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Mortal Kombat sold me on my Vita. What games convinced you to buy a specific platform to play them?

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I bought my ps3 for COD:MW2

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Halo made me buy an Xbox. I actually bought that last of the three consoles from last generation. Final Fantasy X sold me the Ps2, and Phantasy Star Online sold me the Gamecube.

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Nothing in particular. I remember getting a PS3 because I was bored and had nothing to play on my 360.

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As far as this generation goes Gears of War made me buy a 360, MGS4 for the PS3 and Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii.

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Demon's Souls is what originally sold me on buying a PS3 (though having my 5th Xbox break really helped...)

I bought an Xbox this past Christmas because I really wanted to play Gears 3 and Halo Reach, but I really kind of regret it and am thinking about selling it.

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Halo is why I chose an Xbox and Metroid Prime is why I chose a Gamecube. I had other games I wanted on those systems before buying them, but the games mentioned were the main reasons I bought their respective consoles.

I got a PS2 because I couldn't pick out just one game that I wanted to play on it. Everyone needs a PS2, it's *almost* as essential as a Super Nintendo.

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PC to see pictures of your mom.

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i bought a 3DS for Mega Man Legends 3 but that never ended up being a thing. hopefully there will be more games for the 3DS in the future that catch my interest because right now it's just collecting dust, making me wish i didn't buy a 3DS. i also bought a 360 to play Dead or Alive 4, and that ended up being the console i mainly play on.

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Starhawk made me buy a PS3.

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Animal Crossing 3DS sold me a 3DS because I'm an idiot who buys consoles for games that don't even have release dates yet.

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MGS4 PS3 still the only reason to own a PS3

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Red Dead Redemption made me waste 2000 shekels on a PS3 that I haven't touched in over a year. 
But it was fucking worth it. 

I bought my ps3 for COD:MW2

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Gears of War might of, and then something or somethings for the PS3. I was impressed by the consoles and at least wanted to play what was exclusive to them, but at first I was soooo terrible with a gamepad.

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I bought (or rather asked my mum to buy for christmas) a ps2 primarily for RE: Code: Veronica X. Which was the same reasoning behind me getting a gamecube, with RE4, RE0 and the remake.

EDIT: Also, should the rumour about there being a new story-driven RE game starring Claire Redfield upcoming on the 3DS (to go with Revelations of course), then I'll follow the same routine...

Fortunately, I of course do buy other games down the line for the consoles; i.e Eternal Darkness, SSBM, Luigi's Mansion, Tales of Symphonia ect. for the gamecube. But it's usually RE games that force me to make the first step.

EDIT2: Oh! And I remember now that I got a 360 for the GTAIV expansions. My PS3 I bought for no one game in particular and just wanted to catch up into the next generation.

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DOA3 is what got me to buy an Xbox, Lumines (and to an extent, Wipeout) got me to buy a PSP, Tekken got me to buy a PS1.

I can't remember what motivated me to buy the other systems. PS2 I got pretty much at the end of the lifecycle for the system, and I'd been buying games I wanted to play for a while for it, so I guess at some point it just hit critical mass.

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GTA III - PS2; PS3 ... Final Fantasy X HD. Last-gen games ftw. =p

I was considering buying a 360 for Deadly Premonition, but now that's coming to PS3, too. Whoop.

Edit: Oh yea, I bought a Dreamcast for Shenmue.

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I bought a PlayStation 1 for Grandia. I was a SEGA fanboy, and Grandia for the Saturn never came out in the West.

I bought a PlayStation 2 for Dragon Quest VIII. DQ7 was amazing and I had to play the sequel.

I bought an Xbox 360 to play Modern Warfare 2 with my friends. We played it twice, I think. It has some other great games though. :)

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I bought a PS3 mostly for Uncharted 2.

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If Fire Emblem: Awakening comes to the states, I will willingly and happily put down whatever cash money is necessary to purchase a 3DS and even perhaps purchase some other software titles as well.

Obviously, if we aren't talking prospectively, then I got my 360 when Mass Effect came out, being the Bioware fan I was.

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Ocarina/N64, Twilight Princess/Wii, Oblivion/Xbox360

almost bought a PS3 just for MGS4...still don't know whether that was the right decision

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@l4wd0g: Uncalled for.

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I have never done it before, usually just wanted the console and got a few games to play on it but GTA IV pushed me to get a 360 and I was dying to play MGS4 for two years after having played the first three

hadn't paid much attention to this generation until the GTAIV trailer

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Halo 3 for XBOX 360. Donkey Kong Country Returns for Wii. Metal Gear Solid 4 for PS3.

