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So, my Turtle Beach P11 just took a crap and are now done for. Good timing, considering my aunt just text me asking for Christmas gift hints. The Turtles I had were designed for the PS3 but I mostly used them for my PC. They were alright for PC but they only had once audio jack that controlled both chat and game volume, this became a problem when playing a game while on Skype.

I was wondering if I could get some suggestions on what headset I should "ask" for or invest in once the post-Christmas sales appear. Something cheap that is compatible between both PC and PS3, but avoids the problem I stated earlier.


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Steelseries Syberia

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A red Steelseries Siberia V2. The regular analog version. The USB soundcard version sucks though.

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I've switched over to the desk mic/headphone route, but I've used plantronics headsets in the past and never had any real issues. Something like this. No clue about it working with consoles though as I think it is headset/mic plugs and not USB. Also, to avoid game volume issues with skype, can't you just set skype to duck volume in other applications during calls?

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I am currently using the Plantronics Headset linked in the above post. They sound great and have lasted me over 2 years. Only issue I am having is the cord is starting to split in certain spots but nothing some electrical tape can't fix.

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I've got Astro A40's for gaming, and BeyerDynamic dt880's for records

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I've been using a pair of Sennheiser Amperior headphones as both my chat headset and gaming/music headphones and they've been working pretty well. They are actually on sale at Newegg right now. Love that the PS4 lets you plug anything with a 3.5mm jack into the controller so I don't have to buy something proprietary.

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I use A40s for everything on my computer. They are pretty nice sound quality and feel really great on my head, but I think they were maybe a bit overpriced for what I get out of them. Odds are, I could have bought a $50 pair of plain headphones from Sennheiser or someone and used a surprisingly high quality, yet very tiny, microphone I have and been just as happy.

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Logitech H800 wireless headset, they are comfortable, and the sound quality is good, but the battery life is worse than an iphone and it can be prone to pairing issue.

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I had a pair of Trittons that features individual chat and game volume control as well as Surround Sound. Mine is quite an old pair though and they are several models ahead now but I'd check them out.

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A Logitech G930. It's a wireless 7.1 headset that my friend gave me for free when I bought his iPad.

Normally not a fan of wireless stuff, but this is pretty great!

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Siberia v2 if you are careful with them, since they break if you are not.

Personally I'm using Audio technica m50's but they don't have a microphone and are more expensive than Siberia v2. Also, the m50's pick up a lot of interference if you use an integrated audio card, DAC/AMP recommended.

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A Logitech G930. It's a wireless 7.1 headset

Normally not a fan of wireless stuff, but this is pretty great!


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I've got some Sennheiser PC 360's. They're not cheap, but the comfort and quality are something that I haven't found in any other headset to date.

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Soundblaster Tactic 3d alpha something or other

I've had them for a couple years. Funny thing is that I really can't stand wearing headphones. They are always uncomfortable after a while. These days I only wear them for playing CS where being miked up is pretty much mandatory.

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I recently picked up a Razer Tiamat 2.2 headset on sale. I really wanted something that wasn't USB and didn't want to spend a lot of money. I haven't used them much yet, but my first impressions are that they're more comfortable than they look, plus I like that they have a 10 foot cord and inline volume control. I'd say they're probably overpriced if you don't get them on sale though, like most things Razer.

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I had the Logitech G35 wired headset but those fake leather ear cups started breaking apart and sticking to my ears.
After about a year and a half to two years the left ear cup snapped off.
Got the new(er) G430 with washable cloth ear cups.
I wouldn't buy them again though.
The volume wheel on the cable has to be in the right spot or I lose sound in one ear.
Also doesn't seem to have the same sound quality and they don't seem to be as loud.

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ATH A900X.

was debating between ad900 and the one I got but decided open headphones aren't ideal.

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I've got a Turtle Beach headset that works for both Xbox and my PC. It has way too many wires.

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The Sony PULSE Wireless Stereo Headset. I use it for any audio coming out of my consoles or PC, so all the time. They're good and comfortable, but it seems several have a problem with cracking and mine have cracked as well. They still work, though, so it's cool.

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Senheizer HD 598 with a 15 dollarydoo clip-on mic. Why anyone would want a GAMING HEADSET is beyond me...

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Sony Pulse Wireless Stereo Headset Elite Edition, the vibration is really good for horror games.

