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So before you read and comment, two things.

  1. This is meant to be a positive. Even if you're comparing X with Y and coming to the conclusion that you were wrong about X being better try to keep it more about how Y is great.
  2. Please don't turn this into a flame thread. It really is just about how us gamers can believe one thing and only to be wrong, (but happily wrong), when actually given the opportunity to play/use the item.

I have to eat some crow about one thing I've always argued about, The PS3 vs. 360... controller. I've always thought that the PS3 controller was at least as good as, if not better, than the 360 controller. Every time I've used a 360 I just though it was too heavy and a bit weirdly proportioned. I went as far as to try and hook up my PS3 controller to my PC to play a game using it despite the fact I had a spare wired 360 controller. After failing to get it to work properly I finally had to just suck it up and use the 360 controller. So basically from the time I finished building my PC to when DS4 fix came out for PC I was exclusively using the 360 controller. It wasn't until I started playing a co-op game with a friend that I really even picked up a DS3. It just felt bad. The DS3 felt cheap, flimsy, the sticks felt too lose and the triggers just were awful. It made me realize that I was wrong. It wasn't a preference thing. The PS3 controller is not good. Especially after having used the DS4 a lot it really hammers home how bad it is.

I was wrong about Zelda: Wind Waker. You've heard the story from multiple people so no point in re-telling the same story from my perspective. I'll add that I owe a friend for letting me not miss out on this game.

I was wrong about Batman: AA. It had all the makings of a failure. Licensed game. Maybe delayed a year. (Pachter said WB cost themselves a lot of money by not releasing the game when Dark Knight was out). Also the developer was saying that they hadn't figured out the combat until late, real late into development. I dismissed and didn't even click anymore articles on it. Then the Game Informer review was released. I think a 9.5 from them. So I bought it and as you know it is one of the best games of the generation. If it didn't come out when Uncharted 2 and Assassin's Creed 2 came out it would've been the runaway GOTY.

What have you guys had to eat your crow about? (Gaming wise).

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No, you were correct.

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Yeah, it's not Sony's finest. I don't think it's terrible or anything, though those triggers... Still, I've spent so much time with the DS3 that I'm plenty accustomed to its 'quirks' anywhoo and it does the job fine for me.

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I went through a "Wind Waker graphics are so dumb!" phase when the game originally came out, and now I think it's one of the best looking games Nintendo has ever released.

I thought Visual Novels were a horrible idea for a game, but then I played one that hit really close to home.

I thought the Ace Attorney series looked fucking stupid, now it's one of my favorite franchises of all time.

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There are good Metal Gear games

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Mostly Nintendo stuff. I was really uninterested in the Wii, I thought it was a gimmicky piece of shit for the longest time. I ended up getting one when Skyward Sword came out and realised it was actually kinda cool.

The thing that shifted my opinion was that a few years earlier I was anti-handheld, but ended up playing an unused DS that used to be laying around the house. I had always thought handhelds were stupid and couldn't understand why anyone would want to play games not on a TV.

I ended up falling in love with Nintendo stuff all over again.

Man, the 360 controller is much better than the PS3 controller. Even when I kind of switched my primary console from the 360 to the PS3 I still thought the 360 pad was far superior. Then everyone went super nuts over the PS4 controller and despite it being a huge improvement over the DS3, I still think the 360 pad is superior, the triggers and the way the sticks click in / placement are waaaay better.

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"The 3DS is garbage, not a single good game, it's dead on arrival, what a piece of crap gimmick"

*Currently plays 3DS more often than any console in his house*

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PC gaming isn't for me.

Currently play most games on the PC. Still prefer a console but I have come to understand the benefis of using a PC over the past months/year

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I only found out this year that Knuckles is actually a dude. I always thought he was a chick

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I was wrong to trust Nintendo with anything after about 2001, but on the flip side I learned to really like Sony.

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I think I might be wrong about the Vita. It may be a worthwhile handheld. I'm still not quite ready to accept it yet.

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@mikey87144: What is all this "Steam" bullshit and why is it messing with my Counter-Strike? What a dumb idea.

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I know when the Xbox first came out I was certain that it would be a short lived failure everyone would shrug off. Then Microsoft would quietly get the hell out of my hobby and go back to playing monopoly. One 360 and a lot of time with it later....
Still not a fan of MS, but the 360 is a fine system.

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I didn't think Bluray would succeed as the high capacity disc of choice back when it wasn't clear whether HD-DVD or Bluray would come out ahead. Keep in mind that opinion was formed prior to the release of the PS3.

