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#1 Posted by LackingSaint (2002 posts) -

As I think anyone is willing to admit, Patrick was a controversial figure at GiantBomb. Even as somebody who greatly enjoyed his addition to the group dynamic, and the level of enthusiasm he had for the industry, I can say with some certainty that there was a firm vein of dislike for him. This is why to me it was all the more heartwarming and eye-opening to see the level of support and sorrow when he revealed he'd be moving back to Chicago. Despite likely being by far the least-liked of the main GB Crew, Patrick's announcement revealed that many, many people felt a great loss by his absence.

With that in mind, look at Vinny. EVERYONE loves Vinny. The livestream chats explode in glee whenever that guy does some crazy shit or even just shows up. His Quick Looks are almost always the most enjoyed of the week, and the content he is tied to is usually held in the highest esteem. In reflection to Patrick, Vinny almost never had venom thrown his way, and love for him is basically unanimous.

So what if Vinny left? With the outcry even after Patrick's announcement, what if probably the most beloved member of the staff went off-site? Do you think a noticable chunk of the audience would drop off? Do you think things would go on as usual? I think there's an interesting discussion to be made here on the value of certain personalities on-staff.

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This isn't the first thread like this : /

But that said - I can say with confidence that I have NO IDEA how I would react. Most likely I'll stay around for a bit to see how things pan out without him and if they take a nosedive (which they will because Vinny is the glue, the grease and the sunshine of this website), then I'll deal with it. Maybe move on?

Maybe switch to Youtube for my quicklook esque stuff and GT/Polygon for my serialised coverage... or IGN *shudders*

There isn't a site like GB, so I think I'll end up just picking and choosing from elsewhere rather than migrating to any one place.

I'll still read whatever Jeff puts out, and listen to the bombcast, but Vinny leaving is the death of GB as I know and love.

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I probably would slowly drift away. The loss of Dave hurt a lot and lets say Vinny left too? I would just watch old RPCG videos and cry at nights. I love Ryan and Jeff but Vinny brings out the best in them easily. As I have said, Ryan and Jeff are Giant Bomb, but Vinny is the soul of GB. Wouldn't be the same without him.

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Nothing major would happen. He leaves the office on a regular basis I'm sure. I mean he has a kid now so now there's even more reason to come home instead of sleeping in the office.

But let's see, if he seriously were to leave then I guess stuff would change a bit and probably be really sad and emotional at the office for a while.
Content would suffer, I'm sure

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@lackingsaint: Patrick is according to you ' by far the least-liked of the main GB Crew' wow rude. The fact is anybody joining late like he did was going to get hate no matter what. I don't think the majority don't like him, just a vocal minority, big difference.

#6 Posted by Nightriff (6472 posts) -

@poppy_persona: It's a clean 50/50 split of either you love Patrick or hate Patrick

#7 Posted by Yummylee (23507 posts) -

Hell on Earth.

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@poppy_persona said:

@lackingsaint: Patrick is according to you ' by far the least-liked of the main GB Crew' wow rude. The fact is anybody joining late like he did was going to get hate no matter what. I don't think the majority don't like him, just a vocal minority, big difference.

Can you find me any evidence to suggest that Brad, Ryan, Jeff of Vinny got as much consistent hatred as Patrick did? Because I could show you basically every single Quick Look on YouTube featuring Patrick and you'll see half of the comments are needless bitching about him. I'd also show you the results of the GB community poll that revealed that of the main five, people enjoyed Quick Looks with Patrick the least, but i'm having trouble finding it this second. These are facts, not statements of opinion; i've already said I love Patrick and what he brings to the office, but it's juvenile to live in this make-belief world where anyone you like is automatically free from criticism. Patrick also wrote controversial pieces such as the Dead Island: Riptide sexism debate and the multiple (some would say biased) #1reasonwhy articles. Let's not act like Patrick being new is the only basis for people ever disliking him; Rorie literally just joined GiantBomb and has gotten zero hate. Drew has been a tangible presence on-staff for about as long as Patrick and he gets no hate. There are reasons why people aren't fans of Patrick, and even if you disagree with them, some of those opinions are valid.

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People leave, life goes on. It is just website. Your favourite TV show gets cancelled. An actor you have a crush on dies before their time. At the time it would seem like the end of the world but in perspective it is pretty small beer.

#10 Posted by ShaggE (7240 posts) -

That question doesn't really have any legs, since Vinny is just a character played by Jeff.

Now, if Ryan left, that would be earth-shattering, since Tuesdays would no longer exist. Without Ryan ringing it in on the Bombcast, it would just be Monday for 48 hours. And even though we all love Mondays, that would throw the whole world off balance.

#11 Posted by Poppy_Persona (174 posts) -

@lackingsaint: ok well it's good that you aren't one of the haters, but as i said jeff, ryan etc don't get the hate as they are the originals and all that. I just think its kinda unfair and immature the way people react to him. I'm not saying he is free from criticism but for example the way ppl were to him after he dared to bring up sexism was a stupid defensive reaction from pockets of the community.Also Drew and Rorie didn't/don't have the sort of high profile roles on the site that would draw attention like Patrick's does.

