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I'm currently working my way through Dishonored, and have about 50% of the game completed.

Here's my list after Dishonored:

1. Sleeping Dogs (5% played)

2. Hitman Absolution (Not yet played)

3. The Walking Dead (Ep. 1 and 2 played)

4. Xcom: Enemy Unknown (10% played)

5. Mark of the Ninja (Not yet played)

6. Syndicate (Not yet played)

7. Torchlight 2 (20% played)

Saints Row: The Third and Borderlands 2 (completed) have been sidetracking me lately, but I'd still like to complete at least a few of the games for the discussions in about 3 weeks. So, what games are you guys trying to finish before the GOTY stuff?

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None, GOTY discussions are lame and only promote arguments over things that can't really be compared to one another

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Sleeping Dogs and maybe some Dustforce.

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I'm always behind. The two games I care about finishing before the GOTY podcasts is Assassin's Creed III and The Walking Dead. I finished the latter yesterday, and will start the former sometime this week.

Anything else I'm not worried about as far as spoilers go. I still need to play most of the major games that have come out in the past three months.

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The only game that I need to beat is The Walking Dead - beat Ep. 1 a couple of days ago.

I would also like to beat Torchlight 2 though.

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Want to finish Walking Dead and at least play some Mark of the Ninja. Oh and Far Cry 3.

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Hell Yeah: Wrath of the Dead Rabbit and Biker Mice From Mars

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I really should get Hotline Miami and do that before the GOTY, if only because I need another 2012 game to play and a super fast-paced game like that is kind of what I need.

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Walking Dead (only beat the first episode) 
LittleBigPlanet Vita (I need three more worlds) 
I also would have liked to have played Tokyo Jungle, Halo 4, and the new Forza before years end but I just don't have the time.

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It's weird to say this since it's not even released here yet, but FarCry 3. Otherwise Dishonored and Sleeping Dogs

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Spec Ops (which I haven't played) and The Walking Dead (which I have) seem like the two games that could get ruined by the GOTY podcasts , so If Spec Ops is cheap during the Steam winter sale and it's early enough that I can beat it before the podcasts start going up, I'll probably pick it up and blast through it. Otherwise, there's not really anything, although I would love to play some XCOM and some Far Cry.

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I need to finish off Dust and am hoping to get through ZombiU and NSMBU. All three seem like games that could crack my top 10 for the year (NSMBU looks like it will.) Dust probably matters the most of those 3 if we're talking about the podcasts, I also haven't played Spec Ops, but I'd rather play something that actually played well and don't yet feel like shelling out for the game.

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For me it was AC3 and Walking Dead spoilers would have killed those games but finished them both now so I'm happy.

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You will have to finish The Walking Dead as spoilers will not kill that game but the story is the big focus.

I'm almost done with Sleeping Dogs and will get Far Cry 3 next. Dishonored is something I want to play but I don't think story spoilers are going to be a problem from what I've already heard.

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Halo 4 and X-Com. I just want to play the games before they talk them to death.

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I just have to play Hotline and Far Cry 3. I'm waiting on the mac release of Hotline which the developer keeps tweeting as "very soon".

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The Walking Dead, Hotline Miami, Far Cry 3, XCOM.

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Felt a need to play through the Walking Dead after Brad mentioned somewhere that the story is going to be discussed plenty in the deliberations.

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I'm getting Max Payne 3 for christmas, my wife didn't do a very good job hiding it, so I hope to beat it before the end of the year but I doubt it. Other than that I'm all set just have to figure out where each game places. Might return to a few to refresh my memory.

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Seems like everyone is saying it and I have to agree; The Walking Dead, because the story seems very important to that game and I want to hear what they have to say without it being spoiled.

Probably Halo 4 as well.

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Far Cry 3. Been playing it for the last day or two and I'm starting to get bored with it. I spent too much time at the start running around doing all the hunting stuff so now all that's left are some crafting items I'm not going to bother with because I never use those items, those copy paste missions you get when you unlock a contested zone, and the story missions. The story stuff is neat, but it's not really grabbing me outside of a few neat scenes here and there.

I just got to the part where you meet the lady that dry humps you with her shirt off in the E3 videos for the first time, and am on my way to some shanty town city when I shut it off for the night.

I also have all of these points to spend on skills but nothing is unlocking because it's all restricted to where you are at in the main story. Plus there is an annoying glitch that keeps causing the map to stop responding so you can't look around or set way points outside of the very tiny default zoomed in area that's making that game a chore when doing story missions.

