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I just realized that there is no more review picture with the star rating e.g. cartoon versions of Ryan, Brad, Jeff, etc. Is that just something they stopped doing or am I not looking the right place?

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They get rid of them with the new site.

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Im pretty sure they just stopped doing it.

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They got rid of it because they are heartless.

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i don't know why they wanted to get rid of them i thought they were awesome.

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They were looking to get rid of them for a while and the site redesign was the perfect time to do it. They never made any for Patrick because they didn't plan on having them for much longer. They just used a fan made image.

The real casualty is the loss of Bodega's cartoon.

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Sadly, the review pictures are in heaven now.

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@chilibean_3: The REAL casualty is the loss of the creepy Drew cartoon.

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@petiew: oh man you're right! I forgot about that one. :(

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I thought I remembered Jeff or someone saying that they wanted to get rid of them at some point because they felt the 3 star images weren't accurate enough. Don't know how serious that was.

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