#12 Posted by Ramone (3076 posts) -

That would be pretty fucked up, I'm not sure how much I would visit the site anymore if Vinny wasn't here.

#13 Posted by hwy_61 (1034 posts) -

I'd be so sad.

So, so very sad.

#14 Edited by Nev (598 posts) -

It'd be rough as hell, for sure. I'd probably still enjoy Giant Bomb, but damn if Vinny - and Dave for that matter - aren't/weren't an integral part of my enjoyment of the site.

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I would cry...a lot

#16 Edited by PillClinton (3358 posts) -

I'd undoubtedly visit the site far less. Sorry, but if Vinny were to leave, he'd take with him a crucial part of the soul of GB. Things would never be the same.

And I'd probably cry too.

Don't you fucking leave, Vinny. Don't you fucking do it!

#17 Posted by Levius (1324 posts) -

If in the very unlikely event that he left for another on camera role then I would check both places out. Otherwise I would keep going here, I trust Jeff and the gang know plenty of cool people who could replace Vinny; and even if he is not replaced with an equal, a Giant Bomb without Vinny is better than most other places.

#18 Posted by Fredchuckdave (7459 posts) -

Game over man, game over... Actually I like Ryan and Jeff a lot too (and Dave) so I wouldn't necessarily care; we'll always have the adventure game quick looks to look back at.

#19 Posted by myketuna (1785 posts) -

I would cry every time I watched a new Dadcast.

#20 Posted by Azurath (352 posts) -

Sites like this, with people like this, are one in a million. I would never stop supporting GiantBomb, because I don't think Jeff would ever let GiantBomb die, but everyone's lives are changing.

Ryan getting married, Vinny has his kid, Brad has Dota 2. Dave felt the need to leave, Patrick felt the need to leave, who knows who, if anyone, will be next.

If Vinny left, they not only lose a HUGE draw for content, they lose their tech guy. With that being said, I really don't think that Vinny wants, or even needs, to leave. Adults have jobs, and they need those to support their families, at the end of the day this is Vinny's job.

#21 Posted by tavistavistavis (84 posts) -

I love vinny, as do we all. It would suck without his antics. They all do their parts. Ryan or Jeff leaving would be a kick in the face. Then things would really not be the same ever again. But hey duders, we still have them all here, so lets enjoy that!

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Don't say such things

#23 Posted by jiggajoe14 (1244 posts) -

Lay in bed and cry for hours while holding a picture of him.

#24 Posted by Subjugation (4815 posts) -

You have to remember that Vinny has a family to support, and he is doing so through working at Giant Bomb. Why would he quit? So he could dissolve his income and put his family through financial burden? He has a good thing going here, and I don't think he is any hurry to leave. Everyone needs to calm down.

#25 Posted by Icicle7x3 (1247 posts) -

Game Over - Bad End

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It would be a terrible day.

#27 Edited by crusader8463 (14755 posts) -

Sooner or later one of the main guys are going to leave and I'm not sure how the site will be after. I'm not gonna start some exodus from the site because one staff member leaves however. I would wait to see how it works out, if they replace him, and stuff like that. I already don't enjoy the site as much as I once did but there's still enough videos that are fun to watch that I stick around. If enough people left I would just have to resort to all the youtube people I watch for entertainment as there really is nothing else out there like GB.

#28 Posted by Oscar__Explosion (2711 posts) -

I've been thinking about who would be most likely to leave since Patrick's announcement yesterday and I definitely think Vinny would be next. He has a kid now which must be totally draining and I can see him wanting to leave to spend more time with his family. Not that I want him to go! He just seems the most likely to leave next.

#29 Posted by GaspoweR (4174 posts) -

@lackingsaint: Rorie has been a Whiskey Media employee long before Patrick joined Giant Bomb and he was also once upon a time a Gamespot guy as well so people who were also fans of the other guys when GB just started would have also known Rorie beforehand, kinda like how people also knew Alex before they both started Screened.

#30 Edited by Gamer_152 (14300 posts) -

A lot of people would be really bummed, I know I would. I think the large majority of fans would still stick with the site, but I can't see a way of Vinny leaving and Giant Bomb not desperately needing to find another video producer.

#31 Posted by TheManWithNoPlan (6349 posts) -

This is a very personable site. We all have a deep almost creepy love for the staff. We've shared so many wonderful moments and inside jokes together. I can honestly say I've never experienced anything like Giant Bomb before. I love the general good hearted earnestness the site seems to hold for just having fun and entertaining us as well as themselves.

All of this is in no small part due to the perfect dynamic the crew has. For me, It's really hard to imagine this site without the four mainstays, Ryan, Jeff, Brad and Vinny. I'll miss patricks office presence a lot, but I loved and enjoyed the site before he ever came around. Dave's departure was also very saddening, but he had a very small presence in the site content. He was sort of the man behind the bomb who came around every now and then to say hello and have fun.