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I was wrong about Zelda: Wind Waker. You've heard the story from multiple people so no point in re-telling the same story from my perspective. I'll add that I owe a friend for letting me not miss out on this game.

Yup, a lot of us are right there with ya. It's good that we're all able to talk about it. ;)

I thought Uncharted was over hyped. It looked pretty but uninspired and banal. I ended up picking up Uncharted 1 and 2 when I got my PS3 and was not impressed by the first one. I only managed to work through it because of how charming the Nate/Elena romance was. Then, even until the halfway mark of Uncharted 2 I didn't see what all the MASSIVE hype was all about. Then the train sequence pulled the game into high gear brilliantly and that game cements itself as one of the peaks of gaming. So yea, Uncharted 2.

I also was left high and dry by Uncharted 3... :( I was expecting the best and what I got was kind of a mess. I played both back to back when I had some time off last October and it really highlights how off balance the 3rd game is when the 2nd was so effortlessly amazing.

I wasn't at all interested in where they went with banjo Nuts and Bolts but a friend practically forced me to pick it up. It's a gem of my collection now and one of the best games for people who tinkered with Lego as a kid. It's novel and really allows the player to use their problem solving talents to progress through the game which ends up being hugely rewarding.

Lastly: downloadable games. I remember when they first launched Xbox Live waaay back in the day on the classic Xbox I thought it was the dumbest thing in the world and that I would never be stupid enough to throw money into that digital garbage. By the time Geometry Wars had consumed about 40 hours of my life and Braid had knocked my socks off I had to admit this stuff might be cool. And things just continue to swing that way, obviously. The games I'm most anticipating this year are all downloadable.

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I was so wrong about Metroid Prime. When it first came out I hated this game. The controls were dumb. The backtracking was dumb. I tried to get into the game but could not. I was playing it like a first person shooter because I had never played a Metroid game before. I remember venting my frustrations about the game on Usenet (alt.games.video.nintendo.gamecube to be exact). I promptly sold the game after putting in five hours.

Maybe two years later people still talked how great Metroid Prime was so I decided to give it another chance. The game clicked with me the second time. I didn't play it like a first person shooter, but a first person adventure. I really fell in love with the game. The Phandrana Drifts might be one of my all time favorite areas. I so enjoyed the game, that whenever I see someone talk about Metroid Prime I want to play the game all over again. I still have my Wii hooked up just in case I need to play through again.

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I used to not trust Jeff Gerstmann's reviews after he gave Driv3r a 5.4 then a week later gave The Guy Game a 7.5. Jeff has weird tastes sometimes and can be quite picky and I strangely have pretty much the same weird tastes and nit picks these days. I recognize Driv3r is not a great game but I think it deserves at least a 6.5.

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"The 3DS is garbage, not a single good game, it's dead on arrival, what a piece of crap gimmick"

*Currently plays 3DS more often than any console in his house*


Also, I could kick myself for not getting into JRPG's as a kid. When I first heard of turn based combat, I turned my nose up and never even tried it. Now, that's like half of what I play.

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I could never get into Dota 2...


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My mom didn't let me play rated-M games as a kid. I had the opportunity at friend's houses, but I never really did, because I was a good kid who listened to Mom.

Now I find myself living without nostalgia for Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, Resident Evil and the like. Should have rebelled a little more.

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@mrfalcon said:

@mikey87144: What is all this "Steam" bullshit and why is it messing with my Counter-Strike? What a dumb idea.

Ohhhh my how you do speak the truth.

"Steam? Why would they put Half-Life 2 on steam? Now I have to download some stupid service to play a game, taking up more memory on my computer, probably making the game run slower! This is the worst DRM in the history of the world and will always be terrible! For shame, for shame! FOOOOR SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!"

Now I actively try to put as much of my gaming library on Steam as possible.

Also sort of gaming related.
"HD-Dvd will win! Microsoft is supporting it, so you know it'll win!"
And Blu-ray won, and Blu-ray is pretty sweet.

As far as actual games go I've never had to eat my hat on the matter, there are games I thought looked good and I hated when I went to play them, but never any game I thought looked bad and played and then went "oh this is actually good."

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Oh, here's another, I totally thought they were going to fuck up Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, but it turned out fantastic. I don't normally ever play through games on hard mode, but after finding every single little thing in that game, I went back and did it all again on the harder difficulty setting.

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Dark Souls. I was convinced it was a janky, poorly built game that only crazy people could enjoy. Load our Last Souls convinced me to play Demon's Souls and now I'm one of those crazy people who dearly loves DaSouls.

