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I expect to see a lot of WoW but what games or franchises have you put in the most time. I created a list of my games over 100 hours but I'm curious what games people have wasted/enjoyed the most time in. For me the first few are:

  1. Pokemon Franchise 1000-1500 hours
  2. Rock Band 2 750-1000 hours
  3. Guitar Hero 2 500-600 hours
  4. NFL 2K5 350-500 hours
  5. Resident Evil 4 200 hours

For extra fun the most hours put into a game in the least amount of time for me is probably Guitar Hero 2 which I put in 500 hours in the first 6 months.

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Team Fortress 2, 500 hours. i like that game.

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since relase,ive probly put over 2000 hours into GTA SAN ANDREAS.

love that fucking game.

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@DoctorDanger99: 2,000 hours? Damn dude, well it is the best GTA so I understand now

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Probably Starcraft and Starcraft 2, but I can't really estimate how many hours. I've put in a lot of hours though.

Diablo 2 and 3 are probably second, but they might take first soon.

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The Pokemon Franchise. Every game from red to white I've put 100-300 hours into.

Next would be RE4. While I don't know how heany hours I've put into it I have beat it 11 times.

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@Nightriff: bear in mind the game came out in like 2004, so thats allmost ten years of gaming. i just love it so much. ive also sold and re bought the game a few dozen times. ill buy it, play it like a mad man and then think." well,im done with this game now." and i sell it or give it away. usually a month or so later i miss playing it and go and buy it again.

ive owned it now for over a year and im not getting rid of it!

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Skyrim definately and the Final Fantasy series, all the games I have played of that must be hitting about 300 hours. Dont have the time to play just one game for so long though, and I also I like new games too much...

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I took this the last day I played WoW. Over 9000 hours, and most of the people I played with had a lot more than that even.

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@Kidavenger: And that's why I'm scared to play WoW, 174 days is a crazy number

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@Kidavenger said:

I took this the last day I played WoW. Over 9000 hours, and most of the people I played with had a lot more than that even.

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I had to do it.

Pokemon Franchise: 700+ hours

Elderscrolls IV: Oblivion: 600 hours-ish

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare: 456

Elderscrolls III: Morrowind 400 hours-ish

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle: 212 hours

Elderscrolls V: Skyrim 124 hours

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The Elder Scrolls, no contest.

  • Morrowind: who knows. My best guess would be a number similar to the rest of the series.
  • Oblivion: 480-ish hours on Xbox according to the game save info, an unknown number more on PC.
  • Skyrim: 414 hours according to Steam, more to come when Dawnguard is released.
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Some of these numbers are freaking me out.

Original Contra/Mario: 150 hours over the years.

COD MW2/3/BLOPS: 400 hours over 3 years.

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@ZombieSpace said:

Team Fortress 2, 500 hours. i like that game.

I'm somewhere in the 2800 hour range. No other game has even come close so far. I've got a few friends in the 4000 hour bracket and one in the 6000 hour bracket. We loves us some TF2!

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Alan Wake. I played about 128 hours since release, which translate to 5 days and 8 hours.

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Various Pokemon Games and Burnout Paradise. I think I have like 200 hours or so in my ruby version of Pokemon...

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I think back on ps2 I had over a 100 hours of Socom 2 multiplayer online. Our "clan" played that every weekend for about 2 years.

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300 hours in Final Fantasy XIII

240 hours in Final Fantasy XIII-2

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Close to 300 hours in FF VII

Close to 200 in Disgaea 2

Currently over 130 in Skyrim

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Rock Band series well over 1000. It's our go to drinking party game.

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@DoctorDanger99 said:

since relase,ive probly put over 2000 hours into GTA SAN ANDREAS.

love that fucking game.

I've put over 2000 into Vice City and probably around 1500 for SA, but how do you do that just playing the story stuff? boggles my mind.