If any of the main four I mentioned left, I'm sure things would keep trucking along smoothly, but it wouldn't be the same. Vinny is by far my favorite crew member, as well as most people's favorite. Anything he does always seems to be great. He just seems like a generally positive happy person. If Vinny left, it would probably be a dealbreaker for some, but I advise all of you to prepare for the worst. All I'm saying is that over time priorities change and this crazy lifestyle they live can't last forever.

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I miss Vinny just reading this thread.

Come back Vinny.

Come back

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What if Vinny turned into a horrible crab monster and started rampaging through the city?

My hypothetical is way better than your dumb "omg if patrick leaves vinny could too?! internet abandonment issues!"

#34 Posted by geirr (2924 posts) -
#35 Edited by Slag (5698 posts) -

I assume it's a "when" not "what if".

Vinny's got a lot of skills and is super likable. Judging by voicemail and ancedotal things I hear he's actually pretty well respected by peers with his skill set. I imagine he has a lot of options if he ever needs them.

At some point I figure he may want to move onto to something more traditional 9-5 since he's a parent and all that.

But for our sake I hope doesn't and the fact he has bought a house in the bay area is a good sign that he plans to stay awhile.

#36 Edited by RazielCuts (3076 posts) -

@slag: He hasn't bought, he's only renting (I presume) as he was talking about not being able to do certain things and how its nice Ryan and Jeff have their own place. (Are we in too deep when we know about their living arrangements?)

#37 Posted by Dalai (7793 posts) -

If it's like other sites that have seen major staff changes over the years, Giant Bomb will move on. There will be a group that will follow Vinny wherever he goes, but the most loyal Giant Bomb fans won't pack it in because one person decides to leave.

Vinny isn't leaving so let's not worry about this hypothetical question at the moment.

#38 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, Brad. GB without any one of these guys would make me sad.

everyone else has been pretty great too in their own way. but man, GB has a powerful core group. I know nothing lasts forever. I hope these guys are getting paid.

#39 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

What if Vinny left the office to star on The Office?

#40 Posted by HaltIamReptar (2038 posts) -

Giant Bomb is pretty dull all around lately; I can't imagine there'd be anything left without Vinny.

#41 Edited by punkxblaze (3013 posts) -

I'd leave. Straight up. I enjoy all the crew, but Vinny is the only one (aside from Patrick or, in certain cases with very certain games, Brad) who brings any real sense of enjoyment to his job. Ryan and Jeff get on with their sort of sarcastic irony humor and Brad is sleepy Brad most times, while Vinny is the one cracking genuinely funny jokes and getting excited about stuff.

So yeah, I probably would seek video game coverage elsewhere.

#42 Edited by ArbitraryWater (12896 posts) -

I would dye my hair black, change my major to Art History and start going to Polygon for my video game journalism.

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As someone who kind of sighs audibly whenever it becomes apparent Vinny isn't on that week's Bombcast, I'd certainly miss his presence immediately. I'd keep listening though, have nearly a decade of history listening to Jeff and Ryan so those guys are enough reason to keep checking in. I should hope Vinny's leaving means he would be getting a sitcom deal, or recording an audiobook about parenthood, or some such thing. I'd keep tabs on him for sure, much like I did with Rich Gallup.

#44 Posted by TwoLines (3143 posts) -

You shut your mouth. You shut your goddamn mouth!

#45 Edited by Regal (442 posts) -

@dalai said:

If it's like other sites that have seen major staff changes over the years, Giant Bomb will move on.

I disagree. Giant Bomb is all about these particular people. That's pretty much it. The community came mostly from having followed them through stuff like 'The Hotspot'. Everyone on that show pretty much packed up and followed Gerstmann to this site (with the exception of Rich Gallup.)

Giant Bomb doesn't really have breaking stories, exclusives, 'broad' game coverage or really anything but Jeff, Ryan, Vinny and Brad (with appearances of Alex, Rorie, Rich etc.).

I think that If they start rotating people in and out or think they can 'pass to torch' to a new generation like if they where some sort of regular game website, they would quickly lose no less than half of the audience that year, guaranteed.

#46 Edited by PhantomGardener (500 posts) -

It would be a sad day indeed, but I would continue to visit GB just as much as I do now, cause I love them all, not just Vinny.

#47 Posted by ajamafalous (12514 posts) -

I would probably slowly drift away from watching video content.

I imagine I'd still just use the forums to keep up with industry news like I do now.

#48 Edited by toots (518 posts) -

Game over, I would drift away from the site too. Dave leaving was so sad, now Patrick, if anyone else says bon voyage I'd have to find something else to do at work :(. with my life.

#49 Posted by TruthTellah (9654 posts) -

Hey, guys, what if all of your loved ones died in a car wreck tomorrow? Wouldn't that be sad?

#50 Posted by Fattony12000 (7969 posts) -

I'll come over and cut videos for Giant Bomb. It'll be fine, everyone likes me and I have a face.

For reals though, my burning rage would be that of a mighty star.