That's about it really. I got all the other major games played already so I'm not afraid of having anything ruined by spoilers. The only exception is Sleeping Dogs. I was enjoying it well enough but after about 8-10 hours in, and a fuck ton of side quests completed, I lost my save and I now have to start over again. I just don't have the patience to do that shit again because the game has a start that drags on forever. So I'm sure that game will get spoiled for me during the Bombcast.

That's all I can think of right now anyway.

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Far Cry 3 and AC3

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XCOM: 7 hours and fucking loving it

Dishonored (yeah it's not going to be goty but I still want to play it): 12 hours

The Walking Dead: Episodes 1-3

Journey: Played it when it came out, need to play it again

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I'd really like to have Dust, Mass Effect 3, Mark of The Ninja, Asura's Wrath, Spec Ops, and Sleepy Dawgz done before then, but I don't see that happening. Maybe back in my heyday when I had no school, and no job, but now I have both.

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Far Cry 3. It's been a bad year for games, it has my GOTY-senses tingling.

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@Hunter5024: Oh fuck! Thanks for reminding me about Asura's Wrath. Forgot that was a game that came out this year. I'm sure they will be spoiling the fuck out of that. Might try to marathon that tomorrow.

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Too late. I've already written my GOTY blog.

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The only one I really want to get into before the year is out is Far Cry 3. I want to try the Sonic racing game but I don't think that'll happen before the end of the year. Other then that I pretty much have my top 10 set.

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Mario bros wii U, Halo anniversary, Dragon Age: origins

I don't think those are going to help me with this years discussions though.

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I wanted to play through Far Cry 3, but I think I'm just going to wait until a big sale or something until I pick it up.

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I still need to pick up the last two episode of TWD. Hotline Miami, Xcom and Farcry 3.

Fuck, I have a lot to play still.

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I'd very much like to play XCOM, Far Cry 3, and Binary Domain before GotY comes by, but I don't think I'll make it when finals being much of this month for me.

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AC3, Hotline Miami, and Far Cry 3. I was thinking of playing hitman but I'm not a fan of stealth games except mark of the ninja.

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@Phatmac said:

I was thinking of playing hitman but I'm not a fan of stealth games except mark of the ninja.

What are your thoughts on Dishonored?

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Syndicate and Far Cry 3.

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the walking dead. hopefully there's a pack with all of them in one coming out soon, if it isnt out already

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Halo 4 Syndicate Far Cry 3 Luckily I was able to finish hitman and walking Dead over thanksgiving break.

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@Phatmac said:

I was thinking of playing hitman but I'm not a fan of stealth games except mark of the ninja.

What are your thoughts on Dishonored?

It was decent. I mostly blinked myself to the end. I didn't like the story or characters though.
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@Chrjz: Those are my two as well.

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I think I might move The Walking Dead to the next game I'll play (I have 3 episodes to go), since most of the discussions about The Walking Dead will be related to story. I forgot to add Spec Ops to my list. I'd probably want to play it before Xcom, since the story in that game is much more important to me than the gameplay.

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Been telling myself to finish Walking Dead for a while now since it's gotten so much praise, but after finishing 2 episodes I just can't find any reason to care. Sorta gotten to the point where I've just accepted that it's not a game for me and if others think it's great that good for them.

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Halo 4 is the only 2012 game that I own that I haven't finished yet. I kinda don't want to play the campaign anymore though.

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In two weeks I'm going to try and get Dragons Dogma, Spec Ops, Binary Domain, Forizon, Sleeping Dogs, and DoA5 in.

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Dishonored, XCOM, and Hotline Miami are all I'm going to be able to bite off, and that's going to be pushing it.

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far cry 3 I suppose. BTW don't bother playing syndicate seriously.

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@YOU_DIED said:

None, GOTY discussions are lame and only promote arguments over things that can't really be compared to one another

Yeah, but there is the welcome side effect of receiving twenty hours of bombcast to digest.

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I just finished Darksiders 2, and I'm hoping to get to Dishonored and Mark of the Ninja next.

If I have time over the holidays I'll probably play Far Cry 3.

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I'm not going to try to fit any more high-profile games in this year, there just won't be time and there's stuff I'm in the middle of playing already. The one exception would be Hotline Miami, but they still haven't released the Mac version.

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I want to finish Sleeping Dogs and Hotline Miami. I may get to XCOM as well but who knows. Not gonna push it.