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For me, it's definitely the Persona series (and mostly 3). I have probably logged somewhere around 500-600 hours in Persona 3 including complete and incomplete playthroughs in 3 different versions of the game.

Also, I think I'm somewhere between 100 and 200 hours in Skyrim.

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Halo 3 probably 500 hours

Halo 2 probably 400 hours

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Persona 3 and 4, the Game Boy Pokémon games, the PS2 GTA's, TF2, Uncharted 2 and probably some other games I can't remember.

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Not as impressive as all of you guys, but... 
Oblivion: 200 hours 
Guild Wars: 165 hours

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@Nightriff said:

@DoctorDanger99: 2,000 hours? Damn dude, well it is the best GTA so I understand now

I find that a little hard to believe. I got 100% in GTA:SA in less than 100 hours. There was no point after that.

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@Marcsman: its true. i dont even think ive ever got 100% on it either. i just LOVE that game. i love playing it. ive probly spent close to 100 hours on MGS2 and ive probly only beaten it three or four times.

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@Animasta: i play the story. i also just roam around. i love the setting and the era of that game so much.ive probly only actually beaten the game maybe twice.

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@DoctorDanger99: Really?Iit was the weakest IMO. I was already a multimillionaire before I left the first island. Why would I go back to the hood? The story was transparent and lame. Plus CJ was a "buster" getting beat by a woman. Tommy Vercetti for life.

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@Marcsman: diffrent strokes i suppose. everything about that game was perfect in my eyes.combat,characters,story,soundtrack,customization,mini games. i can literally go on for pages about how much i love this fucking game. gun to my head,my favorite game of all time. it's probly san andreas. thats why im so fucking excited for GTA5. im trying really hard not to hype myself up because it cant possibly be as great as san andreas but man. if it is. i will literally die of awesomeness.

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@DoctorDanger99: It will always be GTA III for me. To each their own..................

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Dissidia Final Fantasy , Persona 3 portable , Valkyria Chronicles 2 , GTA : San Andreas and IV, the 3 Mass Effect games... but you know normal stuff like 80-120 hours, well is normal compared to the insane +100 hours stuff you guys are posting.

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@Marcsman: dont get me wrong. when gta3 first came out. it was a revalation. then vice city came out and i think it defined what gta is all about. then san andreas comes out and perfects everything. as far as im concernd,gta as a francise peaked with san andreas. thats not to say the other games arent good. they are bloody brillant. but san andreas for me, is about as close to perfect as a game can get.

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It's funny how the title suggests you can put games into time itself, and is asking what what games you have put into most time.

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Nothing as of recent I suppose but back in the day. That was an easy answer. CS 1.6. Soooooo many hours of my life gone to that game. Can't say I regret them either.

Now my most time consuming would probably be CIV 5?

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In a franchise? Final Fantasy, given that I've played all of them to completion at least once, no other franchise comes close. In the case of my favourite ones like FF8 or FFT, several completions. Especially if you factor in FFXI and FFXIV, which just add MMO levels of time. I don't see that ever changing either. Continually some of my best experiences with video games as an overall package, even if other games beat it in other areas (Xenogears, looking at you).

In a single game? Any of the 4 disgaea games clock in over 200 hours for me.

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Strictly speaking in terms of hours clocked, I'd say the NY Times Crossword Puzzle game for the DS. But only because for about a year, it was my go-to game to play in bed to help me sleep, so there have been many instances where I'd wake up the next morning to find my DS open in my hands, still on. This also applies to Platinum Sudoku.

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700 hours for Borderlands (Hope to double that for the sequel)

400 hours for Oblivion

300 hours for Fallout 3

250+ hours for Skyrim (still playing)

200+ hours for Fallout New Vegas (still playing)

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Call of Duty Franchise for sure....just after WoW of course...but my friends and I used to be competitive so we'd put down 6 hours a night for a long, long while on each game...followed by Pokemon...i find it hard to put too much time into a single player game without getting dreadfully bored

Other than Mass Effect...SO good