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I voted Darksiders 2, but it really depends. If you're looking to spread your money as far it'll go you're better off waiting on Borderlands until you can get it dirt cheap with some/all of the DLC with it. If you must get your co-op on get Borderlands first though.

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Something's wrong with me.  
I love Darksiders & Borderlands, yet I'd rather spend time grinding through Persona 3's The Answer than keep playing either of these games. 
I'm almost done- I'll get to both of these games. I promise!

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I haven't played either yet, but I have heard a lot of good things about Borderlands 2

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Get Borderlands 2 if you're gonna play co-op while people are still playing it. Darksiders 2 is single player, now or later doesn't matter.

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Bordsiders 2.

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Haven't played either but most of what I heard of Darksiders 2 amounted to "um... yeah... it's all right? I guess? The combat's fun and...well I liked the first (or second or third) area..." I'm not giving my own opinion, I'm just saying that's what I mostly heard about the game, on these forums and in reviews and in the Bombcast.

What I've heard about Borderlands 2 is that it's... more Borderlands! Not a significant change in the formula but it's still Borderlands and it's still essentially a four player co op MMO RPG - shooter with lots of loot.

So what I'm saying is, play Sleeping Dogs. Which I also haven't played but most people were like "...yo, guys, this is actually really damn good."

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Darksiders 2 plays great but the lack of any real story just sucked all the life out of the game, for me. If any of your interest in Darksiders 2 was related to the story then you should probably wait on that one. I haven't played Borderlands 2, though, so I don't know how it stacks up in comparison.

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Playing through both at the moment, I have been having way more fun with Borderlands than Darksiders. Perhaps because I've been anticipating B2 all year, and all I've wanted is More-derlands, and it's exactly what it is. I am stoked. The problem I have with Darksiders is that I came to it with a certain expectation of the story and its use of different mechanics, and I've been somewhat underwhelmed at the moment.

The real answer is that you should get Torchlight II.

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BL2 is criminally addicting.

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Don't you have kind of a problem with gore? Cause I think both of these games may have some.

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@Hunter5024 said:

Don't you have kind of a problem with gore? Cause I think both of these games may have some.

There are a couple of spots in Darksiders 2 that are gory but for most of the game you're fighting rock people or skeletons so there really isn't all that much.

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@BlueLantern1995: If you aren't expecting Darksiders 2 to be much like the original, then that'd be a fine choice, but if you want more of what you got from the first, get Borderlands first. I've had a lot more fun with Borderlands.

@Hunter5024 said:

Don't you have kind of a problem with gore? Cause I think both of these games may have some.

Actually... Borderlands 2 isn't that Gory. I don't know if it's the bug that's been going around, but I have yet to see anything beyond heads disappearing, no huge bloody gory pop or anything just the usual blood. I also don't think Darksiders is that gory. You don't do quite as much splitting enemies into deli slices like you did in the first game, although that's mostly because you fight a lot of skeletal stuff and the like.

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It depends. Do you have friends to play Borderlands with right now?

IF YES THEN ---> Borderlands 2

IF NO THEN ----> Darksiders 2

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Yeah I'll pretty much echo what everyone else is saying. If you want to the experience the multiplayer, then go with Borderlands however if you don't care for it and want a single player oriented experience, I'd choose Darksiders.

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Get Borderlands 2, avoid Darksiders 2. What a huge disappointment, that game. I absolutely adored the first one, but I had to force myself to finish this second one. It's boring, repetitive, unoriginal and has little to nothing plot development. You may argue that Borderlands is basically all that too, but at least it's a better game than the original Borderlands. I doubt anyone would say that about Darksiders 2 as a sequel.

Even if you never touch the multiplayer, Borderlands 2 is infinitely better.

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I'll come in to contradict everyone. Borderlands 2 is an awful game, but so was the first one. It's all the worst parts of an FPS and all the worst parts of an MMO smashed together in a bland fashion. Darksiders 2 at least feels like a good action game.

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Big Rigs.

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Neither are must plays .

In my view ...

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borderlands 2 hands down if you liked one, cant see why 2 is so much negativety probably people who didnt like 1 either.

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They are both Vastly different If your want Coop go with Borderlands...If you want good single player then I would say Darksiders 2....and if you haven't played it get Darksiders 1....Borderlands 1 isn't worth going back to.

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I say go for Bordsiders 2 if you like fps & rpg's

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Darksiders 2. Borderlands 2 will get a game of the year edition some time next year.

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if you like Co-Op games - Borderlands 2.

If you like Single Player games - Borderlands 2.