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<p>So if you were to buy one of these two console based solely on their rpg titles what would you choose the 3ds or the vita</p>

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Vita, all those PS1 and PSP games. Plus I loves me some Persona.

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In Japan at the moment it is arguably even but with what we have I say 3DS. I say this not taking backwards capability into account

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Persona 4 Golden > Fire Emblem. So Vita for me, also with EU PS+ I get a ton of free Vita games out of the gate

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@dungbootle said:

In Japan at the moment it is arguably even but with what we have I say 3DS. I'm assuming backwards capability isn't taken into account

If we're pulling backwards compatibility, then the 3DS. But if not, still Vita.

And if it's region based, and you live in the EU, don't bother.

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If you account the psp/psn catalog then the vita but if not then the 3ds has the slight edge right now. The only rpgs out now that is hands down great is persona 4 golden for vita, while Ragnarok odyssey pretty good if you don't mind the battle grind it has. 3DS is making a big push with fire emblem, etrian odyssey 4, kingdem hearts 3d, devil summoner soul hacker, and monster hunter.

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In NA? 3ds slightly.

3DS has FE:A and EO4.

Paper Mario kind of counts. Also a Tales of the Abyss port that isn't too great. A Kingdom Hearts game, but I don't think it's very good.

PSV has P4G which probably trumps all of those, but is also a PS2 game. I can't really think of any others.

Mario and Luigi 4 comes out 'summer' and they have a pretty good quality record. A lot of SMT games coming, DQ7 is probably getting localized, but that is going to take forever. Bravely Default seems unknown. For the short term future 3ds looks a lot better, but I don't really know what the Vitas long term looks like.

But, If you take BC into account they both have so many that it's hard to even count them all for comparison.

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They're pretty even, surprisingly.

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The Vita is automatically superior because it's region free, and P4G is the better version of the best JRPG in the history of JRPGs.

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vita has access to psp games and they put a shit load of jrpgs out on that thing.

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Vita, P4G reason enough; even though I might argue that the PS2 version is the superior version

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Vita, if you missed all those PSP/PS1 RPGs, 3DS if you didn't. 3DS will also have SMT4 on it.; that and the fact that P4 is on the PS2 kinda nullifies the P4G advantage that the Vita supposedly has.

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Veeter I guess. It can play most of the great RPGs on PSN right?

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I guess if you count BC, then vita. Personally I feel like I only have P4G, lots of ps1/psp games, but I've played those already. Without BC I would say 3ds though, even though I don't have one.

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Based solely on games released specifically for that system? Probably the 3DS, but Persona 4 Golden really is a superlative game. If you count the fact that you get access to the PSP and PS1 RPGs you can get off of PSN, it's gotta be the Vita. If we're counting the DS's catalog too, then they're probably even, but that does seem a little weird considering that you have to track down physical copies.

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3DS if you include DS games.

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@nightriff said:

Vita, P4G reason enough; even though I might argue that the PS2 version is the superior version

So I'm not alone in this world...

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Vita if you count the back catalog, although as the owner of one I have to say I'm not confident that Sony will continue to support the device with a lot of games, whereas Nintendo is clearly showing they are...

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Vita, based solely on Persona 4: Golden.

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3DS because Pokemon 3D

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Maybe this is a stretch but you probably own a PS2 or PS3. Most of the stuff you'd want on Vita, the Ps1/ Ps2 back catalogue people are talking about as well as Persona 4 are pretty easy to get on PSN or Amazon. You could get Persona 4 for 16 bucks for the ps2 on amazon. You'll probably miss some Psp games. But really nothing exclusive on the Vita seems worth getting.

The 3DS however looks like it is getting games. Fire Emblem is fantastic (and you can't get it anywhere else.) The Mario and Luigi RPG will probably be great like those games tend to be. 5 Pokemon games will probably come out if that is your thing. Isn't Shin Megami Tensei IV coming out eventually? Soul Hackers?

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3DS has a few good RPGs. Vita has one, but it's Persona 4. Tough choice.

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Both are great platforms for Rpgs. If I didn't already own both I would go with the Vita just for Persona alone but it also have classic ps1 Rpgs. However, 3DS is getting new Rpgs like FE:A and the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei lV so it a tough choice.

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I suppose the short answer is 3DS for new ones and Vita for old ones.

The vast catalogue of fantastic JRPGs on the Nintendo DS (which the 3DS is compatible with) kinda isn't being properly represented in this thread though.

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At the moment I don't think either one has a particularly great RPG Line-Up.

Fire Emblem (at least for me) was always a strategy game, not an RPG. Otherwise there really is no big RPG on the system, maybe Paper Mario which is supposed to be super easy and EO4 which is super difficult.
The Vita on the other hand has Persona 4 which is of course a great game, but also an old game and like the 3DS nothing else really.

If you count BC I guess the 3DS wins cause the DS has a shitton of fantastic RPGs, also with SMT4, Pokemon and Mario&Luigi there are some good games coming. Don't know about any Vita RPGs besides FFX HD?

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3DS especially if you have not played any of the back catalog of games for the original DS.