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Yeah, I can't decide! :)

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That Fuck This Life option sounds Great!

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Go on, finish Skyrim. Especially if you're playing on PC, since Dragonborn was released a few hours ago. Alternatively, Deus Ex: HR shouldn't take too long to complete if it's your second time through.

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Ok, I spent most of the day playing XCom. I was making some mistakes in the "macro" part of that game, but then I assaulted the alien base, got a couple more satellites up, and things started going much smoother. I love snipers in that game.

I gotta say though, they should TELL you if satellites are THAT important early game.

The funny thing about Skyrim is that I'm almost nowhere in the main questline, I just finally saw the Greybeards. The side stuff has been distracting me so much I don't know if I care to finish the "real" quest.

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I beat that game every day. At least once a day. I used to play it more, but I'm approaching 40 now.

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DE:HR. Go play that good thing.

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If you're like me, if you don't push yourself to finish Skyrim, you might never finish it at all. There's just so much else to do, and so many things to potentially accomplish.

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Keep Xcomming.