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I only use cheats once i've satisfied myself that i have wrung all the non-cheating enjoyment I'm going to get out of the game. it was more of a pre-internet stratagem for the now ubiquitous youtubing of a game's ending. Only games that come to mind where I cheated to a flagrant degree were Battletoads (obviously) and the original Turok. Oh, and also Mercenaries. Final area is brutal in that game. And item duping in FF:Tactics.

Some games improve with cheats. Especially those of the open world variety.

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Noclipped my way through most of Half-Life's levels for...whatever reason. I do remember enjoying the game from the start, but I was probably still young enough to go "Meh, not enough shooting dudes!" at some points of the game and just decided to literally fly my way through bunch of the content. But well, I think I only really ruined it my first experience with the game, since I have played it through 2-4 times after that (excluding Black Mesa) and really learned to appreciate it.

I'm pretty sure I've done something of similiar with bunch of other games too, but can't really remember any specific ones at the moment...well, 'cept for the latest example, Mass Effect. Got myself some better weapons/equipment and blasted my way through it , because I finally just wanted to get it over with and continue to ME 2.

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The Sims

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When I cheat, it only makes the game better.

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I bought the unlock everything pack for Burnout paradise with my spare points, ruined it, had nothing to work for and no matter what you do you cant reset it so you can actually earn the cars because when you log in it automatically knows you have paid and re-unlocks everything. ended up playing offline so that i could play proper

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@Sinusoidal said:




I don't think I've ever played Doom or Quake properly.

The same here, though I'm not so sure that really ruined my experience with them. And the original Grand Theft Auto was arguably a better experience with cheats than without. What was fun about it wasn't doing endless errand missions for some anonymous gangsters you took orders from using phone booths, or getting an game over screen after you died three times - but driving around, causing mayhem and trying to survive as long as you could with all the police forces in the world chasing you, so I always played it with the cheat code that unlocked all the cities and gave you unlimited lives.

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definitely a lot of sims I have ruined with cheats, including The Sims of course, also one of the Heroes of Might and Magic games, the one where the cheats are all Matrix quotes.

some JRPGs that I have played emulated, with a speed up enabled to make grinding a snap, have also been kinda ruined, but I can get back into one with a little bit of patience to ease back in.

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None. Whenever I break 'em out is usually on the second run, and I've gotten that first experience out of the way. I've completed Half Life 2 so many times I now have specific keys bound to spawn friendlies, enemies, and more enemies.

Antlion Guard vs 50 Combine with stunsticks, for instance. Or 10 shotgun rebels vs 100 manhacks. Or simply Combine vs Rebels. My old laptop used to crash due to memory issues after I'd try and transition after making a battlefield large enough.

If a game ever starts to get boring with cheats, I turn them off or start a new run. Simple enough.

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Probably the original Age of Empires. Never learned how to play the game properly since all I ever do is get those guys with laser guns and kill everything.

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The Sims money cheat that kept adding 1,000 simoleons at a time. I wouldn't say it ruined it though by any means though. It just let me build a the biggest, dumbest house I could imagine without having to worry about work or skill building.

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GTA no doubt.

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I don't remember the last time I used cheats. Maybe Saints Row 3, if not then GTA IV certainly. But I did download that character editor for Torchlight 2. Didn't ruin anything, just use it to respec if I mess up and maybe change the appearance and/or name of my character. I can understand not having the option to change the appearance or name, but having that one point I should have put in else where 20 levels later just keeps nagging me. I was unable to play that character.

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I don't cheat as much as I exploit weird flaws in the games.

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The original Starcraft would be my answer too. I had some fun times breaking it, but after that I never went back to playing it.

So it's kind of nice that games really don't have them anymore (to me, charging for them is the same as not having them), it removes the temptation.

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sometimes when i play Monopoly when nobody is looking i might steal a few £1000 and hide it under the board.

it ruins it though.

it takes the satisation of winning away and replaces it with a dark feeling of self hate and i get all sticky

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Only The Sims and Age of Empires, because I suck at managing miniature people. And even with the cheats I still sucked, and I stopped playing them.

Oh, and of course GTA and Doom games, but that never ruins the game it just makes it fun in an alternative way!

@Flacracker said:

Skyrim because I cheated to give a shop keeper a bunch of money so that I could get my crafting skill up. Well when I got my crafting skill up I made the best weapons and armor. That made the game extremely easy and made scavenging and exploring worthless because I had the best stuff.

Thankfully, while I use mods that may be considered cheats, I only used them after so many hours and I don't abuse them, they don't ruin the experience they just save me some time.

Such as giving the shop keepers 10 thousand coins so I can sell more stuff, adding chalk markings on the locks so I can remember where the pick broke, and making Shadowmere invincible because I don't need my horse dying from its own stupidity.

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Doom games, Quake and GTA III.

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Original Half Life which is a darn shame.

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You're only cheating yourself...

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I had to cheat in Doom games to have any fun with it. The Sims money code was big one for me. Pretty sure I cheated in the Starcraft campaign. I think I Gameshark'd my way through Tecmo's Deception but my memory of PS1 cheats is foggy.

I will say that cheating in Phantasy Star Online was one of the best things ever. Good times.

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None! I only improved games with cheats!

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Every game that I've used a cheat or a guide upon has been semi ruined for me afterwards.

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I think cheats improve games and I miss the days of finding out about cheat codes from Nintendo Power or a friend on the playground. Has anyone checked out Ray Barnholt's magazine he self publishes called Scroll. A couple of issues ago he went in depth about Cheat Codes and how much fun they were growing up. It's a great read if anyone wants to check it out.

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I used a cheat on the last stage of Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction just to beat the game. I was rocking everything up to that point but something about the design of that final stage got too much for me to handle. I had to do it if only because I came so far.

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I don't think cheats ruin games, if anything the change how you get your enjoyment out of it once you're done with playing it within the normal confines (almost like a toy box mode).

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Final Fantasy VIII. It was my first real JRPG and I used a GameShark to get some guardian forces. Unfortunately, it broke the game for me.

As a kid who played only Zelda and platformers, the concept of grinding was unknown to me. I found the random encounters annoying, and just "in the way." So I used codes, and a guide and totally ruined the whole thing for myself. I beat the game, but it didn't feel like it.

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It didn't ruin it, but the only game I remember using cheats to an excessive level was GTA San Andreas.

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I blew through a couple of rental games as a kid with cheats on so I could say I beat it.

I've played through a bunch of games with strategy guides and online walk through's, but only when I had no idea what I was doing, lost or on a replay and getting all the stuff.