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I've been listening to the Bombcast for several years and digital lockers and how they pertain to Ken Kutaragi have been reference dozens of times, but I have very little idea of what that means or where to look for information on that topic. When I've tried to google it long dead post on the Gamespot forums appear of people asking why the guys on On the Spot keep talking about digital lockers on the ps3. So if you have any information on the topic please let me know.

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It's a thing you stuff virtual nerds into.

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This is all from memory, so take it with a grain of salt.

When Sony was first talking about the PS3 they mentioned that you would be able to put your content in a digital locker and it would age and grow. So, for example, you might put your save in this digital locker and it would give you more gold or experience as long as you left it there. It really just sounds like cloud storage with a few extra features to me, but that wasn't really a term then. I think part of the joke is just how nebulous the concept is. I don't think Sony ever explained how it was going to work. If you're really interested you could go listen to some of the early Hotspot podcasts. They definitely talk about it on there. June 2006 is jumping out at me, but that could be completely wrong.

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A dumb term.

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I always heard this too and assumed it was a general term for cloud storage. I guess it's good I saw this thread.

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An allegory of modern society in which we're all slaves to our necessity of technology.

It could also mean cloud storage. Who can say?


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It's where you would leave digital notes for girls you liked in High School. I think formspring was one.

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It's cloud storage, upload a note or photo, and it's available to all supported devices.

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Dont come back Ken

Kutaragi we will just stick to kaz

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I always imagined it as cloud storage but the "locker" would be a safe place for your content that can be accessed through all current and future devices.

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It's like those storage chests from Resident Evil, but Internet style.

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It's Cloud Storage with Sony's marketing-gloss. Note that none of those features have been implemented into the PS3's Cloud service, they probably realised it was a silly idea.

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its one of the reasons no one has found my porn. Along with external drives and cd-rws hidden in the walls

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They constantly reference that things would 'age' in the digital locker which leads me to believe they may have fantasized about putting for example a video in and having it come out at a higher res later? Probably just cloud storage.