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I guess I kinda bought into that "Japanese games are dead" stuff for a while, only a couple of years ago realizing that the more creative people in that industry had just shifted away from the Final Fantasy stuff that got popular here, and that the Monster Hunter and Souls style stuff they got into instead - but which didn't really get released here until pretty recently - was quite interesting.

I'm pretty sure there's more. I remember even realizing that something I had previously thought was shitty was pretty cool only a few months ago, but right now I can't remember what it was.

I guess Titanfall made me appreciate Brink and Battlefield 2 a bit more, since they kinda experimented with some of the same stuff, and in some ways, did it better or more interestingly (on the whole, Titanfall is a better game than Brink though - but Brink's way of doing the multiplayer campaign was far more engrossing and satisfying - actually making you participate in the story, instead of just having it play out in your headset while doing something entirely different).

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I thought Epic Mickey was going to be the game of the year that year.

Not picking up Persona 3: FES when I saw how positive the reviews were, not playing it until P3P.

"Tropico 4!? Awesome!"

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FTL never looked that interesting to me until I played it and was completely on board after that. I watched the Brothers QL and was not impressed but bought it in a sale later and was blown away by it. I'll happily be wrong if it means I get to play an awesome game.

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Nothing really comes to mind. I have bought bad mice and got several games on the shelf that ended up not being as good as I had hoped, but nothing that ever made me think it was good when I thought it would be bad.

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Only because you asked (not trying to be cocky), but I am never wrong.

If I think a game looks like shit... it always is.

That's because they're my opinions though, and not fact. Although, I do have the best opinion for me- that is a fact.

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Occasionally, I find myself playing the game wrong, which is why I kept failing those "missions".

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Well only half wrong ... I said that the Wii was doing it wrong by going for the non gaming market and was going to be a huge failure , Wii was a success alright but seems that the Wii U isnt. And to those who say that the pad on the xbox controller is better than the one on the PS3 you are dead and totally wrong.... the xbox 360 is abysmal and terrible for fighting games while the Dualshock 3 is competent.

Another one was that I thought I would never enjoy a visual novel but after playin Katawa Shoujo Im glad I was wrong.

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I originally didn't "get" the original Deus Ex when I first tried to play it a few years ago. I thought it was a clunky mess that crazy people were into because they didn't know any better, but after ramming my head against the brick wall of dated mechanics a few times I understood why it was as important a game as it is held up to be. I'm not going to say that it holds up flawlessly, but I get the impression it was more than the sum of its parts back in 2000 as well. (Meanwhile, the internet was not wrong about Invisible War being a piece of trash)

To go even more onto the hilarious irony train, I picked up Baldur's Gate 2 when I was like 10 or 11, didn't know what it was at all and of course hated it because I thought it would be like Diablo. Nope. It's not. (It's way better than Diablo, but I didn't find that out for a few more years)

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I thought Final Fantasy XII was going to be a giant turd on a stick. I based this entirely on the demo that Square Enix released with Dragon Quest VIII, which was locked down to two small areas and presented no way to customize the party or setup. With the gambits that were in play, the demo essentially played itself, there was no hint of the story or anything else truly meaningful.

Then I played Final Fantasy XII. That game is not a giant turd on a stick. It's an excellent game with some unique gameplay systems that other titles adopted (see: Dragon Age: Origins). The demo was a turd on a stick, though. (It's also a big reason why I don't trust game demos very much.)

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No I am never wrong about gaming.

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Uuh...sort of? Years ago, I used to think that people playing WoW were a bunch of lifeless duders, who had nothing else to do in their life and only played that crappy game while missing out on all the good stuff. Of course, when I myself finally gave it a try, I slowly began to stop playing anything else and got me RL consumed pretty effectively. But everything turned-out fine in the end, so no real complaints about that!

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I still find most Japanese games I come across to be incoherent and mechanically alien, and I still find consoles to be very nice but very unattractive and forgettable compared to a good PC.

My major mistake though was RPGs I guess. Before 2008 I thought RPGs were these terrible, unfairly-difficult and ambiguous time-sinks. They scared and angered me :P After failing to understand and cope with Oblivion and The Wtcher, I beat both Mass Effect games and BAM, I fucking love a good RPG now. Elder Scrolls, Witcher, and a bunch of others, they're all great.

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"Demon's Souls is just a clumsy Blade of Darkness clone".

Yup. Pre-ordered Dark Souls 2 on the PC.

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I thought Two Human would be good.

I was wrong.

