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Playstation 1 game. A first person dungeon crawler, kinda like a Shining in the Darkness or Legend of Grimrock type but it wasn't party based. You played one guy, alone. It also had real time combat where the goal was to attack the enemies from the side or the back.

It was frustrating to navigate and I never finished it. But does anyone know what game I was talking about? I know this description is super vague, but this title is bugging me bad.

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Could it have been King's Field or did it move in fixed steps?

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Definitely wasn't fixed steps. Let me look that one up... Sounds damn familiar.

Edit: Holy shit. It is King's Field. Wow, thanks.

And to think, I thought I never played a From Soft game before Dark Souls. Guess I was wrong. Aside from the above, all I remember from this game was that it was hard.