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Poll: What game should I buy? (56 votes)

ME3 Citadel DLC & The Giana Sisters 7%
The Last of Us 63%
God of War: Ascension 2%
[Other] 29%

So, I'm not sure how, but Best Buy sent me a gift certificate for $40. I usually receive these because I do that Games Club thing, but they've been messing up my account for a little while now.

Anywho. I have $40 to spend, and so: I can buy The Last of Us and pay $24.86 out of pocket, because of taxes. Or should I buy like a PSN card thing and buy ME3 Citadel basically, and maybe The Giana Sisters. I know, most of you will just say: TLoU, but, I've been meaning to save a bunch of money for an Xbox ∞. There's still more games between now and then, and it looks like I'ma skip GTA V. I think., I might just keep the PS3 and get GTA next year, or even later with DLC.. Or is God of War good. Or!, is there something else I should buy altogether?!

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If you have a backlog wait for a new well reviewed game (prob Last of Us). If not buy a couple of cheap games with your $40. But that is just my own thriftiness talking.

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Last of Us is the next console game I'm getting, looks like a solid purchase to me but what do I know

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a) It depends on your video gaming tastes, right?

b) I don't think anyone can safely recommend a game that is not out yet.

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Ohh. I can't edit this post full-edit this post apparently, because it has poll or something. Shitty glitch. ~ Anyway, my gift certificate expires June 22nd, so The Last of Us barely fits that. ~ I love doing multiplayer, so-o much. I loved alotta Battlefields, I was never very good at Uncharted 3 multi (but that didn't bother me.) and I got to like 1600 in ME3 multi. So yes, I like a game with multiplayer.

That LoU campaign seems neat, but ah, cool I guess.

And, I do have a back catalog. I also received another $20 gift certificate and I just bought the AC3 season pass. I have Dead Space 3, and I don't think I'ma play too-o much until semester ends anyway. [Le sigh.. : / ]

[I didn't wanna vote myself, but I can't see the results otherswise.. I voted Last of Us. Fuck, I'm against me..]

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I think you should buy either Metal Gear Rising or Ni No Kuni. Both are fantastic!

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Last of Us if you love America.

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Oh man huge burn in this poll so far.

Isn't BioShock out soon? Buy that too.

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Hard to say, considering those latter two games aren't out yet.

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Preorder Bioshock Infinite! But I guess I'd also advocate doing sufficient research before plunking money down on a preorder.

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I'll probably be getting the Mass Effect DLC myself when the time comes but right now I'm actually still all the way back on ME2 nearish the end (I think), and have been successful in keeping myself in a spoiler-free bubble. Need to find the time to catch up on that.... ahhhhh.

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@miketakon: What game should I get if I'm a Communist?

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isnt the last of us still several months away?

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The one you want to play.

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Oh man huge burn in this poll so far.

Isn't BioShock out soon? Buy that too.

Oh. Well, my friend is gonna buy Bioshock Infinite. [I'm a little weirded because, I don't think he's pre-ordered it, but I think he's just lazy. I'm his liaison to this videogame underground, and showed him the PS4 and now he's fucking excited for that.]

Oh, anyway, if he buys it I can just borrow it off of him, at some point, and he'll probably bring it to my house and we'll chill anyway.

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It is kind of tricky to make a suggestion; most of the time people are missing a better older title. I'd only bother with pre-ordering if there is a substantial incentive (like "save 20-30 dollars" not "here is a bit of plastic and free pay2win DLC"). But 40 dollars for DLC and a decentish indie platformer seems like a very raw value compared to The Last of Us.

Justifying a full price purchase of another God of War games seems really iffy to me, unless you really love that franchise....

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate comes out at the end of the month if you have a Wii U or 3DS.

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@jjor64: Mnah-ah. PS3 only. ~ I can't full-edit this post anymore, because it has a poll. Shitty glitch.

I'ma go to sleep wondering, "Who voted God of War?" In fact, its now 2 percent. I'll never know..