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I have been following all of the 4 main guys closely for years now, even back at gamespot and Jeff since the late 90's. 
Recently though, their talk and such has gotten me into things such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, Pokemon: Platinum, Deadly Premonition and most recently, Mass Effect. 
Okay, so last year around this time when Jeff and Ryan had like 3 bombcasts dedicated to Star Trek shows, I went hard into this show, I started looking around on what was the best series, which seasons, movies, lore...ect.  I got into Star Wars as a kid and loved the original 3 films after my cousin got me into them, but never got into Star Trek.  Like Jeff said, Star Trek was always that show on during dinner time and I remember it being on UPN and I would always fall asleep on the floor during the first 10 minutes or so.  It is not that I was bored or anything, but it was always on after dinner and I would be tuckered out from school. 
Next,   Pokémon Platinum  I was huge into pokemon around 1998 when they were the big thing, but after Red, Blue and Yellow, I kind of fell off.  I remember buying Gold, but only got through like 3 hours of it before just giving up on it.  Ruby/Saphire I skipped, Pearl/Diamon I totally skipped, but then Platinum came out and was not really all that hot for it until Ryan started talking about it somewhere for only like 10 minutes, but it was still enough to hook me back in. 
Deadly Premonition... Endurance Run... really 'nuff said.  This is personally my game of 2010.  Sure, it is not even close to the best, longest, most well-crafted game of 2010, but hell if I don't have fond memories of this being the one game in 2010 that I remember.  
And finally Mass Effect.  Jeff as well as the rest of the crew at the time were not too into Mass Effect and just kind of brushed it off.  Well at the time, so did I.  But then at the beginning of this year, they really started talking the hell out of Mass Effect 2 and it got me interested.  Sure, I could have just bought ME2 and played it.  But like Vinny did with Starcraft II, I had to play the original before I played the new one.  There is a lot of jank and a ton of just weird design issues with this game, but I kind of really like the story and I play bad games anyways, so what the heck, I gave this a go.

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The Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series as a whole. Without the Endurance Run, I would probably not know about these games that I've enjoyed very much.

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The second episode of the game of the year podcasts made me want to try Bioshock 2 and the Minerva's Den DLC. However by the end of that hour long argument I was just about ready to shoot myself.

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nnnnothing really. I don't share many of their enthusiasms towards their taste outsides of games, and the games that I end up buying I was already usually intending to get at one time or another.

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P4 (played another 80 hours on top of watching the entire ER) and Assassin's Creed II ('uh, uh, uh, uh'). I was interested in Borderlands because of them, too, but I didn't end up feeling that one.

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Their Bad Company 2 TNT inspired me to get off my bed after being under anesthetic from wisdom teeth removal and beat their asses.

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Would have never played Super Meat Boy if it wasn't for Brad, and I probably wouldn't have picked up Picross 3D for my DS which would have been a total shame since THAT GAME IS AWESOME.

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Deadly goddamn Premonition
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I just started buying Wii gear for my PC to play Super Mario Galaxy and Kirby's Epic Yarn in HD. Fucking awesome. 
I also beat Persona 4 in a few days of nothing but gaming and sleeping with a good buddy of mine. 
Oh, and I got heavy into Steam.  
And all of the other Whiskey Sites.

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Crack cocaine. 
Need some fuel for those hardcore achievements grinds. 
Monster don't cut it.

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@FluxWaveZ said:
" The Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series as a whole. Without the Endurance Run, I would probably not know about these games that I've enjoyed very much. "
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Much like yourself, Deadly Premonition. I didn't think for a second I'd actually purchase the thing when they started the Endurance Run, but it didn't take long until I wanted to try my own hand at being Francis York Morgan

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I now own a PS2 thanks to the Persona 4 endurance run. I have yet to actually buy Persona 4, despite getting said PS2 around 2 years ago, but I did get Persona 3 FES, a game that I enjoyed quite a bit. Probably have been inspired to get some other stuff because of quick looks, but I wouldn't say that my tastes have been heavily influenced by any of the GB staff. I do say "Janky" a lot more though.

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Deadly Premonition. Also, the Persona series, which lead to me paying more attention to Atlus as well. It also got me more interested in Japanese media, and now I watch a lot of anime. So, Giant Bomb indirectly got me into anime.

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Naked Cartoon pus....  I can't do it. It's not in me.
Anyways, the question for me is "What have you gotten into that Giantbomb dismisses." 
I know it's all about personal preferences but man, when they dismiss a game, they really go all out. 
Their QLs, whether or not their opinion is positive or not seems secondary to my judgement. If I like what I see, I get it.

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I'm looking into Deadly Premonition 'cause of these dudes, but most recently they got me to purchase Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare. You guys hurt my wallet....

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Hot water.

#20 Posted by CitizenKane (10506 posts) -

Giant Bomb is a hell of a drug.

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I dont let these or any other guys "get me into something", they are yet another source of information for me to base my decisions on.

