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Hi all, I am writing an important piece about computer games, since we've all played games and have a broad knowledge of about them. I just want your opinion on how you would define what it is. 'what is a computer game'. You don't have to be technical about it, nor you have to research. This is a question based on your experience, bear in mind there is not a precise answer or unique definition to this. be objective about it and just briefly have your say on how you would define a computer game. thank you

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Like a game specifically played on a PC? Or are you referring to the broad category of "video games"?

Also, for such an important piece, you could probably do with some proofreading of your own post.

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A video game is a game played through a digital medium, meaning there's always a screen, a computer, and an input.

A computer game is a video game specifically played with a PC. All computer games are video games, but not all video games are computer games.

Of course, if you want to get really technical, anything that plays a video game must be a computer of some sort. When you specifically say "computer", though, it brings to mind, well, a fucking computer.

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Any piece of interactive entertainment that is made of "0"s and "1"s translated into information on a screen.

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A miserable little pile of secrets

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A sequence of horrific events, culminating in a rape.

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I've never heard of them.

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Computer games? I like those!

... So, basically, they can be defined as "a thing that some people like". At least, according to the "Ol' Oxford English", as we wordsmen call it. "Pass me the Ol' Oxford English", we say. Or, in more casual settings, "The Ox". As in, "Hey, guy, let's break out The Ox and get this party started!". At which point we get a little crazy and play the Etymology Game while knocking back near-beers by the dozen. It can get a little ribald, I don't mind telling you! Last year, James wore his cardigan and trousers BACKWARDS! Could you imagine? It implied that his torso and groinal region were backwards, and yet they weren't! I imagine such a disfigurement would cause some issues in the boudoir, according to what I've read about sex! Ha! The farce that would take place!

Some folks of questionable repute prefer to call it the "OxEnDi", but that's goddamn stupid. Those assholes.

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Virtual ice cream cakes.

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A loop that draws on the screen and receives input from the user.

@sweep said:

A sequence of horrific events, culminating in a rape.

A loop of rape taking input.

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thanks for the response so far, i am trying to form a broad argument about how others define this. this is just part of my research and of course will be referenced to here, so please be objective about it. thanks

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Objectively speaking, computer games are a waste of time. But so is all life. But objectively speaking, time is infinite, so it is impossible to waste it. Therefore computer games are meaningful.

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Its a game you play on the computer.

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A miserable little pile of secrets

He asked "What is a computer game?" not what is a fredchuckdave.

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@sweep said:

A sequence of horrific events, culminating in a rape.

You're getting "computer games" confused with "Tuesday nights".

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@sweep: *Says in a sarcastic tone* As a white male I have to say that your post offended me. How dare you make light of such a serious cultural blight. This post is nothing but the reinforcement of the rape culture that dominates our current society. You are a misogynist and an evil human being who should be shot in the face with a ball of your own shit.

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thanks for the response so far, i am trying to form a broad argument about how others define this. this is just part of my research and of course will be referenced to here, so please be objective about it. thanks

So your research paper is going to be about rape, cake, loops, piles, secrets, 0's and 1's, art, and a song from 1979 by a band called "Mi-Sex"?

I'm anticipating this.

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Pure gold

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hmmm...well i've played 100+ games so far... i guess with better technology these days people expect better graphics in games. Although every now and then an amazing indie game like terraria and minecraft pops up and appeal to sandbox crowd. I like free roaming alot. I also like the storyline of games which Far Cry 3 did a pretty good job of keeping the suspense(though im kind of sad at how unfulfilling the ending is) So i guess a computer game is something that entertains you. Some like games for story, challenges, gameplay or its graphics.

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I've always used the term "computer game" for games that came out on old PC machines in the 80's and 90's, the kind of games that are obscure and really hard for the average guy to get into. Technically, any game played on an electronic machine is a computer game, but c'mon. Who uses terms in a technical fashion anyway?

It's basically a general term for video games that didn't catch on like "video games" did. In the past, there was quite a bit of ambiguity on what to call video games, and "computer games" was just one of the terms. As we've seen up to today, "video games" has certainly claimed the title. Perhaps the word "video" was more accessible to a general audience than "computer," and if you knew about computers 20-30 years ago, they were anything but simple.

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a means to program young and impressionable people with the violence skills they will need in life

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PWN'n NEWWWWBS and RAPING THEIR SHIT is how I define a 'pooter game.

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simple answer, Minecraft on 360 and compare it with PC. Or Team Fortress 2 on PC compared to their console counter parts. Why World of Warcraft never made it onto consoles but there were some decent attempts. There's a community of people willing to try new and interesting things, even if it's insane graphic mod, networking code, or even paying for an server to just play Trackmania.

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Forget computer games, the real question is what does the fox say!?

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What someone spends time on when they have no friends.

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Should video games talk?

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It´s the meaning of life.

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...a game... on a computer.

Are we done here?

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When I hear someone say "Computer game" I simply think of a video game played on a PC or laptop: nothing more and nothing less. I know it sounds snarky but a computer game is what it sounds like it is: a game played on the computer.

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Input is required at least most of the time and there might be a fail state

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How taco?

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