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Dark Souls 2. Because I LOVED Dark Souls, and from what I've seen so far of Dark Souls 2, it looks fantastic.

Dragon Age 3. Is it going to be great? Is it going to be another trainwreck? I don't know, but i want to see some footage of it, maybe some interviews.

It's not a game, but I also really want to see stuff about the next xbox. Sure the microsoft press conference is probably nothing but that, it's what im expecting at least.

Should be a good E3 this year.

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Dark Souls II

And I want a really good reason to buy a PS4! I mean a REALLY REALLY good one! Like back then Demon's Souls for PS3!

All the Shooter-guff like Killzone is at this point muh because this genre is so boring by this time!

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Grand Theft Auto V's PC port.

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Last Guardian goddamnit! :(

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@andorski said:

Grand Theft Auto V's PC port.

it will be released 6-12 months later and be terrible.

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@cthomer5000 said:


If it can be known about, I want it. I want it so hard.

Yes please. But if its called F4LLOUT I will be really quite angry.

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Is Crackdown 3 a possibility?

Because I want that.

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the one SINGLE thing?

Will the next gen allow USED GAMES. And details, I want details.

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In my dreams Persona 5, Fallout 4 and HL3. Realistically Infamous: Second Son.

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I'd be interested in them announcing and showing some of Alan Wake 2, if that's being developed.

Another Red Dead game, whatever the people at Naughty Dog are working on, besides Last of Us.

I'd also like to know more about the new inFamous, Killzone, and the new GTA.

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I'd like to see the malicious corporate game between Sony and Microsoft unfold at E3.

Anything next gen really. It'd be nice to finally see some boxes and prices

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Forza 5. It's time to start hyping this game. Turn 10 has been quiet for a while. Which also brings me to...

Driveclub! I want THAT guy to do another live show of the game.

Dragon Age 3. I don't really care for the game. It's going to look bland, boring and generic with generic combat, bland gameplay, boring aesthetics and be quite uneventful in the grand scheme of things. But EA's fuck ups are always spectacular to watch and I'm Team EA/Bioware this time.

Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag. Loving the pirate setting. The equal numbered AC games always turned out to be the best, right?

Watch Dogs. Ubisoft games are either lame as fuck, or fucking awesome. This game seems to be the latter, but I want to see more of it.

So yeah, not a whole lot to be excited for. I guess I'm hoping a few surprises might pop up to save the spectacle that is E3.

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I'm excited to see what Rome II: Total War is going to bring to the table as well, but honestly, I'm just excited to hear about anything from E3. It's such an information-packed week, I can't wait.

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If the most interesting thing at E3 is something I already know about it will be a huge bummer. But if I have to pick, Persona 5.

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I'll be the only person to ever even THINK of this... but... I'm really hoping Kane and Lynch 3 is announced. :L

No no it's ok, I deserve the beat down. Go right ahead.

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Persona 5.

Tthere's almost an infinite potential with that game considering the improvements that can be made from a PS2 game to a end of cycle PS3 game or an early PS4 game.

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Fallout 4, Dark Souls II and Dragon Age 3.

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Fallout 4 or Dragon Age 3, which game ever (hopefully) gets announced.

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The Last Guardian. Watch_Dogs and Dark Souls 2 are massive blips on my radar, but I can't see a scenario where they aren't shown at E3. The Last Guardian, on the other hand, is an enigma. Sony won't say anything about it other than confirming the game isn't dead. The only logical conclusion I can make is they transitioned The Last Guardian from PS3 to PS4, but couldn't say anything before the PS4 was announced. An E3 press conference would be the perfect place to show off this game, but I'm also sleep-deprived. For all I know, I could be living in fantasyland. Still, it'd be pretty cool if fantasyland and reality coalesced in this instance.

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Alan Wake 2, or whatever it is Remedy is working on.

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Bayonetta 2... but only if they also reveal that they were kidding about the Nintendo publishing deal and it'll be on other consoles, because I'm not buying a Wii U.

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Whether or not watchdogs is another shitty 3rd person shooter with extras or a game dedicated to the hacking and sleuthing and whatnot.

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Half - Life 3 and Agent, not gonna happen.

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I'm really anxious to see how Dragon Age 3: Inquisition is turning out. I really did enjoy Dragon Age 2, even if it was not as epic as Dragon Age Origins.

Also, I really want to know if we'll see some new footage on Prey 2. I know development was put on hold so Human head Studios could redesign the game, but I was looking forward to that game.

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The Evil Within!

I'm also interested in Dragon Age 3. I enjoyed the first two, so I'm always ready for more.

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GTA V, i want to know on a scale of Awesome to Fucking Awesome how awesome that game will be.

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So, so, so many amazing games to choose from. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

New Zelda?

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Watch Dogs and its release date

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Mega Ma-- oh... nevermind...

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DriveClub. The whole team racing thing does sound pretty damn interesting and there isn't anything that can be spoiled with that kind of game. I am most excited to play the new inFamous but I want to consume as little information about that game as I can.

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Infamous: Second Son is a game I'm really interested in at the moment and would love to see the developers give a walk through on it.

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Games that we know are coming: Super Smash Bros, Dark Souls 2

Games we don't know about: Bully 2, Kingdom Hearts 3, Persona 5, Final Fantasy versus 13, Banjo-Threeie, a new 2D Metroid

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Cyberpunk 2077.

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I would really like to see some GTA V gameplay. The Fables game from Telltale would be nice too if there isn't an episode out by then. Other than that I don't really know.

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I'd like to know more about Pong. What's up with that game?

I dunno man it's crazy