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Only thing I can really think of right now is Picross 3D.  I probably would have forgotten about it completely if it wasn't for the GotY stuff.
I'm sure there's probably others.

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Blogging. Though that's mostly because there are some really good user blogs on the site.

#25 Posted by weegieanawrench (1940 posts) -

Deadly Premonition and live streams. 

#26 Posted by anarchyzombie9 (615 posts) -

Promiscuous sex

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@CitizenKane said:
" Giant Bomb is a hell of a drug. "
yes...yes, it is
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Super Meat Boy.   I had seen stuff about the game, but never really got that into it until I saw the QL.
I'd like to say Deadly Premonition, but I actually had already started playing through the game by the time I saw any of the Endurance Run

#29 Posted by FLStyle (4728 posts) -

Thanks to things like Brad's Mass Effect 2 video review and the Persona 4 Endurance Run I'm playing games I would've never done beforehand.
In short, GB has broadened my horizons and make me more worldly, thanks to you GB!

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Fat people!

#32 Posted by Kjellm87 (1728 posts) -

Alot of memes no one outside GB gets :/

#33 Posted by IkariNoTekken (990 posts) -

Oh, almost forgot.... 

 Where's my skull?
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Dave Snider got me into King Arthur: The Roleplaying Wargame
Also, the guys had me really thinking about buying an arcade cabinet after a few of the bombcasts this past summer. I'm glad that urge died. 

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@ImpendingFoil said:
" Sizzurp. "
#36 Posted by ComradeKhan (687 posts) -

Dudes... GiantBomb got me into dudes.

#37 Posted by Griddler (3344 posts) -

Cryostasis and Burnout Paradise

#38 Posted by WickedCobra03 (2107 posts) -

I will have to say that I love Jeffs unwavering fondness for The Fast and Furious.  I love the original and even Tokyo Drift and 4 were not terrible either.  2 was not my favorite for whatever reason. 
I am also a masochist when it comes to my videogaming even before seeing how Jeff and Vinny play videogames to death...even bad videogames. 

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It's hard to say. This is where I get my current gaming news, so I don't know what they specifically have turned me on to. Certainly DP, but going back in time I'm sure that they have gotten me into plenty of things that I would have missed over the years.
Oh yeah, Tokyo Drift. I am GOING to see Jeff at GDC and I am GOING to make him sign my HD-DVD of Tokyo Drift. Freaking stupid movie.
EDIT: oh yeah, now that I read all the comments I have to give props to Cryostasis, which I am really looking forward to playing properly next time I upgrade my graphics card.

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Wicked Shit.
#41 Posted by Halberdierv2 (1870 posts) -

a lot of trouble.

#42 Posted by WildZero11 (4 posts) -

The past couple of podcasts have gotten me to go back and try out all the Assassin's Creed games. 

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Well, first and foremost, the Shin Megami Tensei franchise.  I vaguely knew about them from Shane Bettenhausen talking them up on the old 1UP Yours podcast, and I recall seeing some reviews of SMT: Digital Devil Saga on X-Play.  I wanted to try one but I really wasn't quite sure where to start.  Then GB began the Endurance Run and so I picked up SMT Persona 3 & 4.  Well the rest is history after than and I am a solid fan of the series having experienced about 5 of the games so far. 
Also, not so much the GB staff, but the GB community inspired me to try out a couple of F2P MMOs thanks to a brief community gathering in Runes of Magic.  And, I guess I could say that the QL of Dragon Age: Origin made me (a) buy that off Steam, (b) upgrade my PC to better run Dragon Age, and (c) purchase more Steam games because my PC was upgraded.  
Oh, and anal beads....yeah, uh, sweeeet. 

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Deadly Premonition, Super Meat Boy, StarCraft II. Also, while it was largely negative, Brad's Fable III review got me to pick that game up. There was a bunch of stuff he hated that I loved.

#45 Posted by raidingkvatch (1156 posts) -
@WickedCobra03: mad shit, and a lot of trouble.
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@CitizenKane said:
" Giant Bomb is a hell of a drug. "
Sure is.
Ok, let me put it this way: Giantabomb did not get me into a game.
Instead, it's made go out and import some Swedish candy. If anybody can hook me up with hockey pulver (hockey powder), that'll be great; it's the last one I haven't gotten.
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Glad you like it, I don't get the hate. It's tasty. Salty goodness.
#48 Posted by Inkerman (1451 posts) -

Not so much the guys, because I don't listen to the podcast, but the forums have got me into Minecraft and MBMBaM, which are, incidentally, an awesome combination.

#49 Posted by ESREVER (2695 posts) -

Oddly enough, Anime and JRPGS. Funny how that works, huh? 
GB was also my inspiration to pick up Super Meat Boy. More specifically, hamst3r inspired me to pick up SMB. 
It's safe to say the community has inspired me more than the staff. Although I guess the interest in JRPGs started with the Persona 4 ER. SO I suppose they can take credit for that.

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naked cartoon pussy