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Personally, I prefer to Swedish my games.


I was going to make that joke.

Muah ha ha it was all part of my dastardly plan!

Not to rain on the parade but isn't it spelled "Finnish" if you want to refer the country? Totally different.

Anywho. I'd say Psychonauts. Humor, art, gameplay, story all wraped in a perfect little package.

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I'd throw Civ IV or V in the mix. Longer form strategy PC-ish games.

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It all really depends on genre. How many genres are important in video gaming? FPS, platformer, strategy, RPG (western and others), racing, avant garde (or anything that doesn't really have a name yet), adventure, etc...

You'd need one seminal example from each genre if you're basing your list on what people should play as well-rounded gamers.

If you're just looking for a list of RADICAL GAMES, whoever wrote the list will determine the contents based on personal preference.

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super smash brothers, provided you are a kid with 3 other kids, best thing ever Q_Q

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Portal 1, The Walking Dead

Both of which I would say non-gamers should play as well

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The Secret of Monkey Island.

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I don't know about finishing, but playing at least once:

Double Dragon
Bionic Commando
Street Fighter

Dune II

Flashback: The Quest For Identity


Hitman, Codename 47


Disciples II

Fallout (any Fallout!)
Mass Effect 2
Super Mario 3
Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
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Mass Effect series... so you too can understand betrayal by video game

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