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So I got through Dragon Age 2 relatively unscathed the first time. A few years later I went back, and my god I just couldn't do it. That game is like stepping into a tar pit and almost immediately sinking to the bottom.

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@danmcn12: I got bored of GTA 4 fast as well, the DLCs have a much better pace to them. That being said, Rockstar continues to surprise me with how their games evolve. It's a shame that the studios that brought me my two favorite Rockstar Games, Bully and Red Dead Redemption, have been shut down, but I'm optimistic for the future. And to be realistic, it's been 3 years since Rockstar put out a open world game they actually developed, so it would be precocious to give up now.

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Far Cry 2, can't believe I actually finished it despite having to replay a good three hours of it after a save game bug.

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A lot of games have bored me to tears through the years. But I bet you want something controversial. How about Dust? Clunky self-serious story, huge chunks of the mechanics that you could just skip, poorly designed metroidvania levels. Boring as hell.

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Digimon World 1 you'd tell your monster to attack and he would just kind of shrug and then do whatever and die in battle. gave it 3 hours and returned it same day fastest return purchase I've ever made.

Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning jesus christ this game. Having played a few MMOs in my life I was not expecting this to just be a single player one with an ok combat system and the most boring awful story in a fantasy setting in my life.

Valkyria Chronicles no before I start let me say the gameplay in this game is fucking great I've played and beaten it about 5 times and loved it every time but O My God the story and cutscenes I have never in my life been so utterly bored pissed off and apathetic about a story in my life. To this day I haven't been able to sit through a complete cutscene in that game even having beaten it multiple times.

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Marvel. Can't watch too much Marvel. That's why I was hype during EVO, I ignored a lot of Marvel from streams and just enjoyed what I saw there,

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Borderlands :(

Sorry, I really tried. But I'm like what, 10 hours in and I'm just not feelin' it. The humor is dumb, claptrap is dumb, the quests are dumb, the quest text is dumb... In my opinion of course.

The only way to play it acc to me is on LAN with 4 of your friends in the same room. Otherwise i'd be pretty bored with it too!

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Haze - emptiest game I've ever played. Made Duke Nukem Forever feel like a nuanced masterpiece. Beat it in one long painful sitting and seriously questioned buying cheap used games anymore afterward; which is like my favorite thing to do.

Bionic Commando (2007?) - Swinging was fun, so much so that I bought this mess twice. Everything else was an assy chore.

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Odin Sphere, and Okamiden.

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Dead Space 3.

Heh, remembered that game's existance due to this post. Of course I did get it free from the Simcity deal, but it's still a big bummer, with how much I loved the second one.

As for my own examples, I guess I should join the Borderlands club. Of course I do understand the co-op aspect being really important part of them both, but still, playing alone is soooooo tedious, especially in the first game.

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most games ive played in the last few years.

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I almost never pick up games that bore me so my best example dates back to the early 2000's when I rented Mr. Mosquito. I was let down and bored by the time i got to the bathroom scene (i was in denial a bit). Eventually I took it back and after a hilarious event, I got the store to let me switch it out for tak and the power of ju ju. That was much better.

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Resident Evil 5... Gawd, that game is so boring.

Red Dead Redemption - I see the positives of the game but it just bored me and became a chore to play.

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In general, AAA games are really boring to me.

They make no effort to come up with inventive gameplay and instead focus on huge set pieces, movie-esque plots, and polishing gameplay elements that have been done to death already.

Bioshock Infinite is a good example. There's tons of great non-gameplay content in it, but we've already seen the gameplay (shooting, collecting, making simple upgrade choices) a hundred times before.

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Tomb Raider (the latest one) was really boring too. I liked it well enough near the beginning, but it felt like that game just threw all its ideas at you at once and expected all of it to be interesting for the entire game. Almost every single combat encounter felt exactly the same and it doesn't really help that the mooks are all voiced by Liam O'Brien and two other guys. The exploration elements were very thin. The game tries to be kind of a Metroidvania light without understanding what makes those games good.

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Assassin's Creed II. I found that odd, because I loved playing the first one.

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  • The God of War series
  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

They're no DMC3 or Bayonetta, that's for sure.