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Siberia V2 from Steel Series I think they're called. I end up just using them as headphones mostly, since my good ones broke. Also I was bummed that they don't work with the consoles without some kind of adapter, it's just a PC mic. Which is fine, works for EVE and BF games.

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razer megalodon. Really good and comfortable sets

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Sennheiser HD 598 with a table mic. Why anyone would want a GAMING HEADSET is beyond me...

Though I do have a headset for tournament commentary or similar. Audio Technica BPHS1.

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I got ATH-M50 monitor headphones.

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I have a Turtle beach X12... because it was cheap.

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I got ATH-M50 monitor headphones.

Same, with a little rock band usb microphone hooked up for voice chat hahaha

I'm so fucking poor. ;_;

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Skullcandy Aviators. I know they're pretty garbage for the price but it was all I found while out shopping for Christmas stuff, and I didn't want to wait for shipping online.

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50 and Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro

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I use the Plantronics Gamecom 780 on my PC, and the new Turtle Beach Earforce PX4 on my PS4. I've also been rocking these on my Vita & iPod (would also work well with the PS4 controller headset port)

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I've got the Astro A40s right now, totally love them. Extremely comfortable and they work with the PS3/360, haven't tried on newer consoles but I assume they work there too.

I believe Patrick is wearing white A40s when he is doing his site content, but they could be A30 or A50s. Also acceptable choices! I think the A50 has a wireless option as well.

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I got Some Tritton Detonators mostly because the standard headphone jack plugs into the inline Xbox controller and usb power. That way i can remove the mic and use them with my phone, pc, PS4 or Wii U (not sure if the mic works in that headphone port)

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A snowball mic and a pair of headphones.

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Pulse Elites until they broke last night.

Cracked above the right ear where it gets narrow. I did get insurance from Best Buy so I'll be replacing them with new ones or something different (if they give me a gift card, Im going to ask either way) Might get Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro's in the end.

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I've used a Sennheiser PC151 the past few years for skyping and stuff and it's been pretty good, though I've gone through a few of them.

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@brutushayesosu: @fluxwavez: How long did it take for them to crack?

I got the Pulse Elite, no cracking problems here. I really hope they last.

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I've got the Astro A50s and they're really nice. Super comfortable, great sound quality, but they're not cheap. They cost me about $300, but the A40s (which are wired, my A50s are wireless) are a tad cheaper at $250. They use optical or aux for audio and are usb powered. They work on anything with those options. Even the PS4. Chat might not work on the Xbox One yet, though.

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Corsair HS1. Been using them for over a year and they're great!

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@coafi: 3 months for me and I am very careful with everything I own. Its the part under the round "rumble" area where the plastic is its narrowest. Keep an eye on it.

exactly like this

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@coafi: I think it might have been a month after I owned them. Both sides are cracked, but they've worked well ever since so I still use them.

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A Logitech G430 headset, and it's easily the worst headset I've ever had the misfortune of using. I've had more problems with this thing in the two months that I've owned it than I had with my previous one over the course of five years. It works fine most of the time, but whenever I use Skype, the headset starts to mess up, and I have to completely close down Skype in order for it to work... Ugh, it's just a pain in the ass. After having issues with the Logitech Keyboard earlier this year as well, I can safely say this will be the last Logitech product I will ever purchase.

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@brutushayesosu: @fluxwavez: Damn, I own mine for over 3 months, no problems yet. I'll be extra careful with mine. Thanks for the replies, guys.

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Traded in NBA 2K14 and my broke Pulse Elites and got Marshall Monitor for $10 at BestBuy. Liking them thus far.

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Rocking my A50's. Fucking fantastic sound, unbelievably comfortably and all without the hassle of wires.

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I read the title as "what headshot are you rocking". Then I thought of HEADSHOT CITY.

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I got a Logitech G35 headset.

It's pretty good. Overall sound quality is great and the mic is without flaw.

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A Logitech G930. It's a wireless 7.1 headset that my friend gave me for free when I bought his iPad.

Normally not a fan of wireless stuff, but this is pretty great!

Me too. Fantastic Headset.

I'm actually on my second pair - ended up just getting the same one.

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corsair vengance 2100. yet another wireless 7.1 thing. battery lasts for like 9 or 10 hours off a full charge. and the mike mutes when you flip it up. i dont really know how it compares to other similar priced headsets but i really love it.