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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. I don't think many people hate that game, they just consider it far inferior to the last two Brothers in Arms games.

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#102 Posted by Nux (2753 posts) -

@oldenglishc: I'd recommend playing at least the first few hours. If you don't like it by hour 5 then I'd say it isn't a game for you as it really doesn't play any different once you learn all the combat mechanics; even though I'd say the game does seem pretty smart in the attacks it chooses for you once you decide on the type of attack you want to make.

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Final Fantasy VIII

The Way of the Samurai series

The first two Resident Evil games (the hatred of which, I guess, is more due to how poorly they've aged, but I still enjoy playing them for nostalgia)


And, apparently, most Sierra adventure games.

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Dragon Age II. I payed the main game to completion, completed all side quests and all dlc content. I have no idea why there was so much hate for the game, sure it doesn't stand up to its predecessor but even still I thought it was still a fine game.

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I love the game. My friends hate it though, because they always lose the game.

and now so have you.

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night watch, resonance of fate, and the stronghold series. properly a bunch more that i cant rememeber

@jeust silent hill downpour was a fairly shitty game, but it was just to much stupid fun.

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The original .hack RPG series. I don't think I've ever seen anyone say that they like it, but I loved it.

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Bullets! Colon:

  • I'll never hesitate to point out Kane & Lynch: Dog Days' good points, but I'll never call it a good game.
  • I dig Majora's Mask, but at the same time I can understand why hardcore Zelda fans shun it.
  • MGS2 is my favorite game in the franchise, story-wise, and I'll gladly discuss it all day with anyone who shares my enthusiasm but there's no point in trying to sell people on it who aren't already into it.
  • Ditto for Final Fantasy 8. I love it, but man, it it dumb.
  • I thought Deus Ex: Invisible War was okay. Not as good as its predecessor, but okay.

Man, does that read as wishy-washy or what? Okay, I'll murder any motherfucker who has a dissenting opinion about Cyborg Justice for the Genesis.