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What the title says. Im looking for the best one to purchase and play with the buds.

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Either 1 or 2. My personal favorite is 1.

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Well, the first one is weirdly raw and unfair in a way that the rest of the series isn't. Just some of the evil map design, like the one where Toad and Bowser constantly switch places.

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2, inarguably. hoedowns... cmon!

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Definitely the first 2 on N64.

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I would say 2-4 are all great picks. MP4 is my personal favorite because that is the one I spent the most time playing when it came out. MP 9 is also great, as long as you avoid the board game mode. It is very luck based. Just play the minigame modes. They are unique and fun, and the minigames are some of the best in the series.

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3, because of the monster fighting sidegame stuff.

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@killacam said:

2, inarguably. hoedowns... cmon!

I loved hoedowns. Me and my sibling would go for them as much as possible!

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Does Fortune Street kind of count? It's pretty decent with 3 others.

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I only one I played was 4 so I'll pick that.

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I played 3 the most so I'll go with that one.

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@killacam said:

2, inarguably. hoedowns... cmon!

@bobcat1794 said:

I loved hoedowns. Me and my sibling would go for them as much as possible!

Hoedowns? Y'all are talking about hootenannies!

Also yeah, I never had much experience with 1, but I feel like 2 just had the best board designs, minigames, and even sound design compared to the other mario parties I've played before.

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Mario Party 4 and 5 were both the highlights, I would play one of those. Mario Party 8 was also not as bad as many say it was.

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I really liked 1

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Mario Party 2.

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I hear 2 is the definitive answer here, but I liked 1 too. To tell you the truth, I can't remember which my friend had which was the one we played to deaaaaaaath.

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Probably 2, but it is still kinda shitty. Fucking Boo was so unbalanced in that stupid game.

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4 all the way

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None of them, so all them?

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It doesn't even matter

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i'm going with Sonic Shuffle (nah but Mario Party 2 & 3 was the best)

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The original Mario Party is my absolute favorite. I loved the adventure-like mode.

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1 or 2

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Crash Bash..

or Mario Party 2

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2 and 3 are the only valid choices, and 2 is the only correct choice. 1 was also good but half of the minigames will destroy your palm.

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I only played 1 & 2.

one was pretty rough and had unfair stuff like occasionally swapping scores with other players (lol)

two was a good game in all aspects, except for the minigame where you had to mash A to win. that one game made it impossible for me to beat the minigame challenges...

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The original Mario Party, though the analog stick of your N64 controller will try to convince you otherwise.

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2 or 3.

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2 or 3 are the ones that come to mind, never played a GC one though

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None of them, they're all terrible!

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I want to say Mario Party 1 since that's the one I have the most nostalgia for, but those analog rotation minigames are the most evil goddamn things ever.

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I've played every Mario Party game through 7 (including the ones on the GBA and DS) and of the ones I've played, 3 is still the best.

The real answer is Dokapon Kingdom, though.

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@rafaelfc said:

None of them, they're all terrible!

@thefridge beat you to that same answer, 2 years ago. Only he literally posted nothing.

Golden days.

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The shortest