMOUS Second Son already pushed me to the PS4. I'm super fucking pumped for gameplay at E3!

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Jumping Flash. Zelda.

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Metal Gear Solid 5... lol