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I know that this is an early question to ask the community since E3 doesn't start until June 11, but damn all the really early e3 talk on the GB videos is getting me more excited that I couldn't help it. Out of all the games that we know about that have not been released yet, such as the Playstation 4 launch titles (Knack, Infamous Second Son, etc.), Watch Dogs, GTA V, Rayman Legends and others, what is one game in particular that you guys want to know more about that will be shown at E3?

If my avatar is any indication, the one want to see more and learn more about is Total War Rome II. I was extremely excited once this game was announced because well, the original Rome is my favorite game. I've been craving a sequel to Rome for years and finally its coming. While The Creative Assembly has done a good job showing off the new features in their trailers, such as ambush tactics and the tactical map, which is where you get a bird's eye view of the battle to show where your force are during a battle, I want to learn more about the campaign and what they're going to do with it. I also want to see if there is going to be a demo for this since Creative Assembly announced that they'd show off a live code demo at Rezzed on June 22. Would it be wise to show the demo first at E3 and then provide it at Rezzed, or save the demo only for Rezzed? Whatever the case, I want more info about Rome II at E3!

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Man, just one? Cause I really, REALLY want to know more about the PS4 and the new Xbox and where video games are going from here. I expect E3 to excite me for the next generation of consoles and the potential for video games to finally get off of this plateau they've found themselves on and start moving forward again.

Shit, I dunno. Metal Gear.

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Hm, none really. Maybe The Witness, but I don't really want to know more, I just want to play it =|

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Shin Megami Tensei IV.

Gee, I wish I could figure out just what it is that I really like about Nocturne and Persona 3 and (most recently) Strange Journey. But I'd like to see more about SMTIV beyond a handful of trailers. But then maybe I don't. Maybe I'd rather most of the game be a secret until I actually get my hands on it.

EDIT: And yes, I know that SMTIV most likely won't be there, or won't be there in any kind of big fashion unless Nintendo really wants to advertise it./EDIT

In any case, the Xbox's feature-set is interesting to me as well as knowing for certain whether it's going to be always online or not.

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Honestly after BioShock came out this year I can't think of anything else new for current consoles in 2013 that I'm excited about. I only own a 360 so the upcoming PS3 exclusives don't apply. Ah well, I'm blitzing through the top 25 Wii titles since I skipped that hardware up until now, until worthwhile next gen stuff comes out.

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I just want more info on Dragon Age 3. I'm still convinced it could be great if they actually put the right amount of time into it.

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Just one? That's difficult, there are a few I'm quite excited about, but I guess I'd have to go with Watch_Dogs. The whole aesthetic and premise of that game seems really cool, and like the staff said, that looks like a game that is taking some of the great elements of Assassin's Creed to a place that AC will never go as an iterative franchise.

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Persona 5 if possible, PS4 games in general, I will be glued to the internet during the Sony Press Conference

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@cthomer5000 said:


If it can be known about, I want it. I want it so hard.

Honestly, it's something unannounced in all likelihood. I want to know about all the fancy new tech more than anything right now.

@d_bones said:

I just want more info on Dragon Age 3. I'm still convinced it could be great if they actually put the right amount of time into it.

I have zero faith in this. They haven't, in my opinion, made a game worthwhile of any of their franchises since they started the last two they've been busy ruining. So basically since Origins. Which was incredible. But the way Mass Effect went after the original, and Dragon Age 2, and freakin TOR... I no longer expect anything good from those guys.

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Fallout 4



Elder Scrolls online


Rainbow 6

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Can't believe no one has said it yet, but The Last Guardian.

Am I being naive?

Just let go, dude. Just let go.

Oh yeah, and Square Enix is gonna announce FF Versus XIII which is going to be renamed to FF XV which is going to be moved to the PS4, right? Right?!?

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I really want to know what's next for 3D Mario.

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Dark Souls 2 and The Last Guardian


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Destiny. Dragon Age III.

[Dem Soundtracks..]

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Half-Life 3. For seriously.

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Mario Galaxy 3 plzzz

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Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem. The possibilities are many and the teaser trailer isn't enough!

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I want to know what Nintendo developed Wii U stuff is going to come out. Also, I want to see what FFXV is. But I dunno, anything and everything. Surprises!

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I know we're getting it but Got Dang I need that trailer!

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@artemesia: Yeah, out of everything that's going to be at E3, I really want to hear most about the new consoles. As much as these games may excite me, if I'm forced to play them online, I'll stick with PC.