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@alwaysbebombing said:

I thought Two Human would be good.

I was wrong.

Try to keep it positive.

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Like many people, I feel, I thought the Vita was completely doomed. But I'll be darned, it seems that Sony has managed to (mostly) pull that thing around. Although this could also be a misconception, too.

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@alwaysbebombing said:

I thought Two Human would be good.

I was wrong.

Try to keep it positive.

I think trying to keep it positive was his mistake...

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This is a very interesting question. I think I'll probably have been wrong about a lot of stuff, but I really had to think about this.

I used to be very, VERY stubborn. I was just messing with myself when in discussion with others to be honest. I was stubbornly holding onto Def Jam Fight for NY being shitty and too 'simple' because I liked other fighting games that were different. Ah... the irrational idiots we all once were at a certain age. Truthfully, I think Fight for NY is one of the most fun fighting games I've ever played.

I was wrong about DLC. I thought it was a terrible idea, simply because the first few DLC things I've seen were simple add ins that seemed to should have ship with the game. I've never downloaded DLC out of principle, even free DLC, for a long time. I only started a couple years ago to be honest. I had never downloaded DLC for Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2. I've since downloaded it and played it and am kicking myself for not doing so earlier. DLC is not always great, but it can be really good. I also now realize that there was DLC for Ninja Gaiden that basically made it into Ninja Gaiden Black which was later released seperately. I think Black is one of the best games of the 6th generation and while I played it later on, I should have just bought the DLC and saved some money and play it earlier.

I was wrong about game development. Many times. The amount of times I was frustrated with a specific element in a game and thought: 'who the hell thought this shit was a good idea? This is the worst thing I ever played'. Then I realized later that they probably didn't think it was a good idea at all. They just didn't have a choice for one of many reasons. That doesn't take away the suckage, it's not an excuse, but I genuinely thought they thought it was a great idea before.

There is much more I'm sure. Can't think of more right now though.

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Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed. When the first one came out, I thought "oh great, another shitty kart game, and it's from sega" and I thought there was no way it would be good. Never played it. The sequel comes out, and I couldn't believe they made another one.

I saw a few people talking about it being good, and when I was recently deep into Mario Kart Wii I had the craving for more so checked out a video. It looked awesome, and I picked up a copy that day and loved it. Fantastic kart racer, far from the shovelware that I thought it was.

#43 Posted by militantfreudian (214 posts) -

Up until two year ago, I was very apathetic towards the Bioshock series. I even thought the Bisohock Infinite demo that everyone was crazy about looked kind of meh.

#44 Posted by avantegardener (1215 posts) -

Playstation Plus, damn did that become a quality service out of no where.

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I don't feel like I can contribute to this thread. I tend to go into things with a positive mindset so the only times I end up wrong is when things turn out disappointing. I'll just say FFXII and XBOne controller and leave it at that.

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"Titanfall looks like generic shit. It's CoD with mechs."

Turns out to be one of the more unique multiplayer experiences I've had in a long while.

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When I was a kid renting SNES games every other weekend, I regularly noticed Final Fantasy 2 and 3 (4 and 6) on the shelf at Blockbuster but just assumed I wouldn't like that kind of game. Not till I went to college and bought a PS2 did I start playing and loving jrpgs.

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I guess I was wrong about this console generation. I thought that the PS4 would have technical difficulties on par with the early 360s because it was coming in at a lower price point and was first to hit the market. It doesn't seem like there are any huge hardware problems to worry about with the consoles this time around.

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I thought in Warframe I'll be able to handle those tower missions, I was so wrong. You'll get fucked up and I'm not even exaggerating. Even at your strongest maxed level its a pain in the nuts. You can tolerate some tower missions if your strong enough and take your sweet time, but other then that your done for. I would wait for a squad, but you have to invite someone and I have no psn friends that really plays Warframe.

I came to one conclusion I need more powerful mods and weapons, and to find a powerful squad.

Loading Video...

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I was wrong about the first Animal Crossing.

I remember seeing it in an issue of Nintendo power before it came out. I was turned off by the cutesy art style, thinking to myself that I would never play it. I was around 13 at the time, so I was probably at that stage where I thought cute shit was really dumb. Then I got the game for Christmas without asking for it. I was a very polite kid, so I sucked it up and said thank you. I decided to try it out the next day and was completely turned around from that day forward. I ended up playing the original Animal Crossing a little bit each day for a full year. It's one of my favorite Nintendo games to this day. I'm currently playing AC: New Leaf, and it's great. I judged Animal Crossing unfairly, but it taught me something.