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Halo made me buy an original xbox in 2004 and CoD 4 made me buy a 360 in 2009. I'm a bit of a late-comer.

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NES for Mike Tyson's Punch Out.
SNES for Final Fantasy 2
Atari Lynx for a proper version of Rampage.  
Neo Geo for Samurai Spirits 2.
3DO for Return Fire
Playstation for Resident Evil.
Saturn for Guardian Heros.
N64 for Smash Brothers.
Dreamcast for Power Stone.
Game Cube for Pac-Man Vs.
Xbox for Halo.
Haven't bought a console since, as the hardware became junk, greedy collector's editions that provide garbage and fluff, High console game prices while providing less value/content  like no more nice booklets / cheaper thinner cases, game content cut for $DLC, and more restrictive DRM that assumes paying customers are criminals.
PC only since 2004 and Viva la Steam!!!

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While I didn't finally buy a 360 just for Alan Wake, it was certainly the first game I wanted to play, and the reason why I blew my money load instead of waiting an extra week.

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FFVII and the PS1. Castlevania X for the PSP. Ninja Gaiden and the Xbox.

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I bought my 360 for Lost Odyssey. Fable and Gears turned out to be nice bonuses.

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I remember pulling the trigger on the PS3 because of Demon's Souls. And it was worth it.

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Bought my PS3 for mgs4. Wasn't worth it.

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Super Smash bros. Melee and Metroid Prime for the gamecube

My brother and I got our first xbox because we knew halo 3 would come out for it, then oblivion came out too. We got it early on; there weren't many great games out yet, but we knew there would be.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the Wii

Demon's Souls for the PS3

and Pokemon White for the NDSi.

I got a new Xbox in england for Skyrim, I also needed a console for when I wasn't at home, since I no longer live in Spain.

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I bought a PS3 because the online service is free, also demon's souls

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wii for ninjabread man 360 for rogue warrior and ps3 for deadliest catch sea of chaos

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halo i love the universe.

microsoft use to have alot of exclusives i liked sadly they have been drying up

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It's a bad idea to buy a console for one game in particular. Taking into consideration on the consoles I purchased with my hard earned money, I purchased the Gamecube and Xbox 360 because they had established libraries full of quality titles. I bought a GBA for the same reason. I bought a DS and PSP on launch day with faith that they would eventually have great games. I haven't bought a PS Vita because I don't expect it to ever have a very strong library, though there are some enticing individual titles.

Ok, so I totally bought a PS3 for MGS4 and MGS4 alone. I didn't really care what else was on the console. I don't want to ever do that again, though.

I absolutely think that one title can be the catalyst that drives you to buy a console you've been considering. I won't buy the PS4 at launch, but as soon as Final Fantasy XV comes out, I'll buy it, as long as it has a good library.

Oh, who am I kidding. I would probably buy a console just for FFXV, even if it sucks.

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after playing the first two on someone else's PS3, i bought my PS3 for Uncharted 3. and Yakuza 3.

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Uncharted sold me a PS3. I'm ready to sell it back now if anyone's interested.

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I bought my PS3 to play MGS4 when it came out.

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inFamous, LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted 2. I had such a boner for those games.

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I really can't recall what made me buy most of my consoles. Back then it was just wanting the newest thing because that's what they made games for. The only ones I can recall are the Gameboy Colour for Pokemon Red, and my PC for the Command and Conquer games.

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Strangely I bought my PS3 for Just Cause 2. I saw a gameplay demo for it from E3 to year before it came out and I was blown away by the graphics and the freedom of the huge map. Then I bought a PS3.

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A 360 for Dead Rising

Wii for Super Smash Bros. Brawl

and a PS3 for MGS4, which as 2 years ago AND I still haven't played MGS4 yet!

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Sonic the Hedgehog - Genesis/Mega Drive

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Game Boy

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Nintendo 64

Soul Calibur - Dreamcast

Super Mario Advance - Game Boy Advance

Super Smash Bros. Melee - GameCube

Halo: Combat Evolved - Xbox

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater - Playstation 2

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Xbox 360

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - Playstation 3

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Super Smash Bros Melee for the Gamecube and Super Mario 64 for the N64. My brother wanted my parents to buy a PS3 to just play MGS4.

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Gears 2 made me buy a 360

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PS2: MGS3. Would've done it for MGS2, but thankfully Substance was ported to XBOX :)

PS3: MGS4.

Dead Rising sold me on Xbox 360. Console RROD'd and I bought another console for Limbo a few years later,

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I was going to get a next-gen console anyway, but GTA and MGS IV were pretty damned important.