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What console has a better selection of J/RPG games the PSP Vita or the 3DS?

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Vita if you include PSP/PS1 games, 3DS if you don't.

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The 3DS. If you include PSP games then you also have to include DS games, so the 3DS still wins.

At this moment I wouldn't say the 3DS has a huge lead, but by the end of the year or so it definitely will. I mean Shin Megami Tensei 4 is out in only a few months. That's like an instant win right there.

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@zeik: @recspec: Does Persona not swing it for the Vita?

As much as I love Persona 4, that's a port of a PS2 game compared to numerous actual new RPGs. (Including a true SMT sequel.) If it comes down to it I'd recommend getting a 3DS and a PS2 to play P4 over a Vita and no 3DS.

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I'd go with the 3DS. I love Persona 4 Golden, but there's a lot of other great games that you can only play on the DS or 3DS, and you can probably just play persona 4 on the ps2 for a cheaper price if that is your main selling point for the vita.

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@jonny_anonymous said:

@zeik: @recspec: Does Persona not swing it for the Vita?

As much as I love Persona 4, that's a port of a PS2 game compared to numerous actual new RPGs. (Including a true SMT sequel.) If it comes down to it I'd recommend getting a 3DS and a PS2 to play P4 over a Vita and no 3DS.

What about if I playing Persona games on a regular ass PSP and get a 3DS for the rest?

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DS has Pokemon. 3DS will have Pokemon at the end of the year. That's my answer.

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@jonny_anonymous: Well you can't play P4 on the PSP, but that would work for the rest.

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@zeik: true, I'll just have to see if I can find my PS2.

What games do you recommend for the 3DS?

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Well the Vita has the best JRPG in Persona 4 also Rainbow Moon is a JRPG l personally really enjoyed which they are porting to Vita but there isn't a release date yet.

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Right now I would say the best JRPG on the 3DS is Etrian Odyssey 4. It's a dungeon crawler, so it's not for everyone, but it's very good.

If you consider Fire Emblem a "JRPG" Awakening is a solid entry in the series and worth getting.

I'm working my way through Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers right now. It's an enhanced port of a Saturn game, so parts of it feel dated, but it's a pretty solid game.

Crimson Shroud on the eshop is a neat little tabletop-like RPG that you can get for cheap.

Also, it's not an RPG, but Virtue's Last Reward is up there as one my favorite experiences on the system so far.

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@zeik: What are these games like for story/characters? That's how I judge my RPG's

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EO4 is pretty light on story and characters, but Fire Emblem, Soul Hackers, and VLR are all quite good in that regard.

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Vita because PSN

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@zeik: Fire Emblem and VLR look good but Soul Hackers is a no go as it's not out in Europe. Do you know if The World Ends With You or any of the Final Fantasy games are good?

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@jonny_anonymous: TWEWY and the FFIV remake are both very good. Golden Sun Dark Dawn is also worth looking into imo.

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@jonny_anonymous: Can't speak for the 3DS, but on Vita you have Persona 4 Golden, an enhanced version of pretty much the most acclaimed JRPG ever made. Else there's a pretty wide variety of RPGs out or on their way including remakes of classics (Final Fantasy X and X-2 Remasters), cutesy ones (Atelier Totori Plus), SRPGs (Disgaea 3, Rainbow Moon), indie/retro ones (Dragon Fantasy 1&2, Sully, some stuff from Zeboyd), and action RPGs (Ys: Memories of Celceta, Valhalla Knights 3). Personally, I'm pretty psyched for Ys, it looks and sounds very nice.

Beyond that there's more stuff in Japan like dungeon crawlers Demon Gaze and Labyrinth Cross Blood, two Hyperdimension Neptunia spin-offs, a few Tales of remakes, the Persona inspired Mind 0, a remake of Over My Dead Body, and the roguelike Sei Madou Monogatari. No confirmed localizations for these yet, though Demon Gaze is rumored to be coming over, and NISA tends to grab the Neptunia games rather quickly.

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DS has Chrono Trigger AND FF4 haha

That's actually a pretty hard fucking question though, what with virtual consoles, backwards compatibility, and whatever other means of game distribution the Vita may have.

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3DS by far. I basically bought my 3DS for Nintendo games and JRPGS exclusively. Sure Persona 4 is great but its already on PS2 and you can watch the Endurance run (which ruined any desire for me to play it myself). The 3DS has some really good JRPGS already and a bunch more coming out (hopefully in English as well). The Vita has a decent collection of JRPGs but most of them seem more dungeon crawler and/or lower quality than those offered on the 3DS.

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i love my vita but the best rpgs on it are persona 4 golden and disgaea 3 both are console ports. excluding the backwards compatibility i would say the 3ds takes it you have fire emblem, smt soul hackers, devil survivor overclocked, etrian odyssey 4 and then there is pokemon if your into them games.

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It depends entirely on how much PSP/PS1/All of the Persona games matter to you.

I'd go 3DS, particularly because of Shin Megami Tensei IV and Etrian Odyssey IV.

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If you haven't picked up a PSP by this point, you really should.

FF 1-9, Persona 1-3, Chrono Trigger/Cross, and all of Xseed's releases (Ys, Trails in the Sky), Tactics Ogre &FF Tactics, HALF-Minute Hero, Crisis Core, Disgaea, and my favorite game: Valkyria Chronicles 2.

I shake my fist at Sega for not localizing VC3.

TWEWY on DS was fun, but it's Battle system was a bit too hard for me. After playing a fire Emblem on GBA (sacred stones?) I never felt the urge to go back to that series. Also the (3)DS is awkward to hold for that long. Sorry, but my meaty hands don't like having plastic dug into them.

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@angouri: I do have a PSP, I hardly ever used it but now I really just wan't to get a ton of RPGs for it

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Vita has persona 1,2,3, and 4 and you don't have swap carts

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@jonny_anonymous: Trails in the Sky. I dumped >50 hours into it, and it was great. The ending is a complete mindfuck, and makes you so pissed that the second chapter's localization isn't done yet (Xseed is trying, but it's a bit long).

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The 3DS is better Fo' everything right now, not just RPGs.

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Well someone suggest a RPG for PSvita then. Not persona 4.

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psp had an incredible amount of rpg's (often obscure ones too) so i'd imagine vita is better.