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Mainly Wii U games right now. New Smash, new 3D Mario game, new Mario Kart, Wind Waker HD. Also curious if they will talk about the Summer Update at all. Also really curious about the new Xbox.

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I'd like to know more about Pong. What's up with that game?

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Pretty much looking forward to the Sony press conference because I know that they are going to bring it this year, want to see more of the launch games

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I want to believe... there will be a new Rumble Rose...

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While new Mario Party, Mario Kart etc. are all good and fine most of the upgrades to those game series are in the form of gimmicks and hardly ever evolutionary for the series. Nintendo have an opportunity however when it comes to the Super Mario 3D game for Wii U.

A lot of people claim that Mario should stick to its roots but I like to think of the 2D and 3D Mario series as separate entities and wish the fans of linear platformers didn't try to push that onto the 3D games. Super Mario 64 after all, pretty much invented the 3D platformer that dominated for a generation of gaming and I really think that with the right marketing and just the right mix between open world/linear platorming that Nintendo could bring the genre alive again.

I want to see a Mushroom Kingdom hub world for example and put a focus on exploration and collecting. I'm not talking about Donkey Kong 64 style collectathon because that's just not fun but a middle ground needs to be met where we can be rewarded for exploring (The 100 coin stars in 64/Sunshine) and not just rush to the end of the level. Even the levels in Galaxy 1 that allowed a degree of exploration fell short as they gave you little reason to bother to even look around because they offered you know true incentive.

With games like Assassin's creed and Skyrim (Open world games) I don't really see any reason why 3D platforming couldn't be a success again they just need to get it right this time when it comes to collectathons!

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newwww gammeesss

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Dead Rising 3

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If Half-Life 3 isn't announced at E3 this year then I'm writing off Valve entirely.

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There aren't too many announced games that I am really excited for right now. Saint's Row 4 is what I am most looking forward to and I am I somewhat interested in learning more about Bungie's new action-MMO, Destiny. They talked a lot but I didn't get much from all they said, so I want to see some gameplay, I want to know more about the characters, the world and gear. Finally, I want to know how the thing will work meaning, is it a hub world with instanced group missions or is the information gathered during each game session just uploaded to a main tracking center.

And I want a next gen DOAXBV. Mmm, high polygonal count HD boobies...*gurgle*.

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I don't really know, but i know one thing for sure: If SquEnix doesn't offer any real details on Final Fantasy Versus 13 then fuck, fuck, and another fuck. Its been 7 years SquEnix, get off your ass and stop leaving me to teeter on the idea it might be good. Just fucking put something out.

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Oh, you mean Dead Space 4? I didn't think they were going to make another one of those...

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The same as every year, Last Guardian!

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If I had total self-control I'd stay as far from E3 as possible so every game I'm interested in will be brand new experiences and not spoiled by long demos and trailers… But I'll probably be on the lookout for Dragon Age 3, the new MGS's and hopefully a Persona 5 reveal!

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I would also like to get more info on Dragon Age 3. Is this suppose to be a current gen game? I have a feeling it will get pushed to next gen and sometime in 2014.

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Rise of the Triad

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@somberowl: They haven't said anything but I also think it's a next gen game

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Unfortunately, I can't really think of anything special (probably due to a lack of research on my part), but for me it would be the next Need for Speed, Battlefield 4, and some more information on the PlayStation 4.

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I've written this game down so many times I'm starting to lose hope... The Last Guardian.

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Whatever it is, it better be something Wii U related. Either a 3D Mario, new Metroid, F-Zero, or a brand new IP. Preferably the last one.

Out of the games already announced, Grand Theft Auto V is probably the only game I'd like to know more about right now.

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Dragon Age Inquisition probably.

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@mocbucket62: The "question" tag is meant for threads that can be answered with one right answer, not for this sort of subjective question which will have varying responses depending on who's answering. It's like a Yahoo! Answers sort of feature. I'm pretty sure you can remove the "Question" tag by clicking the "Full Edit" button on your original post and then unchecking the respective checkbox.

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Lords of the Fallen

Also, all the indie Projects Eternities, Torments, Wastelands etc. (If they will be there.) and Witcher 3.

Actual gameplay from GTA V would be nice too.

And Half-Life 3 :troll:

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Persona 5...

Realistically, Infamous: Second Son.

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Dark Souls 2. Can't fucking wait.

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Asura's Wrath 2 or Advance Wars 3DS

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Dragon Age 3